Lovely Celtic Girl Names With Their Meanings

A cute girl with rare celtic girl names

If you are looking to name your little girl according to your Celtic roots, this is your to-go list for unique Celtic girl names.

We have compiled lovely Celtic baby girl names from the various Celtic tribes that will make your princess stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes, some names are so popular you do not want to give your baby such a name.

And in this highly competitive world, every parent wants their child to stand out from the crowd, even if it’s just their name that’s unique.

Take a look at some of the most intriguing Celtic girl names and their meanings if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

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Alana means ‘little rock, peace, or harmony.’ For parents looking for baby names that start with A, you can pick this beautiful name.


Alys is a variation of the name Alice. But, Alys has some boyish innuendos. It is surely a great Celtic alteration to the popular Alice girl name.


In Celtic mythology, she is the goddess of work. If you are looking for female Celtic warrior names, Agrona will be an ideal fit.


If you are looking for unique Celtic names for your little girl, Alyn should be on your top list.

It means little rock and peace. I find Alyn such an incredible name for a little girl. What do you think?


In Celtic mythology, Aife was a great female warrior. If you are looking for one-syllable girl names, this is it.


Do you love birds? If you answered to the affirmative, then you will love Avalina as your baby girl’s name. Avalina is a charming beautiful girl filled with life.

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Avalon means island of apples. If you are a nature lover, this is an ideal Celtic female name for your little girl. Its nick name is Ava.

The Avalon Island is referred in Celtic mythology and it’s thought to be where King Arthur’s sword was made.


Brianna is a quite popular girls name, and for a good reason.

It does come with several variations of nicknames such as Bree, Brea, Bri, Anna, and Brinn.

Some of these nicknames can stand on their own if you don’t want Brianna in full.

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In Celtic history, Bodicca was the name of a well-known female warrior. In modern times, the name was adopted for girls which means a great victor.

This is a not one of those names you will call out your child from the playground and most of the children will have the same name.

No…it’s one of those exclusive Celtic baby girl names that very few people have ever heard about.


Birgit; not to be confused with Bridget. The name means the strong one.


Beenus was a Celtic Sun God. The name Bellicent means brilliant, a bright woman.

This is one of those rare Celtic girl names you won’t hear all over the place. It’s perfect for the parents looking for unique Celtic names.


Meaning’ beauty,’ you won’t hear this name often. It has strong Celtic roots, a great way to honor your heritage.


One of those short and sweet Celtic girl names that means the little dark one. You can even name your tall girl Duna as it also means confidence.


Evelyn is an old Celtic girl name that is still modern. Down the books of history, Evelyn was once a boy’s name.

Nowadays, Evelyn has become a popular choice for baby girls. These female Celtic name means light or life.

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Literally means ‘from Ireland.’ Girls called Erie are so full of wonder. They have some bit of mischief, but not too much of it.


Erin is one of those quite common female Celtic names that has integrated well in the modern times. It simply means peace. Other variations of the name are Erynn and Eryn.


A lot of Celtic girl names are simply cool. Hashna is one who means beauty or pretty. She is a source of happiness for her parents.


Iona has Scottish Gaelic origins. The name means Island.  Iona was quite a popular name in the US in the 1950’s and it has recently made a comeback.

And for a good reason! It is one of those Celtic girl names that is unique and will make a perfect female name for parents who love nature.

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Keelia, which means slender and comely is a derivative of the term cadhla. Cadhla purely means beautiful.

Keelia is a traditional Scotland and Ireland baby girl name that has made a comeback in the present times. Other variations of the name are Keela and Kyla.


This is the name of a town in Northern Ireland. Keely means ‘slender’ or ‘beautiful.’

This is a name your daughter will grow up with and be proud of.


This is not a name you will hear every day. It’s uncommon, making it such a perfect pick for parents looking for unusual Celtic girl names.


She is a joyful baby. In Celtic mythology, Mab is the queen of the fairies.


Mavie is a charming Celtic baby girl name, a Breton version of the more popular English name, Mavis.

The meaning of this name is Songbird, and if you are looking for a musical name for your little girl, this is your ideal name.

Mavie is quite unpopular and a unique choice for parents who are looking for Celtic names.

Good thing about this name is that it doesn’t have any nicknames so no worries about getting short forms of your girl’s name.


Mackenna was formerly a boy’s name when it first came into existence.

This sweet female Celtic name means son of Cionaodh.

Nowadays, the name has become a popular girl’s name that a lot of parents love.

A cute girl with rare celtic girl names

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She is a confident baby girl who has clear goals. The name Marina would make a great first or middle girl’s name.


A happy soul. She is the ever-smiling, bubbly girl who volunteers to bake cookies for the entire dancing group.

Nara is the ‘good girl’ everyone wants to befriend.  

Give your beautiful girl this name if you love to see happiness radiated all through her life.


A modern Celtic baby name that feels bold. For the parent that would love to honor their Celtic roots and are looking for a contemporary name, Nareen is a great pick.


Now, this is one of those unusual yet cute baby girl names with Celtic roots.

You won’t hear it in the playground so often. Meaning’ champion,’ Neala is your ideal pick if you love unique baby names.


A nickname of Neala/Neila, the name can stand on its own. Nia was a woman in Celtic mythology.


Pronouced as IY-FAH, this name has Celtic origins. This name has a feminine sound and is quite rare.

An ideal name for parents looking for baby girl names that stand out.

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This unique Celtic girl’s name means ‘chief dragon.’ Such a mighty name, in my humble opinion.


Rhiannon means the great queen. Other variations of the name are Reannon, Rigantona, Riannon, Rhianon, Riannon and Rhianna. It has purely Celtic origins.

celtic girl names


Quite a popular Celtic girl’s name. It also has some cute nicknames such Breezy and Bree.  This is a name that your daughter will grow with to old age.


A girl’s name of Sanskrit and Gaelic origin meaning ‘star or hill.’

The Irish kings lived in ancient Tara, which was referred to as the stone of destiny. According to Hindu mythology, Tara was the wife of Shiva.


A beautiful and unique Celtic girl name that was once given to a fairy tale queen.

It would make a perfect name for your little princess.


For the lovers of unisex baby names, Tris is the name for you. It is derived from the Celtic name Tristan.


Meaning one who is wise, prudent. Smart women tend to be leaders and highly intelligent. If these are qualities you would love to see in your daughter, you may want to pick it.


A variation of Sabrina, Zabrina will make an ideal girl’s name.


Baby names that start with the letter Z are hard to come by. Zinerva is one who loves all things magic. It’s a whimsical, enchanting girl’s name.


If you are looking a little girls name that is unique, Ireland has some of the best baby names that will inspire you.

We hope this list of rare Celtic girl names gives you some ideas to help you choose a name for your daughter. Whether you are looking for something simple, classic or something that’s not too out there, we have your back.

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Are you looking for unique celtic girl names with their meanings? We have picked for you some great names for your little girl that will show her celtic roots.

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