One Syllable Girl Names Perfect for Your Little Princess

A girl wearing red with single syllable girl names

One syllable girl names are becoming a preference for the millennial parents. There’s a whole encyclopedia of reasons behind how and why parents choose certain names. There others, though, who don’t care so much for tradition or exoticness. They have just one requirement: It must be short!

Short names are  easy to pronounce and write. There’s a growing preference to use the shortened form of the multi-syllabic traditional names.

Do you see a long name and wonder in humor, “How long did it take this person learn to write this name?”

If that’s you, then this one syllable girl names list is your name bible.

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Unique One Syllable Girl Names

baby with one syllable girl name


As old as creation, this beautiful name is one of the sweetest. The name that means ‘life’ is a beautiful prayer for a little girl. You want her to enjoy a long, happy life.


This French name means ‘Loyalty, confidence, or belief’.


This Latin origin name is one of the one syllable girl names that are of multi-origin. In Vietnamese, the name means ‘born on Saturday’.  In Latin, it means ‘berry’ while in the English Origin is ‘auburn-haired’.


Originating from French, Belle means ‘beautiful.’ Who wouldn’t want to be like the beauty and the beast character?

Representing a pretty and smart little girl, this Disney name should be at the top of your single syllable baby girl names.


Elizabeth is a delightful classic name, but it’s also a tad too long.

If you love Elizabeth, you don’t have to give up altogether; the name single syllable shortened version, Beth, comes to the rescue.

Beth is a Hebrew name that means ‘house.’


Ness is a Scottish name that means ‘from the headland.’


English names are simple and cute, and Gem is such a name.

The name Gem means ‘precious stone’ and is a perfect single-syllable name for a pretty little girl.

Give it a twist by spelling it with a ‘J’ instead of a ‘G.’


Greer is a Latin name meaning ‘Alert, watchful’. Pronounced as ‘GRIHR’ it’s a good deviation from the common names. You may get lots of “could you spell that, please” But that’s what I like about it.


Nyx is a Greek name that refers to the goddess of the night. If you love Greek mythology names, this is a perfect choice.

A girl wearing red with single syllable girl names


This beautiful Greek name means ‘Pure’. The name is a variant of Catherine and is a perfect substitute of you’d like to avoid the longer name.

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For the parent who’d want to have a Greek name for their pretty princess, Lux is a perfect choice. The name means ‘light’.


So, you like the name Lux’ but don’t care too much for Greek? Well, you can have this Latin substitute. The name still means ‘Light’.

Maybe you’d like to give your twins names that are almost identical? Lux and Luz would be great 1 syllable girl names.


The name means ‘Shining light’. It’s is one name that has many variants from different origins. In English, it’s a shortened form of Nelly. In Latin, it’s a variant of Cornelia and in English, Eleanor, and Helen.


This English name smells like sunshine. The name signifies the first appearance of daybreak. I know some mothers experience a lot of different situations before they can hold their baby. This name could be used to mean new beginnings and hope.


Gayle is an alternative spelling of Gail, a shortened form of the name Abigail. Abigail is a Hebrew name that means “my father’s joy.” Perfect name for daddy’s girl.


It’s a preference for many parents because it’s short and easy on the tongue. Did you know the name Anne means ‘Grace?’ Combine tradition and virtue with this beautiful French name.


Your beautiful girl deserves a name from the most beautiful language – Spanish. The name Paz means ‘peace’ and it rolls off the tongue with such beauty.


Blue Ivy made this name famous, and it’s not without reason. Not many people will think about giving their little girl a color for a name.  

You know what this means: you’ll be among the popular few if you do. And she doesn’t have to be blue-eyed to get this great name.


Bree is an Irish name that means ‘strength, exalted one”. It is also a diminutive of longer names such as Bridget, Breana, or even Brenda.


Brooke is an oldie name that seems to defy time. This name means ‘a gentle stream’ and is perfect for the parents searching for a nature-inspired name.


Claire is French and one of the timeless names that don’t get out of fashion. The name means ‘clear, bright.’

Virtue Names

Virtue names have always been popular in many cultures. I’d recommend using virtue names as the middle names as it reduces chances of clashing with planned family first names. Here are beautiful single syllable girl names to choose from.


Would you like to put the real joy in the ‘bundle of joy’? Well, you can with this 1 syllable baby girl name. The name means ‘happiness, delight’.

Of course, you might reconsider it when she throws a hurricane of a tantrum, but keep your eyes on the price. She’s going to be a ball of joy for your family when the phase passes.


This a one of the most common virtue names that never grows old. Faith is an English name that means ‘confidence in, trust in God.”


Hope is perfect for the parents searching for a virtue name that’s not mundane. It means ‘desire of fulfillment.’


Lynn is a welsh name that means ‘lake.’


It’s unique, it’s short and it’ll keep your little princess from lying. Hopefully!

Nature Inspired Names  

toddler standing and leaning against log

Nature-inspired names may mean different things in different languages.  I love how you can choose a word with normal meaning yet it’s loaded with a deep message in another language.


Wren as a girl’s name is of Old English origin referring to a small brown songbird. It should be voted as one of the names with the sweetest ring to it! Have you been searching for a shorter version of Lauren?  Here you go.


Pronounced as ‘Neev’, this Irish name means ‘snow’. Your princess doesn’t have to have been born in winter to get this lovely name.


Skye is a variant of the English name ‘sky.  ‘Skye’, the Scottish variant means ‘adventurous, free-spirited’. I would substitute this one for the ‘the sky is the limit’ cliché. Just tell her, “you are your own limit, baby girl.’


The precious little stone that is said to cure colic could be the secret to the end tummy aches and sleepless nights. And even if the name doesn’t cure colic, it’s a beautiful name for your little girl to answer to.


Arabic names are gaining popularity in the world, and Noor is one of them. The name Noor means ‘light’ and is unisex.


Paige is a Latin name that is gender-neutral. Paige means ‘assistant or helper.’ It’s a beautiful one-syllable name for a girl, and it can be used as both a first or middle name.


Doesn’t the name Pearl bring a smile to your face? Pearl is one of the cute names for girls that sounds classy and queenly. Pearl means ‘treasure.’


The name Reese is derived from the Welsh word, ‘Enthusiasm’ and is an anglicized version of the name Rhys.

Reese means ‘confident, ambitious, ardent, fiery.’


Unisex names are fantastic, especially if you’re picking one for the baby before they are born.

Shae is one of the classy names common with girls but can also be given to boys. Shae means ‘admirable’ and is of Gaelic origin. 


Maybe you wanted to call her Belle, and then you thought, why not go a step further and translate it!

Beau is the English version of the name Belle, and it’s just as beautiful. Beau means ‘beautiful, the perfect description of your little girl.


Plain Jane is no longer plain; it’s making a come-back as a popular name among parents seeking one syllable girl names for their little princesses.

It helps that the name has a deeply spiritual meaning, ‘God is gracious.’


Kate has always been a preference for the parents who don’t want the longer version, Catherine or Katerina.

It’s short, sweet, and the perfect traditional name. Kate means ‘pure.’

A beautiful baby girl sitting on a bed


As a diminutive of famous names such as Penelope or Peninah, Penn is an excellent nickname turned full name.


Kit is a variant of Kate if you need to make it more elegant and easier for the girl to spell and write when she’s older.


This name refers to an exotic green plant that loves the shade. This one syllable girl name is a short form of Fernanda.

Not only does it have a great sound to it, but it’s a variation from other flowers and plants that are commonly used as girl names.


Who doesn’t like French names? Lou is a French name for a girl, and it means ‘famous warrior.’


Nicknames have now claimed their places at the names table and become full-fledged names.

In that list is the name Sue that is derived from the longer name Susan. Sue is a Hebrew name that means ‘Lilly.’


A dove symbolizes peace, and this name is perfect for a parent searching for a simple name with a profound meaning.


Shay or shay with an ‘e’ is a Hebrew name that means ‘gift.’


Barb is derived from Greek, and it means ‘stranger, foreign.’. It’s also a shortened version of the name Barbara.


Some traditional names such as Joyce don’t grow old. Joyce is an English name that means ‘the joyful one.’


As old as the Bible itself but still in style, Ruth is a virtue name from Hebrew that means ‘friend.’

In the Bible, Ruth was the daughter-in-law who wouldn’t leave her mother-in-law despite being asked to. It’s a wish that your little girl can grow to be a faithful friend like Ruth.


Cher is a cute girl’s name of French origin that means ‘beloved.’ It’s most likely taken from the French phrase ‘ma Cherie’ that means my beloved.


Ray is both English and Latin. In Latin, Ray means ‘royal,’ while in English, Ray means ‘a beam of light.’

Both meanings are beautiful and excellent as a girl’s name.


Shree or Shri with an ‘I’ is a fantastic Hindu name that means ‘radiance, beauty.’

More Single Syllable Girl Names































Have Fun With It

Short names are fun and sweet. A single syllable name leaves you with more room to choose an accompanying name for your child.

Appropriate for both first and middle names, choosing one syllable girl names doesn’t have to be a big hassle.

Numerous names with more than one syllable can be shortened to give a beautiful name to your beautiful princess.

People have diverse preferences when choosing the names of their babies. Some want to keep the tradition and preserve a family name, whereas others wish to give their child an exotic name. Whatever your reason, pick the name you love best and your child will be proud of.

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