How To Grocery Shop With A Newborn

how to grocery shop with a baby

The thought of taking your little one with you grocery shopping can be scary, but with a bit of help, your trip will be a breeze. If you’re getting ready to venture out with your baby, here’s a guide on how to grocery shop with a newborn.

how to shop with a newborn


Grocery Shopping With Baby: What You Need To Know

Here’s what you need to do when you go grocery shopping with the little one. 

Plan your trip ahead of time

Before you head out, map out a full itinerary. Write down a list of all you need to get and all the stops you plan to make. That way, you won’t spend much time roaming around the store. 

You will also need to plan your trip around your baby’s routine. Try to go out in between feeds and get back as soon as possible. 

If you’ve already figured out the baby’s sleep patterns, time your trip, so you leave around nap time and put them to sleep in the car.

With some luck, your baby will sleep through the excursion. But this only works if your little one is a heavy sleeper.

If you have a light sleeper, transferring them from the car seat to the stroller or cart may just wake them up as soon as you get there.

If your baby wakes easily, it may be a good idea to schedule your trip after a nap when they’re playful and active. 

Park as near as you can 

Look for parking next to the store as you possibly can. If you’re going to need a shopping cart, park next to the cart stall. It will make it easier to get in and out faster. 

Plus, if your baby doesn’t respond well to the trip, you won’t have to cross the parking lot with a screaming baby. 

Feed the baby

Your trip will be less hectic if you make sure your baby is well fed before you go out.

It will be more difficult to calm your baby down in an unfamiliar environment.

So you need to make sure they are well fed and satisfied before you go out. 

how to grocery shop with a baby

Change their diaper

Changing your baby’s diaper means they’ll be a lot more comfortable and less fussy on your trip.

It will also save you from having to go into public restrooms unless absolutely necessary. 

Time your diaper change for just before you leave, so you can be sure that little bubba is nice and dry. 

If you’re already familiar with your baby’s diaper schedule, try and time your trip around the number two’s.

That way, you won’t have to deal with diaper changes and blowouts. However, you have to remember to make your trip as short as possible. 

Get a good stroller

The stroller is as much for the baby as it is for you.

Make sure you get a good one that can help make your trip a breeze. Your stroller should tick the following boxes.

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If your baby is not cozy, you won’t be able to make it through the trip. Get a stroller that’s designed for a newborn to sleep or play comfortably. Here is one I highly recommend. 


You don’t want to lug around bags and other baby supplies. Your stroller should have all the space you need to store the baby’s stuff.

That way, both you and your little one will be a little more comfortable.

You should also have enough space to use your stroller as a shopping cart. That’s because you can’t possibly push both a stroller and a shopping cart.

Unlike older children, the cart may not be too safe for a newborn- so opt for strollers with a large bottom tray.

Wear your baby



If you don’t have a stroller or don’t want to use one, you can wear your baby instead. 

Get a suitable baby carrier that’s sturdy and strong, preferably with a hood so you can cover your baby. 

When you go shopping with a baby, baby wearing helps to free your hands, so you don’t have to push a stroller. Read here the benefits of baby wearing for you and your little one.

It’s a great idea if you need loads of groceries- you can fill your shopping cart with ease. 

Plus, your up and down movements and the baby’s proximity to your chest can help soothe your baby. It might even lull them to sleep. 

Remember to ensure that you follow the exact manufacturer-specified instructions when you put the baby in the carrier. 

Get a hammock

Another option for shopping with a baby is a shopping hammock. A hammock fits into your shopping cart, so you go hands-free but still have room in your cart for shopping.

Find one that’s made explicitly for newborns with good head support. 

Bring something that soothes your baby

All the new sights and sounds may overwhelm your baby. Carry something familiar to help soothe your baby if they get worked up.

Their favorite blankie or a soother may help keep them calm.  It’s also a great idea to carry a backup in case the first one doesn’t work. 

Grocery Shopping With Infant Checklist

You need to pack all the baby essentials, in case you need anything. Here’s a checklist to help you remember. 


If your baby is bottle-fed, you need to make sure you carry a bottle of formula with you. Even if you’ve fed the baby, carry one with you just in case you take too long. 

If you breastfeed, don’t forget the nursing cover. This nursing cover is multi-use. It will cover your stroller, shopping cart and your baby car seat. 

Extra clothes

Spit-ups are common in newborns, but you shouldn’t let them ruin your trip. You should carry a  few extra sets of clothes for the baby and one for yourself if you need to change.

An extra pacifier

Carry a few pacifiers with you in case one drops to the floor. The five-second rule doesn’t apply at the grocery store, ever!

Diapers and wipes

Even if your baby is on a predictable routine, carry some diapers and wipes as a backup.

The new environment can make a baby’s tummy go out of wack for a bit, plus you may take longer than anticipated.

Changing pad cover

Public restrooms can harbor lots of germs. To keep your baby safe, carry a changing pad cover with you.

Any kind will do but opt for disposable ones so you won’t carry germs home with you.

Plastic disposable bags

We all know how explosive diaper situations can go.

If you find yourself with one of those on your hands, you’ll need a plastic bag to carry the soiled clothes in. 

Portable blanket 

Carry a small blanket with you to use as a wrapper or to shade your baby. If it’s small enough, you may even use it as a nursing cover.

It’ll be great to have something so multifunctional at hand. 


A new baby brings many anxious moments; a shopping trip with a newborn is one of those. But if you pack all the essentials and plan your trip correctly, you can handle it well. how to grocery shop with a newborn.

Ask for some help from your partner, mom, or friend if you need to. Most importantly, be calm. You brought a whole life into this world; one little shopping trip is nothing- you got this. 



how to go grocery shopping with a baby


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