Christmas Inspired Baby Names For December Babies

baby girl during christmas

Christmas is special, but Christmas with the expectation of a little bundle of joy is just spectacular. Is it just me, or does the rest of the year seem like a curtain-raiser for Christmas?

Whether you planned for a Christmas baby or life just gave you a pleasant surprise, enjoy Christmas name shopping with these distinctive Christmas baby names for your Xmas miracle.

As the Christian mood sets in and celebrations are heightened, we here are getting the party started with our Christmas baby names party popper.

Christmas Baby Names For Girls


It’s a chic Christmas baby name, and it’s French!  What’s not to love about the name Noelle? The name that literally means ‘Christmas’ in French is perfect for the Christmas day babies.


Avery is a beautiful Christmas name for girls that means ‘Christmas elves.’ It signifies wisdom and diligence. What better way to remember Christmas than to name your little princes after Santa’s little helpers?


Eira is a cool Christmas baby name of welsh origin that means ‘snow.’ Are you experiencing a white Christmas on the day your little princess makes the grand entrance? Even if the snow gets late, make your own flakes by calling her ‘Eira.’


This is one of the most famous Christmas names from around the world. The name means ‘a joyful song.’ It may not be waxing melodious in the labor room, but it will be the minute you hold your little princess.


If you’re expecting a little girl this Christmas, maybe you should consider calling them Angel.

Angels were a very significant part of Christmas, right from the announcement of the expected baby Jesus and on the actual birthday.

Angel is a name for the daring parent, as it’s a pretty bold name for a strong girl.

baby girl during christmas


If the herald angels singing inspire you a lot, adopt this glorious name for your little princess. The name Angelica signifies ‘angel.’

It’s a name with various alternatives, including ‘Angel, Angeline, and Angelina.


Holly is the common tree used in Christmas decorations. It’s also among the very cool names for a Christmas season girl.

It’s a perfect name for parents who are nature lovers.


We all know Eleanor Roosevelt, but did you know that the name Eleanor means ‘’the bright, shining one?’

Eleanor also claims its origin from Hebrew, with the meaning “God is my light.”

It’s a lovely name if you’re searching for a three-syllable Christmas baby name with a deep meaning.

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With all the colors and lights present during Christmas, it’s only sensible that a baby born during Christmas gets the name that means ‘light.’

If these are your sentiments as you search for a baby name, then the name Lenora will be your excellent pick.

Lenora is a Spanish name that means ‘light.’ It could be a variation of Eleanor.

Christmas Themed Baby Names For Girls


Nora is a diminutive of both Eleanor and Lenora.

Maybe you want a name that means ‘light for your Christmas baby but the two are too long for your liking? Then adopt the shorter version, Nora. It’s short, sweet, and timeless.


Ivy is also an ever-green plant that’s common during Christmas.

If you’re seeking a one syllable name that will always remind you of Christmas, this should be it.


Olwen is an Irish name perfect for a baby girl who appeared on white Christmas day. This name means ‘white footprint’ or ‘white track’.

It’s a name that signifies gracefulness and gentility, qualities that anyone would want in their little girl. 

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Getting a baby is an absolute joy to your world. Express the pleasure with this lovely English name.

It’s a simple name that can be translated into any language without losing its meaning. Try it.


Gloria tops the list of famous Christmas baby names in the world. It’s Latin for ‘Glory’ and is just as beautiful in meaning as it sounds.


Christmas is known for the bright shining star, and a perfect Christmas baby name would show that.

The name Estella is a Latin name that means ‘star’. It’s a lovely name for a Christmas girl.


Snow and Christmas are Siamese twins in many parts of the world. Therefore, it makes sense to give your Christmas baby a name that means ‘snow’.

If this has been at the back of your mind, and you’re looking for a unique wintery name, then Lumi is your perfect choice.

The name Lumi is a Finnish name that means ‘snow.’ It’s a beautiful name for a perfect little girl.


Are you expecting your little bundle of joy on Christmas eve? Maybe you may want to consider calling them Eve. Eve is a wonderful Hebrew name that means ‘life’ or ‘the mother of all life.’ 

Christmas Baby Girl Names


Finnish names are unique and oh-so-gorgeous, and Eira is one of them. Eira means snow in Finnish and it’s a terrific name for a girl born on a snowy Christmas day or in the winter season.


How often do you meet babies with Russian names? Well, here’s one elegant name for a Christmas baby.

Tashia means ‘born at Christmas.’ With variants such as ‘Latasha’ and ‘Natasha,’ your Christmas tree is overflowing with name gift boxes.

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Derived from the term ‘jovial,’ Jovie is a girl’s name that symbolizes happiness, cheer, and good times. This a perfect description of the Christmas mood.


Hope is a virtue name that expresses confidence in the future and the anticipation of good things to come.

Christmas is a time to give people hope, and the birth of a baby in this period is a stamp for good thoughts and desires.


Gabriella is a timeless classy name perfect for a Christmas baby girl. In Hebrew, it means “devoted to God.”

Who wouldn’t be a baby who’s devoted to God as they grow up? It’s a wonderful virtue to possess. 

items to put in a christmas eve box for toddlers


There’s a lot of gifts exchanged during Christmas, and a little bundle of joy is probably one of the best gifts you’d receive in the lovely season.

Celebrate the gift by calling it what it is, Gifty. It’s an English name coined from the word ‘gift.’

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We have already established that babies are the greatest Christmas gifts ever, but sometimes, you just want the gift in a different language.

Zawadi is a Swahili origin moniker that means, ‘gift’. If you want to adopt an exotic name for your little Christmas present, then look no further.


What’s Christmas without love? And what better love is there than the love of a child? Love is a lovely name for a little girl born during the season of spreading love and joy to the world. Too much love here?


If you’re still onto love but need a different word, the name Pendo will excite your naming taste buds. Pendo is Swahili for ‘love’ and is commonly used it as a girl name.


Natalie is excellent for a girl born on Christmas day. The name Natalie is derived from the Latin word, Natalis,’ which means, birthday.

Natalie, therefore, signifies the birth of Christ. It’s a fabulous way to name a little girl who shares a birthday with Christ.


Natalia is a variant of Natalie derived from French. It’s also a great pick especially if you wanted a French name.


Myrrh is a special spice that was among the things that the wise men presented to baby Jesus on his first birthday. Myrrh is also a lovely name for a special little girl.

Christmas Baby Names For Boys


Emmanuel is a Hebrew name that means ‘God with us.’ Biblically, it was the name that explained the whole concept of the birth of Christ.

It’s a deeply meaningful name suitable for the Christian parents or parents who are in touch with their spirituality.


Lux is a Latin name that means ‘light’. It’s a superb unisex name Christmas name for the parents who want a one-syllable name.


In Hebrew, the name Jasper means ‘treasurer.’ It is also believed that one of the wise kings who visited baby Jesus on the night he was born was called Jasper.

Besides, Jasper is a precious stone that symbolizes strength and tenacity.


Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus Christ. Some people shorten Joseph to Joe, which is a common Christmas name for boys.


Christmas is undoubtedly a very spiritual time, and one of the most common things is the appearance of an angel. 

The angel Gabriel is a significant figure in the Christmas story, and it’s a wonderful choice for a little man born in this season. Gabriel is a Hebrew name that means ‘God is my strength.

baby wearing a christmas hat


Robin is a wonderful unisex name that is the name of a bird that symbolizes hope, renewal, and rebirth.

This is the essence of Christmas, which makes Robin a wonderful choice for a Christmas baby.

Robin is also a winter bird and is most likely going to be sighted around Christmas time. It’s an excellent choice if you want to lend the Christmas spirit to your nature-loving side.


There’s something beautiful about French names, and Noel is no exception.

The name means Christmas. It rhymes well with the feminine version that has a slightly different spelling – Noelle.

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Yukio is one of the cool Christmas baby names with a Japanese origin. The name means ‘snow boy’.

Snow is synonymous with the Christmas period. It’s a perfect baby name for nature lovers.


How can we forget Santa’s faithful helper, Rudolf the reindeer? Rudolf is a French name that means fame, glory, or honor.

This is a perfect name if you’re seeking a timeless name for a strong boy.


So you like Rudolf but you feel it may be a tad too long for you?  Well, how about trying the shorter version?

Rudy is a lovely diminutive of Rudolf that is excellent if you want a two-syllable name for your Christmas prince.


Such a popular name for your Christmas gift. Theodore is a Greek name that means ‘gift of God’.

Christmas is indeed a wonderful time to remember all the gifts we’ve received throughout the year.

And your little prince is right at the top of that list. It can also be shortened to Teddy for a chic nickname.


Derived from Greek, the name Claus means ‘people’s victory.’ The name can also be pronounced as Klaus.

It’s a name that will always remind you of the year when Santa gave you the best gift ever.

Magical Christmas Baby Names 


Did you know Santa Claus’s other name is Nicholas? Santa Claus is derived from the Dutch name Sinterklaas, which means St. Nicholas.

Nicholas is a timeless name, and if you want a shorter version or nickname, Nick is just as cool.


Pax is a name of Latin origin that means ‘peaceful.’ With Pax, ‘all is calm, all is bright.’


The Christmas tree is an integral part of the Christmas celebrations.

The pine tree has been used as a Christmas tree in many cultures and is a beautiful name for a boy born during the Christmas season.

Furthermore, nature lovers will enjoy this cool name.


This is a graceful name of Scottish origin that means ‘winter.’ Snow is the common sight and weather during Christmas in many parts of the world.

Use this beautiful name for your little boy to warm up your hearts in the cold Christmas days.


Natal is a Spanish name that means ‘Christmas.’ It is appropriate for a child born on the 25th of December.


The little elves do a great job of helping Santa deliver the Christmas goodies.

How about giving your little prince this name that means ‘from the elves valley’? The name can also be spelled as ‘Elden.’

Final thoughts

The Christmas season brings optimism and good cheer, and so does a newborn.

The need to give a significant name to our babies is among the top reasons we take time to choose and provide the very best.

With all the shopping craze going on, we hope our baby name list has made picking Christmas baby names for your baby simpler.


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