Cute 4 Letter Girl Names With Meaning And Origins

Baby girl with 4 letter girls names smiling

Are you looking for 4 letter girl names for your soon to be born baby girl?

Wish to name your daughter after your favorite auntie, who has a long name but want a shorter version of it?

If that is the case, you are in the right place for cute four letter girl names.

The number four is associated with so many good things.

The four phases of the moon, the four seasons, four compass directions as well as the four basic elements.

There is so much positivity about the number four, and this list of unique 4 letter baby girl names has so much to offer.

Advantages of 4 Letter Girl Names

They are easy to spell and write

A four-letter girl’s name is easier for your little one to pronounce and write, especially in their early school days.

A shorter name means that filling out important documents and going to Starbucks is a lot easier.

They fit perfectly on personalized gifts

Ever wanted to personalize a gift for a friend and realized it’s totally impossible because of their long name?

With 4 letter female names, you can perfectly fit their names on personalized gifts.

Makes a better alternative to a long first name or middle name

Depending on whether you want a shorter moniker as a middle or first name, a 4 letter name can be an excellent choice to break the long name.

With both long and short monikers, you can always go for the short version when someone can’t seem to get your longer name right.

baby girl with 4 letter girl names

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They are easy to remember

My MIL has 7 daughters.

Often, she confuses their names, and she will call out like four different names before she finally settles on who she wants to address first.

We all make fun of it, but her girls didn’t like it when they were younger.

Giving your children short names makes it easier for you and everyone else to remember easily, even as age catches up.

Unique Four Letter Girl Names With Meanings


Looking for 4 letter girls names with Irish origins?

This sweet yet simple baby girl name means ‘splendor and radiance.’


This is the Hungarian version of the common Alice baby girl name.

If you love unique 4 letter baby girl names , this is the perfect pick.


Anya is of Russian origins, short and definitely sweet! It means ‘gracious.’

If you are searching for 4 letter girl names that start with a, add this to your list.


The name is a spelling variant of the French moniker Aimee, which means “beloved.”

This is such a sweet name for your girl, and she will grow even to love it more when she learns of its meaning.


Such a pretty 4 letter girl names meaning ‘strength or exalted one.’

Want your little girl to grow up as a fearless strong woman, start her off with this cute name.


Parents love four letter girl names because they are easy for the child to write and even spell when they eventually start school.

And Beck is one such kind of name with English origins meaning ‘stream’ or ‘brook.’


In French, the name means ‘beautiful.’ I think if I had a daughter, this would be on my list of 4 letter names.

Often, the name is used as a nickname for Isabella or Annabella.


A little geeky girl name with 4 letters isn’t all that bad. It’s often used when launching a new tech production.

You’ll often hear, ‘Beta version.’ Beta means ‘God of plenty’ or ‘my God is bountiful.’


Known to have originated from England, it means ‘God is my oath’ or ‘God is my satisfaction.’


Short and strong four letter girl names which can stand on its own.


4 letter girl names that start with C are in right now. With Greek origins, it means ‘beloved one,’ ‘cherished’ or ‘pure.’


With French origins, Cher means ‘beloved.’ The moniker became popular after the movie “Clueless.”


The name symbolizes peace. It would make quite a tranquil name with 4 letters for girls.


A short form of Theresa, this is a timeless baby girl name that means “to harvest.”

Tess is one syllable, and it gives off more strength than most other single-syllable baby names.

The name bears both English and Greek origins.

This moniker also has literary ties with famous writers Julia Roberts and Plum Sykes naming their little girls Tess.

Its nicknames are Tessa or Tessie if you want to expand the already beautiful name further.


Erin is the ancient name for Ireland. It was meant popular by Erin from the American television series “The Waltons.”

If you are looking for 4 letter girl names that start with e, this could be a perfect one.


Such a unique baby girl borrowed from the Hebrew. It means ‘life.’


This is a popular four letter girls name for a reason. It has a regal and literary past.

Emma was the queen of Denmark, Norway and England at the same time.

The name is a short form of old German names that start with ‘ermen’ meaning ‘universal.’


I loved this name the moment I heard it. If I ever have a baby girl, she will be Ella.

It’s a particularly popular name in Australia and Sweden, and it is still a top baby name in the US.

Not only is Ella a classic and modern name, but it also fits into any age group.

Your girls’ name will never feel old-fashioned; neither will it sound like it’s a fad name. Ella means “God has sworn.”


Elsa is a German version of the popular baby name Elisabeth.

This four-letter girl’s name has been used as a nickname for Elisabeth, but it can stand on its own.

Baby girl with 4 letter girls names smiling


Such a beautiful and unique four-letter female name.

Lots of celebrities are picking this cute baby name for their daughters.

In Greek Mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow.

Indeed, it is such a lovely baby name. Anyone that doesn’t like the rainbow?


Shea is an Irish baby girl name pronounced as Shay. The moniker means “the stately, dauntless one.”

Shea is already such a cute name by itself; it cannot have a nickname (for those parents that hate nicknames as I do).

The name is soft and rolls off the tongue with so much ease.

You will not have to keep explaining yourself to every time.

Other variations of the name are Shay, Shaye, and Shae.

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Lily is a classic botanical baby name that never goes out of fashion. Just like its counterparts, Violet, Daisy, and Ivy.

With English origins, the name means pure, and the flower symbolizes purity.


With Spanish origins, you will pronounce this moniker like you would say floor, but this time around, the emphasis is on the “r” a little bit more.

It translates to flower in Spanish. If you are looking for a unique 4 letter girl’s name, this is such an ideal choice.

cute girl with four letter girl names


This moniker has Latin origins. In Roman mythology, the name Juno is the queen of the gods.

She is also the goddess of fertility and women.


Joan is strong willed and all business. She seems to be the leader all through life.


The name has Latin origins. June emanates from the goddess Juno.

The Scandinavian version is Juni. June is also a month in the calendar.


Looking for nature inspired four letter girl names? Lake is just the right fit for your girl.


These is one of the cute four letter girl names that has several origins.

It can be traced back to Tanzania, the Kenyan Coast as well as Hawaii. The name means ‘pearl.’


Pronounced as Ling or Lin, it is one of the most unique 4 letter girl names I have come across.

The Vietnamese moniker stands for ‘spirit, soul.’ I think this is a classy and refined baby name for your little girl.


My cute little niece is Rain. Meaning ‘abundance’, this name is also ideal for parents who love nature.


Vintage names; anyone? Rose is a classic girl’s name that has passed the test of time.

It is borrowed from the Latin word ‘Rosa’ which means ‘rose, a flower.’


Meaning ‘bright’ this sparkling girl name will surely see your daughter shine the most amongst her peers and achieve big things.


Skye is inspired by mother nature and is a boho baby girl name. There is so much the great outdoors has to offer.

Skye is a single syllable baby name that has several meanings.

Some people say it means “cloud,” while others say it means “bringer of life.”

However, most people associate the moniker with what you see when you look at the atmosphere above us.

Skye is such a powerful and strong 4 letter baby girl names that will make your little one proud of her name.

She will know nothing can stop her.


Word names are becoming quite popular nowadays. This one here means ‘accurate.’

It would perfectly work as a middle name for your girl.

Khloe Kardashian used the name for her daughter and I’m pretty sure it’s going to rise in popularity or has already.


For nature loving parents, Vale is one of those uncommon 4 letter girl names that means ‘strength, health.’

It can also be a place name. A vale is a type of valley.

When I say this is a truly unique baby name, I mean it.  It doesn’t show up in the US baby names list.

Grab it if you are looking for rare four letter girl names.


4 letter girls names have been a favorite for parents, and Lucy tops the chart for centuries of short yet sweet 4 letter names.

It’s derived from the Italian version Lucia, which means ‘light.’ It’s a common name in Scandinavian Countries.

Lucy is a classic, the perfect definition of timeless baby names.


With Norse origins, Halle means ‘rock.’ It was made popular by actress Halle Berry.

Although it is not unique, it’s one of those sophisticated 4 letter girls names with some maturity.


In Swahili, Mimi means “myself.” Others say the name means “wished for child.”

Whatever meaning you pick when you decide to name your little girl, we think this short baby name sounds sophisticated.

It’s a nickname for Miriam and Michelle.


Looking for virtue baby girl names? Prue is derived from the word Prudence meaning ‘caution, good judgement.’


Looking for vintage 4 letter girls names? You got one with this one!

The moniker is a nickname of Eleanor, Penelope, Ellen or Helen.

If you are considering a classy name for your baby girl, Nell will make a perfect choice.


This beautiful 4 letter baby girl names have several meanings.

It is a short form of the Anglo-Norman name ‘Honora’ which means ‘honor’ in Latin.

In both Arabic and Greek, it means ‘light.’ Nora is a highly intellectual and knowledgeable woman.

It’s the ideal name for your little princess to light the way and shine all through life.


Short, sweet and unique, Maya has multiple meanings and origins.

It may have originated from the name of a Greek goddess, Maia, who was the messenger of the gods.

Some people also relate it with the Persian/Hindu mythology word for ‘generous.’

Whichever origin you wish to identify with, it’s all up to you.


Jule is a nickname for Julie.  It means ‘youthful.’

What woman doesn’t want to remain youthful for as long as possible?

That’s why the cosmetic industry is ever growing.

Your girl will appreciate even more her name once she learns its meaning later in life.


Baby names that start with letter Z are hard to come by, and if you are looking for one, this 4 letter girl names is one of the few.

Zola has South African roots. It is easy to read, pronounce, and write, making it perfect for your little girl.

For parents that like the names of their babies to start with the same letters, Zolani will make the complete baby name for your boy.


Zita has Greek origins meaning ‘seeker.’ It may also denote ‘young girl’ in other cultures.

Four letter girls names that start with Z are hard to find, and this can be a perfect choice.

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4 Letter Biblical Girl Names


Meaning ‘an assembly.’  In the bible, she is one of the wives of Lamech and mother to Jubal and Jabal.


With Hebrew roots, this beautiful four letter biblical girl names means ‘pleasure or delight.’

Your little girl is your source of pleasure and this is such a befitting name.


It was a major town in Lycia. The name means ‘to weep or pour out.’


With Greek origins, Lois was the grandmother of Timothy, who evangelized with Paul according to the New Testament.

Lois means “famous warrior.

There are so many different spellings to this name: Loiser, Loys, Louise, Loise.

A girl wearing a tutu skirt


Mary is the English variation of Maria. In the New Testament, she is the mother of Jesus.

Mary is such a common name. If you are looking for a baby name that has biblical meaning, you cannot go wrong with Mary.

It is a name that has stood the test of time and can never go out of fashion.

There are so many variations to this moniker, such as Maree, Marie, Mari, Mia, Maria, Marah, Merry, and Mariam.


The moniker Ruth means “friend” and was such a popular name in the 1900s.

However, it has made a comeback and is slowly regaining its popularity.

In the Old Testament, Ruth was the loyal daughter in law to Naomi even after the death of her husband.

She is a descendant of King David. This 4 letter biblical girl names has Hebrew origins. It can also be spelled as Rut or Ruta.


With Hebrew origins, Anna is such a vintage baby name that never seems to get old.

Meaning “favor or grace,” Hannah is the wife of Elkanah in the Old Testament, whereas in the New Testament, Anna is the prophetess who preaches about baby Jesus and how he will redeem Jerusalem.

Queen Elizabeth’s daughter is also named Anna.

Some very many famous women have this name like Actress Anna Kendrick.

The moniker has lots of variations, such as Ana, Ann, Annette, Anne, Annika, and Hannah.


In the Bible, Sarai was the wife of Abraham and mother to Isaac.

Sara is a variation of the Hebrew name Sarai.


Jael is a brave woman. In the Old Testament, Jael, the wife to Heber the Kenite, killed the Captain of the Canaanite army after he had come to seek refuge in her tent.

With Hebrew origins, Jael means “Ibex.”

Its variations can be Yeal or Iael. If you are looking for a rare biblical baby girl name, Jael fits perfectly.


Zina is a Greek name with several meanings.

He was the son of Shimei the Gershonite, but is often used as a 4 letter girls name.

Meaning ‘abundance,’ or ‘shining’ or ‘going back.’

If you are considering biblical girl names that start with Z, add this to your list.

More Beautiful Four Letter Names For Girls











































































Naming your baby should be fun. Since you will be giving your baby a name, they will carry along all through life; it is important to think through it.

If 4 letter girl names are what is in your mind, then we hope our baby name list inspires you to pick a moniker or even better, to be a little more creative.

Whatever you decide, if it’s a name you feel proud about, then your little girl will also love it.


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