Experience Gift Ideas For Mom

Mother's Day Experience Gift Ideas

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Are you searching for the perfect mom gift?  Have you racked your brain on how to do something EXTRA special for her this year?  If so consider one of these experience gift ideas for mom.  

That’s right.  Maybe it’s time to do something different from the usual flowers, chocolates, and coffee mugs.  Plan a nice experience for mom that she will enjoy.  And here’s a secret: she’ll love it even more if you join her.

An experience gift doesn’t have to be expensive.  It is the thought that counts after all.  So we will lay out some options for you, from DIY to luxury.  Whether you are a spouse, partner or child, we will help you find a great experience to gift the special mom in your life.

Budget-Friendly Gift Experiences For Mom

Mother's Day breakfast in bed

Breakfast In Bed

This Mother’s Day classic just can’t be missed!  Have the family decide to cook mom’s favorite breakfast and prepare it early morning.

Not much of a cook?  Try something simple like bagels and cream cheese, fresh fruit and juice.  Mom will wake up feeling like the queen that she is!  


Gardening is a lovely way to spend some time with mom, breathe some fresh air, and get your hands dirty! 

Buy some plants to add to the garden or plant some seeds. Flowering plants can be an easy addition to beautify the space, but also consider planting some food-bearing plants.  

As your plants mature and give off fruit, you can incorporate your homegrown food into your meals.  Later you will think back over dinner and remember the day you all planted it together!  The beautiful family memories you will have gifted mom are priceless!

Go On A Picnic

Expecting good weather? Suprise her with a picnic on the beach or in the countryside on a beautiful day. If you can’t venture far, then a picnic in your own backyard or a nearby park will do.

Get the whole family involved in the planning. For food, carry simple, yet wholesome recipes such as sandwiches, salads, or pasta.   Don’t forget to include fresh fruit, desserts, and drinks. Here is a list of picnic recipes to help make your picnic experience extra yummy! 

You’ll need a few more items to complete your plans.  Pack a basket to carry your food, a blanket to spread out on, and maybe some bug spray and sunscreen. 

For entertainment, bring along music (a cell phone and Bluetooth speaker will do), card games like Uno, or board games. You’ve just planned a wonderful afternoon outdoors. 

Build A Family Scrapbook

How about making a family scrapbook?  Pick up some scrapbooking supplies and print your favorite family photos.  Gather around the table and build a scrapbook full of family memories for mom to enjoy!

Plan A Brunch

You can never go wrong with planning a yummy brunch. 

Try out recipes such as french toast, shakshuka, or quiche.  Don’t forget the ‘mom’-osas for this occasion!  Invite the whole family over and eat your hearts out! 

Experiences To Buy For Mother’s Day

There’s no shortage of ways to spend money on mama.  Here are some experiences worth buying to make her feel extra special!

Mother's Day spa day

Spa Day

Who doesn’t love being pampered. Spoil mama rotten on Mother’s Day with a spa day. If you can’t be there with her, then suprise her with a spa gift card. 

Plan for a manicure, pedicure, or massage, or splurge and buy all three! She will be glowing after having some spa time to destress and rejuvenate!

Take A Class Together

How about learning something new.  You can book a class based on mom’s hobbies or interests.  Or for a totally new experience, book a class to try something neither of you has ever done before.  

Class ideas include flower arranging, cooking, pottery, and painting

Is your mom into fitness?  How about taking a workout class together?  Yoga, barre, and pilates are all great options.  Show up with her to her favorite class and have her friends gushing about how great it is of you to join her.  If you are looking to try something new and fun together consider aerial silk class or bungee aerobics.  


If your mother considers herself a shopaholic, then she may be thrilled at the idea of a day-long shopping spree. 

Does your mom love antiquing and unique finds? Shopping doesn’t have to involve visiting a mall. You can head to a local flea market for vintage and thrift-store shopping.  

A visit to a farmers market can also be a great way to shop for fresh produce to cook with.  You can then head home and cook a meal together as a family.

Karaoke Night

Does your mom love to sing? Organize a family-friendly karaoke night. Gather everyone up and sing your hearts out! Plan to stay home for the event, or reserve a room at a local karoke venue.

Luxury Experience Gift Ideas for Mom

If money is no option, then consider these luxe experiences to indulge your mama.

Hot air balloon ride experience gift for mom

Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is one of my favorite experiences ever. If your mom has never been on a hot air balloon ride, then you should seriously consider gifting this magical experience.

Wake up early for your ballon ride. Enjoy the views of the land as you drift along, and then hold on for the bumpy landing! Afterwards, you can stop off for brunch at a local cafe. It will be a date you’ll never forget!


If the mom in your life is the adventurous type or an adrenaline junkie, then consider skydiving. There’s nothing like jumping out of a plane together, then hugging each other tightly when you land on the ground. The experience is sure to remind you all of how much you love each other (and the ground you walk on)!

Scuba Diving

For moms who love the sea. How about a scuba diving excursion together? If she is not scuba certified but interested, you can always gift her a scuba certification course and plan a scuba trip for after she’s fully certified.

Plan A Vacation

Vacations are wonderful experiences to gift, and the options are endless. Everything from a beach destination, city vacation, lakefront get away, national park, exotic destination or somewhere close to home. Any mom would be lucky to get such a thoughtful gift.

A Ticket To Space

Looking for something a little more out of this world? How about a ticket to space? For adventure seekers only. Sign up to become an astronaut by booking a ticket on one of Virgen Galactic’s Spaceflights.

Virtual Experience Gift Ideas for Mom

Not all families are lucky enough to physically get together on Mother’s Day. But don’t let distance stop you from celebrating together. Fortunately, you can still share an experience with a little help from the internet. 

Virtual dinner for mom -  Experience Gift Ideas For Mom

Cook A Meal Over Zoom

Want to cook together, but separated by distance?  You can cook dinner over a Zoom conference, then enjoy it together!  Don’t forget the wine and dessert!

Game Night

Plan a game night and play games over Zoom. Game ideas include trivia, bingo or charades.

Book A Virtual Class

Online classes are also a popular option.  Everything from food and beverage tastings to crafts and gardening. 

For hands on activities and crafts look at ClassBento. They offer a great selection of options including terrarium, pottery, cooking and painting workshops. The craft kit will be delivered to your home and then you can sign up for the class online. An added plus is their excellent price point.

If your mom is a wine connossieur, then she might enjoy a virtual wine tasting. Vivant offers unlimited tasting classes to members. They have unique tasting kits that you can order for each experience.

If you have a large group, you can pick from a selection of tasting courses at Virtual Tastings. Tasting options include cocktails, wine, chocolate and more!

I Love You Cards From The Spouse And Kids

Don’t forget to include those sweet homemade cards! Spending on mom sure is nice, but you can also declare your love for her without spending a penny.

Homemade cards for Mother's Day

Round up Dad and the rest of the family with an artistic side (or not) and write her an I love you card. Have fun with the designs and play around with the words. It will mean the world to her to receive a homemade gift from you!

Our moms have been there for us through thick and thin. Showing her appreciation on Mother’s Day with experience gifts (or any gift) will melt her heart and build memories of the best things in life: love & family!

We hope you found the perfect experience gift idea for your Mother’s Day gift. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there (and kudos to you, gift giver)!

We would love to hear about the best Mother’s Day you’ve ever had. Leave a comment below and tell us all about it.

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