Unique Unisex Baby Names With Their Meaning

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Shopping for a baby’s name is one of the most exciting aspects of pregnancy. Unisex baby names are the new in-thing and gone are the days when a girl was Mary, and a boy was Tom.

If you’d like to avoid blue and pink name labels, the surprise is well worth the wait. I belong to the group that loves surprises. With all my babies, I made it clear to the gynecologist in all my ultrasounds that I did not want to know the gender.

Making a list of the possible baby’s name should not be hard. This list of unique gender neutral names is all you need.

Best Unisex Baby Names


When I first heard a girl called Alex, I couldn’t believe it. Until I learned that Alex was short for Alexandria. Well, no one gets shocked anymore, Alex is now among the gender-neutral baby names that are widely used and accepted. Derived from Greek, Alex means ‘defender of men.’


This popular Christmas name is a favorite unisex name among parents. Avery means ‘the ruler of elves’ and is more prevalent among girls than boys.

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Asher is a Hebrew name found in the bible that means ‘happy, blessed.’ It’s one of the double syllable names that are commonly used for both girls and boys.

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Charlie is a short form of two names – either Charles or Charlotte. Therefore, it can be given to any gender in its shortened form. Both Charles and Charlotte mean ‘free man.’


Elliott is a Greek origin name that means ‘God on high, my God is Jehovah.’ Elliot has mostly been a girl’s name, but it’s now accepted as one of the best unisex names.


Frankie is a name derived from either Francis or the feminine version – Frances or Francesca. Both names mean ‘French or the free one.’


The virtue name Gift is a lovely name that cuts across both genders. The English name means ‘present or gift.’


A Harper is a musician who plays the harp. Similarly, because music knows no gender, Harper is one of the popular unisex baby names that are chic.


There was Jackie Kennedy, and then there is Jackie Chan. This unisex name is a derivative of John, and it means ‘God is gracious.’

Gender Neutral Names You Will Love


This is one of the best unisex baby names of an English origin. Jaime can be pronounced as Jaimee or Jayme.


This is a unique nick-name from Julia, Juliet, or Julian. In addition, Jules is a unisex name of French origin that means ‘courageous.’


Leslie is a Scottish name that means ‘garden of hollies.’ Leslie’s popularity as a neutral-gender name could be attributed to what it represents – abundance in and out of season.


The name originates from the place with the same name in Ayrshire. It’s an unusual name among baby girls and baby boys.  Its Gaelic literal meaning is ‘small hollow. ‘


This old English name means ‘driftwood’ and is ideal for both girls and boys. Written with or without the ‘e,’ Marlowe has gained popularity in the recent past.


Noel is a popular unisex name whose only differentiation between the genders is the spelling. The feminine version is spelled with a double ‘l’ and an ‘e’ at the end while the masculine version has only one ‘l’ and no ‘e.’


A Gaelic name meaning wisdom, reason, or intelligence. Quinn is now gaining popularity among girls as it used to be among boys.


Riley is an adaptation of the Irish name Reilley. Although more popular with girls, the name is also generally given to boys as well. Riley means ‘courageous’ and is of Irish origin.


Robin is an English name that means ‘bright flame.’ Furthermore, it is a unisex name that is more common for boys than girls. The robin bird is also a symbol of good luck and fresh beginnings. It is, therefore, a wonderful name for animal lovers.


Meaning the little red one, Rowan is a great unisex name. It is derived from an ash tree that produces reddish-orange berries. If you have a beautiful red-head, crown it with this beautiful name.

Unisex Names That Are Not Too Common


Shannon is an Irish name meaning ‘long river.’ Borrowed from a river in Ireland of the same name, it’s one of the unique baby names that suit your girl or boy perfectly.


This name that is a city in Australia is an excellent unisex name pick for your little bundle of joy.  In French, the name commonly refers to Saint-Denis.


Remember the Bold and the beautiful? Taylor was my favorite. The name that means ‘garment maker or clothes designer’ is now trending in both genders.


Taji is a Swahili name that means ‘crown.’ Swahili names are gaining popularity around the world and Taji is definitely topping the unisex baby names charts.


This name can be spelled as Toni, Tonne, or even Toney. It’s a popular name around the world that means ‘priceless and praiseworthy.’ Though initially popular among boys, girls have now taken to the name, especially after the popularity by Toni Braxton.


The English origin name means ‘from the meadow in the west.’ Wesley was initially common among boys, but it’s slowly gaining popularity among little princesses as well.


The Swahili name means ‘gift’ and is perfect for a little boy or girl. There are as many girl Zawadi’s as there are boys.

In Conclusion

Choosing a gender-neutral name should not just be a preserve of the parents who aren’t sure of the gender of their bun in the oven. Anyone can choose to adopt a unisex name for their baby.

Unisex baby names are versatile and exceptional, therefore, if you’d like to avoid the gender label on your baby early in life, do so with a gender-neutral name.

Double up shopping for unisex baby names with unisex clothes for your little prince or princess and let the birth be the great gender reveal surprise for everyone. Yellows, purples, and whites are perfect for unisex shopping.


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