Kids Summer Activities To Nurture Their Artistic Talents

summer activities for artistic kids

These kid’s summer activities are a great way to fuel your child’s creative side and nurture their artistic intuitions. Keep reading to be sure this summer is anything but boring.

The summer is here. And so are our beautiful summer children. I have come to believe, the last few years, that the sun is feeding kids’ hearts with something, because they wake up with so much energy. And without a single nap mid-day.

The little boys grab their drums and fill our driveways with music. And the girls… do the exact same thing!

Undoubtedly, the tone in which this is said is light. Children are innocent. Even in their self-absorbed phase, nothing that they do comes from ill intent. Even when they play their drums loud as heck and look at you for a reaction. 

This is the joy of having an artistic child. They need activities and options that intrigue them. They want to cultivate and explore their artistic side, and a little more fun and music fits in perfectly with the summer season. 

The weather is basically rolling out the red carpet for outdoor activities. Let’s take full advantage of it all this summer – the warmth, the long daylight hours, and the free time now that the schools are closed. 

Here are some kids summer activities that allow your child’s artistic side to flourish! 

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Theater Camp 

Theater camp is a summer camp that includes a program of theatrical and musical activities. The kids enjoy a one-week or two-week setting full of fun!

They are taught visual and performing art skills like role-playing and painting the set for a scene. They may be given a big roll of white paper to paint a green landscape or blue lakes, whatever the setting of the story might be. 

In all of this, in this rich experience, the kids socialize with one another and have fun with their new teachers. They are allowed to be free creatively and speak their ideas out loud. Moreover, kids of all cultures and backgrounds are involved!

They have so much fun. The best place for your artistic and creative child to be is theater camp.

Music Lessons

summer activities for kids: music lessons

With our kids depending so much on technology, many have forgotten the art of learning a musical instrument. I remember being in second grade and having my first recorder. We were learning how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and a few tones mixed with clapping. 

It is creative and it requires something that technology does not. 


I learned how to focus, care about the results, listen to the process myself, and work with others. I want the same for my children, and I am sure you want the same for yours too. 

The guitar. The drums. The flute. The piano. For any age and liking, introduce them to music lessons. An activity where you shape the emotional world without any piece of technology present. 

Art Classes

Specifically, summer art classes. Those classes are planned for the kids that need their creative side (that is in full bloom during the summer) to be fed.

Imagine a place, where a loving and artistic teacher is in charge, with the knowledge to encourage and nurture your child’s gentle nature. The space is full of brushes and colors. All the “no-no’s” you were forced to tell your child so that he doesn’t paint the couch green, are “yes” in art class. They will be given big areas of space to paint.

Art class is fun. This class, even if just one hour per week, will bring your child joy, self-confidence and friends with similar interests.

Filmmaking Class

There are some kids’ summer activities that are made of magic for magic. For a kid that is inspired and wishes to create. For our kids that make their own stories when they look at pictures. A very good place for our kids that love to imagine is a filmmaking class this summer. 

The instructors will help them engage with the stories and build self-confidence to learn their lines. Of course, creativity will play a big part as well as learning how to work together. 

I recently saw a film made by 4-year-olds. It was about celebrations around the world. Beautiful and colorful!

Museum Trips

In the summer, not only are our children in the right mindset for interesting trips but so are we – moms, dads and aunts. For us, it’s that vacation vibe…God knows we need one this summer.

When we plan a vacation, we start listing off the places we want to visit. The museum. The beach. The seafood restaurant.

But let’s stay at the museum for now. Those trips are waking up an interest in us. An interest in exploring and discovering. 

The best thing we can do is make sure our children are with us. It is an activity that sparks creativity. How will an artistic or creative child react after learning about another civilization? They will paint it. Recreate it. And tell others about it.

The cycle of art is alive.

Zoom Classes and Virtual Crafts

In response to COVID a lot of classes turned virtual and a lot of teachers had to turn to creative ideas. Because children needed joy more than ever. 

Zoom classes with games and activities are still a thing. In the summer, you can take advantage of this idea! There are virtual classes that will teach your babies how to make crafts: everything from costumes to science ideas! 

In Conclusion

Children often spend too many hours sitting in a classroom doing worksheets. These kid summer activities provide a great opportunity to fuel their creative side, nurture their artistic intuitions, and encourage them to express themselves. Let them dance, let them sing, let them be little, let them feel free.

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