Family Friendly Spring Break Activities

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Spring Break is one of the long holidays that students look forward to each year. With a whole week off, you may be scratching your head wondering what to do to keep the kids entertained. Well don’t worry mama, as usual, we have you covered! 

To help you make the most of it, we have compiled a diverse list of family-friendly spring break activity ideas.  Many of these are suitable for a stay-cation or planning activities out of town.  Read on to be sure to make this holiday a week full of family fun!

Head to the Zoo

Love animals?  Plan a day visiting a local petting zoo, safari, traditional zoo, or even an aquarium.

A zoo visit is a great way to spend some time outdoors, see animals from all over the world, and get your steps in.  Tigers, butterflies, and bird exhibits may all be part of the fun! Most zoos will offer a small petting area where you can touch and feed the animals.  

If the weather is less than ideal for an outdoor zoo visit, consider heading to a local aquarium.  Enjoy the colorful array of fish, touch the stingrays and watch a shark feeding!

Plan a Picnic

Want to plan an afternoon activity? Picnics are a classic. 

All you have to do is pick a spot to visit, pack some food, drinks, bug spray, sunscreen, and a few items to keep you all entertained. A frisbee, a soccer ball, a good book, or even a kite will help make the afternoon a success. 

When your bellies are full or the kids are worn out from running around, take a nap under a tree in the late afternoon.  Head home before the sunsets after another successful day.

Visit an Amusement Park

Looking for a little more adventure?  Consider a local amusement park.  

Spend the afternoon on some exhilarating rides and indulge in foods such as funnel cakes, nachos, corndogs, fried Oreos, and cotton candy.  It’s ok to let the diet go out the window for this one!  

Water parks are an alternative.  Cool off in the sun while enjoying some water rides, water slides, and pool time!  The kids will stay active, get some vitamin D, and build some great memories. Either option is sure to have the kids begging to go back.

Plant Your Own Garden

If you have a yard or green space, then spend some time giving it a makeover.

Planting food-bearing plants such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs is a great way to enjoy the fruits of your labor!  The children will learn about growth from seed to plant.  As a reward for their hard work, they will enjoy eating what they planted for months or years to come!

Prefer decorative plants?  Head to your local gardening center and pick up some small plants or order some seeds. Make sure everyone gets to choose at least one plant of their liking to add to the garden. If you have small children or animals, be sure the plants you select are nontoxic.  

Love butterflies?  Plant a butterfly garden.  Pick plants that attract butterflies and add a few extra elements to make your butterfly garden complete.

Don’t forget to add some decorations to your garden such as bird feeders, garden gnomes, and garden stones. For an extra day of fun, build and paint a birdhouse to display proudly in your garden. 

Take a Hike

A short hiking trip is a fun way to spend a day during spring break. Tell the kids you are going on a new adventure to explore a new place.  Can they guess where it is?

Pack a backpack with some drinks and snacks.  Bring your camera along.  Stop frequently to appreciate the plants and animals and enjoy the view.  

If you’re extra adventurous pack your tent and turn it into a camping trip.  Don’t forget the fishing reels and add some fishing time to your trip! 

Play Yard Games

Soak up the spring sun with a selection of yard games to keep the whole family giggling and entertained for hours. 

Ring toss is a good one. Keep it simple and buy a set, or make your own with items like bottles for the targets. To make it harder for the adults, you can have the adults throw smaller rings or throw from a further distance. 

You can also take it up a notch by playing human ring toss. People are the targets!  For the rings, you can use larger items such as hula hoops or pool tubes. 

Cornhole is another great option.  It’s easy and simple to play.  Toss the bean bag and try to get it in the hole!  Straightforward enough for the entire family.

And who can forget the water games? Buy a couple of super soakers, keep a bucket full of water ready, and go to town spraying each other. Water balloon fights are also a classic. Finally, an option that’s a favorite with almost everyone is a slip n’ slide – guaranteed to provide endless fun!

And now that you’ve worked up an appetite…

Fire up the grill or order some pizzas to feed the crowd.  If it gets chilly at night, consider a small bonfire and s’mores.  Pull out some card games or your favorite scary stories to tell by the fire!

The next few options are indoor activities in case of a rainy day or if cold weather strikes!

Visit a Museum

Looking for an educational activity in a new setting? Children’s museums, historic museums, and natural history museums all offer a unique learning opportunity for the family.

Children’s museums are often full of hands-on activities and visual exhibits that are fun for kids and adults alike.  Be sure to check the events calendar to plan your visit around the best exhibits. 

Older children may appreciate historic museums which offer a refreshing change from their usual history classes in school.  Natural history museums are a fun way to see dinosaur fossils, large animal, and ocean exhibits.  

Get Creative with Arts & Crafts

Craft activities are always a favorite for kids.  You can create a number of springtime projects from inexpensive and easy-to-find supplies. 

Craft flowers from materials such as tissue paper, yarn, or egg cartons. Other craft ideas include paper plate crafts, finger painting, creating slime, and even cardboard castles (for your little prince or princess)! Small or large – there’s a craft project out there for everyone.

Binge on Screen Time

School is out, give them the screen time they’ve been asking for.  While you certainly don’t want to waste your whole week in front of the TV, it’s safe to say some family-friendly screen time is ok. 

Pop some popcorn for a movie night and cuddle up on the couch.  Plan a Disney sing-along or YouTube karaoke!  Challenge your kids to their favorite video game and show them what you’ve got.  

Spring is here and we have a whole week to celebrate.  Keep the kids entertained, make it fun, and keep it educational.  We hope these family-friendly activities will help you plan a great spring break so you can enjoy mom life more.

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