What is a Diaper and Wipes Party?

A man preparing meat at a diaper and wipes party

So, what is a diaper and wipes party? A diaper party is for the father-to-be and is a more laid back version of a baby shower.

The only gifts expected from the guests are – you guessed it – diapers and wipes.

These two items are essentials that you can never have enough of, especially in the first two years of your baby’s life. A diaper and wipes party is a good way to stock up.

Parents-to-be are moving away from the norm of having the usual baby shower and opting for more casual ways to celebrate their little one on the way.

Traditionally, baby showers were only planned for the first baby. Nowadays, some parents go ahead and do it for their other babies.

For parents-to-be that want a more relaxed way to celebrate their second baby, a diaper and wipes party is the way to go.


Who Throws A Diaper Party?

Since it’s mainly for the father-to-be, his brother or other close male family members organize the party. Alternatively, his close friends will do it.

Common etiquette suggests that you shouldn’t plan your shower or diaper party, but this doesn’t stop some couples from doing it.

The guys may share encouragement and advice during the party, especially if it’s the first baby.

Mostly, it’s a fun way for the men to get together before the baby comes since they may not hang out again for a couple of months.

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Are Diaper Parties Tacky?

Some people might think that diaper parties are tacky, especially if you already had a baby shower for the same baby.

Sometimes, it happens that a few friends being invited to the diaper party are husbands of the mother-to-be’s friends who already attended the baby shower – and came with a gift.

If this makes you feel gift-grabby and rude, let those specific guests know that while a pack of diapers and wipes is appreciated, their presence is more important.

This way, they won’t spend twice on gifts and won’t feel weird coming empty-handed. At the end of the day, the party’s point is to have fun with close family and friends.

However, there’s nothing wrong with having a diaper and wipes party. All you’re asking for is a pack of diapers and wipes from each guest and not a fancy gift on a gift registry.

Truth be told, diapers are probably the most expensive item you’ll buy for your baby cumulatively over the first two years of their life.

Therefore, each person coming along with a box will go a long way. Also, why should the ladies be the only ones to have fun at women-only baby showers?

The guys can have fun too, without all the fanciness and expense.

A man at a diaper party

Diaper and Wipes Party Ideas

Unlike a regular baby shower, you don’t need fancy food, desserts, or decorations at a diaper and wipes party.

It can be as casual as the guys want it to be and they can have it anywhere.

Guest List

The guest list can be as small as five people or as big as 30 depending on the father-to-be’s preference.

He usually has a say in who will attend the party. The main guests are close male family and friends.

He must be comfortable with the list before you send out any invites.


The diaper and wipes party can be held at the home of one of the father-to-be’s friends or relatives.

It can also be at his house even though he’s not organizing it.

Alternatively, the guys can go to his favorite bar or restaurant and have a good time.  


However casual a party is, invitations are a must. It can be as simple as sending an email.

If you choose to go the conventional route, you can use basic invitations or custom-made ones.

Ensure that you send them out at least six weeks in advance. Include a phone number where they can send an RSVP.

Ask your guests to confirm at least one week in advance. Inviting them early will give them time to buy the diapers and wipes. You’ll also be able to plan early.

what is a diaper party


You don’t need a theme for a diaper and wipes party. Still, if the dad-to-be has a specific theme in mind, you can have it.

If the guys are all football fans or if it’s football season, they can wear their favorite team jerseys. Otherwise, the emphasis of the party is food and drinks.

Food and Drinks

Beer is the main drink of choice for diaper parties. But not everyone drinks, so you’ll need other refreshments like juices and water too.

Barbecue not only pairs well with beer, but it also gives a relaxing and fun vibe to the party.

Your menu can include burgers, hot dogs, or spare ribs. A side dish of mac and cheese or coleslaw is a good idea.

Also, prepare an appetizer to keep people from getting hungry while they wait for the main meal. Tortilla chips and salsa work well.

To keep costs minimal, have one of the future father’s friends or relatives grill the meat.

If that’s not possible and there’s some more money to spend, order in the food from the new daddy’s favorite BBQ restaurant.


The most popular game for guys at a diaper party is the changing diaper contest.

Get toy dolls and have a few of the guys put diapers on them as quickly as they can.

The one who does it fastest wins a small prize. This game is full of fun and laughter because most men can’t tell the front side of the diaper from the back.

Having a diaper raffle is not necessary but you can include it. Each guest gets a raffle ticket per box of diapers they bring, to win a prize.

The more boxes you bring, the higher your chances of winning. This may encourage some guests to come with more diapers.

A man preparing meat at a diaper and wipes party

Diaper Party Gifts

It’s called a diaper party gift for a reason – diapers!

If the parents-to-be have had a baby before, they probably already know what type or brand of diapers and wipes will work best for them.

Don’t shy away from informing the guests in advance. You can also go ahead and mention bigger diaper sizes that will keep you going for many months ahead. Babies grow quickly and usually need a bigger size diaper every couple of weeks.

In some cases, the parents will specify that they need cloth diapers and not disposable ones.

Since they are hard to find, informing the guests early will give ample time to find and buy them.

If for whatever reason you aren’t able to buy a box of diapers, at least buy packs of wipes.

The couple will appreciate it because the two items go hand in hand.


The main theme of a diaper and wipes party should be diapers – obviously and lots of fun.

As much as diaper and wipes parties are typically for men, they can be co-ed too.

The couple can host the party, serve simple snacks, play fun games, and have a great time with their extended family and close friends. Some couples even combine the diaper party with a regular baby shower.


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