The Most Attractive 2 Syllable Girl Names

Unique 2 syllable girl names

If you’re pregnant, you probably have ten baby names tabs open on your browser in an attempt to search for the perfect 2 syllable girl names.

The search for a baby name begins the moment the doctor says, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!”

If you’re here, it means you have heard those words said to you or to someone you love, and it is time to pick a name for the bun in the oven.

And you’re not just looking for any name; you specifically want pretty two syllable girl names .

You may as well close all the other tabs because this list is what you have been looking for.


Unique 2 Syllable Girl Names 

There’s every reason to love and want to choose a two-syllable name for your baby girl.

Two syllable names are short, classy, and you won’t risk biting your tongue off pronouncing it.

A two-syllable name also blends well with other names, especially if you’re considering pairing it with a middle name. 

Check out these beautiful girl names with 2 syllables:


Misha is a beautiful Hebrew name that means “who resembles God.”


The name Pihu means ‘excellent; sweet sound.’ It’s a Hindi name.


With Hindu roots, Anvi is also the name of the Goddess of the forest. The name means ‘the one who is nature-loving.’ 


Coco is a sweet American name that means ‘Chocolate Bean.’ 

Unique 2 syllable girl names


Harleigh is a variation of the English name Hayley which means “hare meadow.” 


The name Jazmine with a ‘z’ is derived from the Arabic Jasmin, a derivative of the Persian name, Yasamin. Jazmin means ‘gift from God’. 


This beautiful Arabic name can also be spelled as ‘Lailah.’ It means ‘night.’ 


Hadleigh is a British unisex name popular with girls. It means ‘heather meadow.’


Maha is an Arabic name, which means “wild deer, beautiful eyes.”  


Rylee is a name of Irish origin, meaning “courageous or valiant.”


Ansley is a unisex name popular with girls and is of Old English origin, which means “hermitage field.”


Laney is an ancient Greek name that means “torch, beautiful, bright and shining. 


Vida is a Spanish name for a girl, meaning “life.”


Karlie is a Slavic name that means ‘Freeman.’ 


This is one of the classy British two-syllable girl names. Marleigh means ‘marshy meadow.’


The girl name Vayda is of German origin and is a Vada. Vayda means ‘lovely as a flower, but strong-willed.’


Ceres is a classy two-syllable girl name originating from Latin, and it means ‘Goddess of the harvest.’ 


Hawaiian names are elegant, and Kai is the evidence of that. The name Kai means ‘sea.’

Two-Syllable Girl Names Ending in A

Rhyming names with other family members is still cool. These two-syllable girl names ending with ‘a’ are great if you’re looking for a name for Elsa’s sister. 


Kira boasts of two origins – Russian and Japanese. In Russian, Kira means ‘beloved, leader of the people.’ In Japanese, it means ‘Shiny, Glittery.’


Mila traces its origin to both Slavic and Russian. In Slavic, Mila means ‘Industrious’ while its Russian meaning is ‘dear one.’ 


Ida is a Scandinavian name pronounced as ‘Ee-da.’ The name Ida means ‘Industrious.’ 


Originating from Irish, Nola means “white shoulder.”


The girl name Petra is a variant of the male name Peter. Petra means ‘rock.’ 

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Rivka is a variant of the Hebrew name ‘Rebecca.’ Rivka means ‘to bind.’


This is a beautiful Hebrew name for a girl that means ‘to praise, pause, reflect.’


Hindi names are deep and meaningful, and Uma is no exception. The name Uma means ‘tranquillity, splendour.’ 


Yara is a girl’s name of Brazilian and Arabic Origin. The name Yara means “water lady or small butterfly.”


This is another name of Hebrew origin that is full of meaning. It means ‘Nuggets of wisdom.’


Isla is a Scottish name that comes from two Scottish rivers. As a two-syllable girl’s name, Isla means ‘dynamic, vibrant, brilliant, and bright as the sun.’

Old Fashioned 2 Syllable Girl Names


Darcy is a two-syllable Irish and Gaelic name that means ‘Dark.’

If your baby girl was born in the night or showed up with jet black hair just like daddy, this would be an excellent name for her. 


Hazel is a timeless name derived from the hazelnut tree. The hazel tree is a symbol of protection and authority.’


Olga doesn’t grow old; it’s beautiful regardless of who is answering to it and at what age.

Olga is a Scandinavian moniker that means ‘blessed, holy, successful.’


Vera is a short form of Veronica and is excellent as a nickname or standing on its own as a classic two-syllable girl name.

The name Vera means ‘true, faithful.’

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The name Xandra is a Spanish-origin girl’s name meaning “man’s defender.” It’s both classic and unique as a name that starts with ‘X.’


As a girl’s name, Zara is of Arabic origin, which means “radiance.” It’s an ageless name that blends well with other names because of the similar vowels. 


This must be one of the oldest but classiest girl names on the charts.

Carol is of German origin, meaning ‘free man.’ It’s a perfect girl’s name for the Christmas season babies. 


This name has a beautiful ring to it as a two-syllable girl name that is not too obvious.

Phoebe was another name for Apollo in Greek mythology, and its meaning is ‘bright.’


2 syllable girl names are a fantastic choice for your little princess. She will learn to say and write them quickly.

They are also perfect as either first names or middle names. For better rhyming, pair them with single-syllable names or three-syllable names.

Use a different first letter for the names that end with ‘a’ to make them easier to say. 


2 syllable girl names



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