Should I Make A Baby Registry For My Second Baby?

Baby Registry

You might have asked yourself, “Should I make a registry for my second baby?”  Well, the answer is “Yes!”  And you should also make one for your 3rd or 4th baby…why stop there?  Don’t make the mistake I did.  There are so many reasons to make a 2nd baby registry. 

I regret not making a 2nd baby registry.  I thought because I was having another girl I already had everything I needed.  This was mostly true.  But, as I got closer to my delivery date I realized there were a few extra things I needed, and having a baby registry for my second baby actually really would have helped.  

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Reasons To Make A Baby Registry For Second Baby

1.  Your Second Baby Is A Different Gender

Probably one of the most common reasons to make a 2nd baby registry is that you are pregnant with a baby that is a different gender than your first. For example, you have a girl and now you are pregnant with a boy, or the other way around!

If this is the case, having a baby registry may seem like the natural thing to do since you and the people around you will likely assume you need a lot of stuff. New clothes, new nursery bedding, new burp clothes and bibs…and so much more! Especially if you strongly favor blues for boys and pinks for girls or if you want to completely redo the nursery.

2. Your Baby Will Be Born During A Different Season

If your firstborn was born in the middle of the summer and you are now expecting your next baby to be born in the middle of the winter, you will have to plan for new clothes and accessories that are appropriate for the season.

3. People Will Ask Where You Are Registered

Take my first-hand advice. Friends, family, and coworkers will ask “Where are you registered?”  “What do you need?”  If you have a registry you can just share the link or direct them where to go.  It’s nice to have an answer prepared for people who genuinely want to buy you something you need.

4. Make Shopping Easier For Your Friends and Family

Having a baby registry makes shopping for a loved one so much easier. You just go to the list and pick something in your budget that you know they want! You don’t have to worry whether or not they already have the item or if they will like it. I find this so much better than shopping without a clue for what someone might need or like!

5.  Avoid Duplicates

Having a 2nd baby registry will mean you get what you need.  This way you won’t end up with things you already own or that someone else has also gifted you.

6.  Avoid Letting Gifts Go To Waste

Duplicates and extra stuff you don’t need may end up going to waste.  It’s such a shame for someone to graciously pick out a gift for you and then you never even use it!

7.  Avoid Having To Regift Baby Items

Duplicates and extra stuff you don’t need may also sadly end up regifted!  I have definitely ended up with baby items that friends were regifting. Sad-face from the person who thoughtfully took the time to buy you and your new baby something special.

8.  Avoid The Hassle Of Returns And Exchanges

Duplicates and unwanted gifts pose the extra hassle of having to make a return or exchange for the item.  Once you are busy with a baby on the way, you don’t need more things to worry about like making a return or having to exchange an item.

9.  Save Money

A registry is a great way to let other people gift you and your new baby something.  You will have plenty of upcoming expenses with a new baby on the way.  So SAVE some money by creating a registry of things you NEED and that people will want to buy you!

10.  Replace Some Old Items

Even if you HAD everything you will still likely need some new things.  Some of your previous items will be lost, broken, or simply need to be replaced.  

For example, my nose Frida was missing a few pieces, so I ordered a new one.  

I realized I needed to buy some fresh pumping parts even though I would be reusing my Spectra S1.  

And even though I had plenty of adorable baby clothes to reuse, as my delivery date approached, I decided I wanted a cute brand new outfit to bring my baby girl home in.   

After I dug through all my old baby clothes, swaddles, burp cloths, and bibs I felt some of it was a little more worn or stained than I liked. So I decided to replace some of those items too.

11.  Try New Items

I also realized that I just wanted to try new things this time – I was even willing to splurge on baby items that would make my life easier! 

Maybe another nursing pillow would be better than my last one?  Maybe a rocker would be better than a swing?  If you never got to try babywearing but always wanted to, well pick out a great Baby wrap and add it to your registry!

12.  Completion Discount!  

Have you heard of this?  I had no clue by just making a registry I would be eligible for up to 15% off items on the list!  I mean I was going to buy all this stuff anyway, so I might as well register for them and at a minimum enjoy the discount!  Both Amazon and Target offer completion discounts.  

Where Should I Make My 2nd Baby Registry?

It is generally good to pick one place where most of the items you want are sold.  This will keep it easy for your friends and family to go directly to a single site and select from all the options available.  

Places like Amazon Registry or Target are ALWAYS great options.  

What do I need for 2nd baby

If you are wondering “What to register for second baby?” then, check out my other post on Splurge-Worthy Newborn Items For My Second BabyThat should be a good start, but here are some additional things needed for second baby:

Did you also think you already had everything?  Has it just occurred to you that you might actually need quite a bit of stuff despite having gone through the newborn phase at least once already?! 

Well if so, don’t waste any more time, go and make that second baby registry list!  I made some clickable links above of some of my favorite baby items to make it extra easy for you mama!

Comment below and tell us about your 2nd baby registry must-haves.

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