Cute Middle Names For Girls You Will Love

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Choosing middle names for girls is hard enough; and having to choose two can be a nightmare! Well, it doesn’t have to be.

With a name for every letter of the alphabet on this list, choosing female middle names is as easy as A, B, C. Literally.

There are many reasons why you would want to have a middle name for your baby girl.

You can give her a middle name as an honor to a dear relative.

Maybe you’d just want to give her more options in future in case she hates her first name.

Whatever your reason for wanting a middle name for your little girl, here are 26 middle names for girls to choose from.

Unique Female Middle Names


This very diverse name has many origins including Latin, Hebrew, and German. In Latin, it means ‘industrious’ or ‘striving’.

In Hebrew, the name means ‘work of the Lord.’ According to the Teutons, it means ‘hardworking’.

Variants: Amelie, Amalia, Amy


This beautiful English name means ‘high or noble’. Having first been discovered in 1979, Breean is a modern name.

With only 2 syllables, it easily blends in with longer syllable first and last names.

Variants: Breanna, Briana


Irish names are beautiful and meaningful and this is one of them.

The name which means ‘maiden’ has a Greek variant with a slightly different spelling.

Coreen is one of the unique middle names for girls on our list.

Variants: Corinne.

Cute girl in a pink dress



Are you torn between calling your baby girl either Dee or Sabrina? Well, you can have both!

This unique blend of baby girl middle names gives your baby beautiful American names.


Have you been thinking of getting a religion-inspired middle name for your girl? The moniker Zion is unique, short, and classy.

Zion is a Hebrew name that means ‘the highest point’ in reference to Jerusalem.


Sloane is an uncommon girl name of Irish origin that means raider.

And if you’re a fan of ‘The Bold Type’ on Netflix, I’m sure Jane-Sloane is your favorite character.


It’s not every day that you meet a pretty little girl with a Hawaiian name. The name Malia means ‘of the sea.’

One notable important figure with the name Malia is the former first daughter, Malia Obama.


Simply means ‘God is gracious,’ or ‘the Lord is gracious.’ It has Italian roots.


Raven sounds as good as it looks, and it’s an excellent middle name for a perfect little girl.

The name Raven means ‘dark-haired or wise’ and is of English origin.


When you’re seeking exoticness and perfection in a middle name, you pick a name like Paloma. This is a classy Latin name that means ‘Dove.’


Old is gold, and Michele is one of the classic names that never go out of style.

Michelle had French roots, and it means, ‘who is like God?” It’s a perfect choice for religious parents.

Short Middle Names For Girls


Skye is classy yet straightforward, the kind of name that would be a perfect middle name for any first name.

Skye is Scottish, meaning, ‘the sky, clouds.’ It’s also the name of a Scottish island.


This is an Italian name that means ‘moon.’ Luna is a fantastic choice for the parents seeking a moniker with a universe meaning attached to it.

It would be an excellent choice, especially if the little princess was born on a night with a beautiful moon.


Oriental names such as Taya are now gathering popularity around the world, mostly for their uniqueness and deep meanings.

Taya is a Japanese name that means ‘young.’ It’s beautiful as a middle name for a girl or a  nickname.

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Aria originates from Italian, Persian, and Hebrew languages. It’s a beautiful three-syllable name that’s easy to pronounce and spell.

In Italian, Aria means ‘air; its Hebrew meaning is ‘Ariel,’ which translates to ‘lion of God’, and its Persian meaning is ‘noble.’


This timeless name would make an excellent middle name since it’s short and with only three letters, it would blend well with most first names.

Mia means ‘ocean goddess or ‘queen.’


The name ‘Mae’ is a single-syllable name that would pair perfectly with many first names. Mae is pronounced as ‘MAY.’

Mae boasts various derivations; it’s borrowed from May as well as from the Roman goddess Maia.

The name Mae can also be used as a nickname of longer monikers such as Margaret and Mary.


Sage is one of the unique and unexpected girl names that would rhyme with almost any first name. The name Sage means ‘wise,’ and it’s of Latin origin.


This is another Irish name that means ‘tender, beautiful and valued’. Pronounced as ‘kee-va’, it’s considered a variant of Kevin.


Coral radiates uniqueness and class, and it’s not without reason. The name Cora is of Greek origin, meaning ‘maiden.’

It’s a variant of Kore and a diminutive of Coraline or Cordelia.


Unique, elegant, and classy – the moniker Pia takes the cake! Originating from Spanish, Pia means ‘beautiful, wise.’

It’s short and easy on the tongue, making it an excellent middle name for a girl.


Nova is a celestial baby girl’s name. Nova is a star that usually releases big bursts of light, making it extremely bright.

The name Nova means ‘new’; it’s derived from Latin.


Maya is a timeless name used for centuries as the preferred name for a girl, not just as a middle name but also as a first name.

Maya is of multi-origin, claiming its background from Hispanic, Hebrew, Greek, and Sanskrit.

In Greek, it means ‘water,’ while in Sanskrit, it means ‘illusion.’

Feminine Girl Middle Names


This pretty Greek name means moon of Jupiter.

If you love Greek mythology or are looking for moon-inspired baby girl middle names, this should be your pick.

Elara is a wonderful name that sounds like a name we would call a princess!

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Do you love adventure? If you’d like your little baby girl to join the adventure trait in the family, call her Ferryn.

I don’t think anyone can hate camping when their name means ‘adventure’.


Maybe you have secretly been fantasizing about giving your daughter a Welsh name.

Make your fantasy a reality by calling her, Gwen. This girl middle name means ‘Holy’ or ‘White’.

To get her attention when she’s a teenager, just yell ‘Gwendolyn!” You may get, “that’s not my name!” back, but then the mission will be accomplished.


Who doesn’t like the sound of that name? I know I do.

Being one of the female middle names whose origin is not really known, it’s considered a contemporary name.

It’s associated with being peaceful, pleasure-loving and philanthropic.

A girl in a red dress smiling


Among the beautiful Swahili baby girl middle names is Imani. The name which means ‘faith’ is unisex although it’s more commonly used for girls.

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Originating from French and Persia, Jasmine is the name of a fragrant plant that produces spices and perfumes.  It sure does smell as good as it sounds.


Lillian is a name that has stood the test of time. It never gets old-fashioned.

It is an English name derived from the lily flower, meaning innocence.

As a middle name, it sounds as pretty as the flower.

Variations: lilian, lilly lilly-anne


This is one of the Latin girl middle names that are distinct.

It comes from the mythological Roman goddess of childbirth and it means illumination’.

Variants: Luci, Lucy (both are shortened nicknames.)


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Pearl. That’s the meaning of this beautiful Scottish name.

Both ‘pearl’ and ‘Maisie’ sound so beautiful I feel like I could use both of them together. Don’t you?

Variants: Maisy


Changing ‘C’ names to ‘K’ is now the in-thing, as many attempts to make common names cooler and classier.

Kamilah is one of the monikers that has received a facelift, and how cool does it look?

Originating from Arab, Kamilah means ‘perfect,’ just like your little girl.


Zorah is an excellent pick if you’re looking for the perfect two-syllable middle name for your little girl.

With Slovak roots, Zorah means ‘dawn.’


Getting a middle name that means ‘dawn’ in a different language is a great idea, but the name ‘Dawn’ in English is just as perfect.


Names starting with ‘X’ are few and unique, and Xiomara is one of them.

If you have a single or bi-syllabic first name, pair it up with a four-syllable name like Xiomara for rhyme and uniqueness.

Xiomara is a Spanish name that means ‘ready for battle, victorious.’ It’s a perfect name for the girl who’s a little fighter.


As a two-syllabic name, Eden is a fantastic middle name for a girl. Eden means ‘place of pleasure’ and is of Hebrew Origin.


Penelope is of German origins meaning ‘weaver.’

It’s a classic name perfect for the parents looking for long middle names to pair with a short first name.

Having four syllables makes it easy to work with many shorter names.

The trending Netflix show, Bridgerton, has revived it. And it sure will soar in the baby name charts.


This is one of the Greek baby girl middle names that are absolutely beautiful.

The name means ‘help’ and could be borrowed from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


When I think of pearls, I think of beauty, elegance, and preciousness.

The name Pearl is so queenly, it should wear the crown for all baby girl middle names. And it means just that, ‘pearl’.


Quinn is an Irish name that means ‘wisdom and intelligence’. It makes a perfect unisex name.

A cute baby girl sleeping


Another one of Latins girl middle names Rhetta which means ‘speaks’. 

Referring to one who is not shy and is quite outspoken, it signifies confidence and self-assurance.


It is a Greek name that denotes one who is lovely, peaceable, untainted and calm just like the goddess of the moon.


In French, the name means ‘woodland’. In Hebrew, the name means ‘cover’ and is the fringed wrap worn by the Hebrew in prayer.


There are many reasons to love the name Genevieve – it’s timeless! Some people say Genevive means ‘woman’ or ‘kin,’ but its real meaning is shrouded in mystery.


Leona is a beautiful middle name for a brave girl. In Latin, the name means ‘Lion.’

It’s the female version of the male name Leon.


Are you looking for a middle name for a Christmas baby? The name Noelle is perfect.

It means ‘Christmas,’ and it’s French! What’s not to love?


Renee is a French name that means ‘reborn, born again.’

It’s a beautiful and deeply meaningful name for a mom who’s looking for deep meaning, e.g., for a rainbow baby.


Swahili names are getting more popular around the world. This female name means “new’. This is a name that signifies new beginnings and is perfect for rainbow babies.


The name Verna is a Latin baby girl name. In Latin, the name means: Born in the spring.


The name Winola is a girl’s name of German origin which means “delightful friend”.

This would be ideal for honoring a dear friend without taking up their real name.


The name Xahria means ‘beautiful gift from god.’ Names that start with ‘X’ are generally unique and exceptional.


Yusra is a girl name directly derived from the Quran meaning “comfort, well-being, and blessedness”.

Wrapping up

Despite being a secondary name, the middle name should be beautiful like the other names.

These cute names for girls ensure that the middle name is never omitted when your baby introduces herself.

As more people are embracing the middle name, it would be good to get a lovely name that your baby is proud of.

Get a name that rhymes properly with the other names and enjoy the beautiful ring of your baby girl’s name.

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female middle names


female middle names


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