The Best Triple Jogging Stroller For Babies

Review of Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller

A good triple jogging stroller will make moving around the shopping mall a lot easier for you and your little beings. Getting twins is pretty normal. But getting triplets? Well, that isn’t a joke! Pat yourself mummy, you are a star!

I can’t start to imagine how life can be a little crazy with three little munchkins all in the same age bracket, in the house.

Its satisfying, it’s fun, it’s hectic, it’s joyous, it’s a feeling so out of this world.

With three kids, you have to think of so many “three things” you need for them. One of the must have items is a stroller for three babies.

Here is a review of the 5 best triple strollers for your little terrors!

Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller

Need a triple buggy stroller with a robust build and designed to accommodate infants and toddlers?

Maybe you are used to the regular triplet jogging strollers whose seats are made to face where it is headed to, and your children haven’t experienced the glamour of riding a remarkable triple buggy.

Now is the right time to let the gang enjoy that trip down the mall on an incredible stroller!

Is Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller the best triplet stroller worth buying?

Your kids are precious, and their safety and comfort is unsurprisingly your primary concern.

Knowing pretty well that you are going to have twins or triplets or maybe when your three kids are still young, one of the necessary things to have at home is a triple stroller.

However, there’s always a problem with choosing the most suitable given the many half-truths surrounding these precious pushchairs.

Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller is one of the few, uniquely designed tandem strollers whose seats can be adjusted to face whoever is pushing it.

Thanks to the manufacturer’s expertise, the whole piece is sturdy and doesn’t wobble as it is being pushed. Amazingly, it is arguably the only stroller that comes with a steering wheel.

The spacious, comfy seats aside, your little one will find the reclining backrest, adjustable footrest as well as the loop located at the hood very convenient.

Yes – it is that rare choice that can even be used to carry a newborn in comfy, breezy way.

Indeed it is a premium Italian product, fit for your money if you own a spacious car.

Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller Review – Important Features at a glance:

  • Modern construction that features lightweight fabric, polished stainless steel frames, generous canopies over every seat, reclining backrests and adjustable footrests on every seat.
  • Large wheels and suspension – wheel diameter 30 cm.
  • Smooth steering and negotiating tight corners and narrow spaces courtesy of the smart steering wheel.
  • Guaranteed stylish, spacious and comfortable rides, whether facing forward or rear, thanks to the interchangeability of the seats.
  • Sturdy and compact; weighs 60lbs and has a Steering wheel handlebar for effortless rides,
  • Sanitized lacquered aluminum frames.
  • Book folding system.


  • It is sturdy, compact and durable owing to its construction and moves smoothly.
  • It is perfect for those parents who would love to keep an eye on their kids as they’re strolling.
  • With a bus-like design, this Triplette is more steerable as it includes a steering wheel on the handlebar that stretches all the way to the front wheels.
  • The seats have reclined backs, and footrests that can be adjusted for the child’s extra comfortable seating.
  • Depending on your convenience, you can alter the direction of the three seats to either face ahead or at the person pushing it.
  • Aside from the smooth maneuverability, this tandem triple stroller will get through doorways and narrow passages with ease.
  • Unlike the other types of triple baggy, this Triplette can function without an adapter – you can fasten its Primo Viaggio infant car seats onto the place of the seats with little difficulty.
  • For the safety and security of your kid, there’s an adjustable 5-point harness on every seat alongside a loop for hanging his or her toys and a canopy over every seat.
  • Also, feature a decent book folding system only known amongst premier three kid strollers.


  • At such an enormous price, it is wrong that the manufacturer has included no free accessories whatsoever.
  • At 60 pounds, this Triplette won’t be your favorite triple pram to lift up and down on your own.
  • Moreover, the maximum luggage weight of 120 pounds is derogatory given its sheer size.
  • It is easily foldable, but the problem is its large size that presents another set of challenges to cars whose trunks are smaller.

Main Features

  • Freedom of Movement Seats

With the normal triple umbrella strollers, seating mainly involves the three kids facing forward.

But it is a wholly new and exciting experience for your children, especially when you are ever on the road – quite literally. For their safety, the seats have five-point harness for that subtle wiggling,

Firstly, you can turn the built-in seats into super-amazing ones by accessorizing them even more.

You are free to customize them even more and include your own comfy, classy seats.

However, the glamour is when you change the seating format from the ordinary way to the extraordinary and let the toddlers face you as you push.

Each of the three seats comes with three different reclining levels so that the kids can relax and enjoy the ride.

For their feet, there are soft footrests each having two positions too. It is the real definition of comfortable rides and awesome outs for kiddos!

Other factors that characterize that incredible experience are the generous canopies as well as the hood where the kids will store their favorite toys.

  • Single, Stable Steering Wheel

Peg Perego Triplette Steering Wheel

Unlike the other conventional triple prams, Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller comes with a steering wheel that makes pushing and maneuvering a lot easier.

The design makes it easy to push while jogging as it involves a movable wheel.

If you have pushed a regular pushchair before, then you know how supreme this feature is.


  • Weighs 60lbs, maximum weight capacity is 135lbs
  • Normal 23.5″W x 66.66″L x 42.75″H
  • When folded 23.5″W x 56.5″L x 17.25″H

Extra Accessories

The following accessories guarantee extra comfort and protection from harsh weather conditions. They are sold separately.

  1. Rain cover that covers the entire three seats.
  2. Mosquito net that fit snugly around the hood all the way to the foot of the stroller.
  3. Baby cushions for some warmth and comfortable fit in the seats.
  4. Cup holder to secure the kid’s cup and prevent spills.
  5. Igloo feature also makes the stroller’s seats warm when zipped up.

Why you can trust Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller to be that ultimate 3-passenger stroller for your kids

You may have seen a lot of triple jogging strollers before you saw this and you aren’t sure whether it will be worth your bucks or not.

Well, going by the many reviewers, it is apparent that this Triplette is one of the best – if not the best triplet stroller.

It is a large, bulky and sturdy stroller, ideal for outings at the park, thanks to the huge storage compartment beneath the seats.

Its steering wheel and the flexibility of changing the seating system also places it miles ahead of the pack. If you buy a few of the accessories above, trust me, your kids will love it!

Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller

With three children, all below four years, nothing can be as hectic as taking them on a simple, random evening walk around the neighborhood or even going on a trip down to the mall.

With the younger one in an infant stroller, the other two will most probably get worn out walking with you.

Worse yet, malls are some of the most crowded places nowadays and thus dangerous for little kids.

The world of triplet jogging strollers has been rapidly expanding owing to the need for a more convenient carrier among those of us taking care of three children.

The rigidities of the contemporary living rightfully make owning one of these triple umbrella strollers an absolute must.

But the markets are flooded with all types, brands, models, and sizes, making it almost insurmountable to get a decent pick.

And so, you have no otherwise, but to either sit at home or scour the Amazon, eBay or Reddit for a suitable triple kids’ carrier.

But, staying at home isn’t an option, of course, given that such tasks as shopping are unavoidable.

You certainly require the best lightweight stroller for triplets!

Your first stop presumably will be the web; Facebook perhaps, or even Google, pretty much understandable.

You will get an enormous list of suggestions, including both the negative and the positive reviews.

But one brand you will unquestionably delight in is Joovy Big Triple Stroller – it has been vouched for as an incredible 3-seat stroller, and it is amazing!

Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller Review – its salient features at a glance:

  • The front seats have 2-position recline to accommodate kids as young as six months and as heavy as 40lbs.
  • The rear seat features a patented platform for your little one to stand.
  • The rear seat can also be adjusted to allow the kid to take a rest or nap.
  • It is made with a deluxe rip stop nylon material.
  • Front wheels can be locked.
  • Rear wheels also have locks.
  • Come with a monstrous storage basket.
  • Also, feature lovely removable trays and car seat adapters.
  • The two canopies can be removed.
  • Overall, this triple pram weighs 37lbs.
  • Comes pre-assembled.


  • It is very lightweight.
  • Assembly is a no-brainer!
  • Roomy and has two large storage baskets.
  • Safe, comfy and easily maneuvers.
  • Comfortable as your kids’ favorite triple pram.
  • Your children can use it for a very long time.
  • Cost-friendly and remarkably durable.


  • At 125lbs, pushing it around won’t be an excellent experience.
  • Being 45 inches long, this 3-passenger stroller doesn’t easily fit in standard vehicles.
  • You may need to invest in more accessories to make it a better triple kids stroller.

Main Features

1)         Weight

No parent loves pushing a heavy, bulky and cumbersome stroller when lighter ones can guarantee an even better experience.

Furthermore, Joovy seemingly values a whole-family outing – if we are to go by this Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller.

At 37lbs, it is arguably the lightest triple stroller you can ever get and can carry about 125lbs, which is perfect for three children and a few more luggage.

To put that into perspective, you can place the front or middle seat your youngest child who weigh 40lbs or less and the rear seat, the elder one weighing 45lbs or less.

It only means those kids will use it for a lot longer!

2)         Movement

Movement is paramount too, and that’s probably the reason why many parents looking for a handy stroller for three babies prefer this Joovy Big Caboose over all the others.

With a total of four front wheels – a pair on both sides, and two others at the back, maneuvering around is a lot smoother.

The wheels are somewhat bigger and this ensures a smooth, non-wobbly ride for your three lovely angels.

The two-front pair of wheels have sealed bearings and are suspended to make movement and turning corners as easy as pushing the stroller.

All in all, you will not be disappointed at all!

3)         The Seats

Are they warm, safe and comfy?


The two full-sized seats – front and middle, have tough harness belts to offer peace of mind that your two children are safe and secure.

The canopies are there to protect them from harsh summer rays, dust and anything that could harm them.

Everyone gets an adequate room in the stroller, including the elder one in the back tandem area.

The two seats come with a tray for extra convenience, and both have retractable and removable canopies.

However, the seats aren’t removable and aren’t too large for comfort or too small for your well-fed angel.

But perhaps the best feature about the seats is the beautiful and cool adjustable rest to help your children relax and take a nap.

4)         The Entire Construction

Upon ordering this triplet stroller, it will be shipped in a box and assembly will be done by you.

But don’t worry because it will take you just 2-5 minutes to complete putting it together.

Its frames are made of stainless steel for maximum durability, while the harness belts are soft and adjustable. There are two removable canopies too!


  • 44.25″H x 21.5″W x 55″L – full dimensions
  • 14″H x 21.5″W x 63″L – folded dimensions
  • 14″H x 21.5″W x 54″ – when it doesn’t have the canopy and front trays
  • 37lbs when empty

5)         Accessories

Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller isn’t your average kids pushchair. With an incredible construction, it is sturdy and won’t topple and injure the little ones.

The wheels also make it easy to push it in all types of surfaces and still guarantee the kids a smooth ride.

But the manufacturer grants you the convenience of making it work as per your demands by using accessories.

It comes with two car seat adapters that accept most brands of cars.

For those who might be having too many personal accessories to carry, there’s a Cool Essentials kit that can be attached to the handle and used to store headphones, car keys, water, iPhone, etc.

Worried about the rain or other harsh weather conditions?

Well, you can still use your favorite triple buggy in the rain – by simply buying Joovy Big Caboose Rain Cover. It will keep the kids safe and warm.

So, are you convinced Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller is the best triplet stroller?

Owing to the large number of positive reviews this Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller has amassed so far, there’s little doubt it is simply many parents’ choice.

It isn’t just budget-friendly, but also has all features of a premium triplet stroller.

The problem with many of its competitors is being heavy and breaking with extreme weight, what this one can’t.

Its demerits are nothing compared to the benefits of giving your children a smooth, comfortable ride without pushing.

You can go shopping with it and seamlessly move around the mall for the next 3-4 years!

Valco Triple Stroller

It isn’t always a good idea to spend a fortune and buy a triplet pram when you can find a twin stroller for your two little kids.

Valco knows you might need a 3-passenger stroller in the future and that’s why you can later include an extra toddler seat if the third angel is on the way.

That is Valco Baby Tri Mode Stroller for your little kids!

At a period when you can’t only leave your twin toddlers at home and perhaps rush to the mall or even take an even walk, a pram certainly comes in handy.

But you can’t just decide to go to your favorite baby products store and buy one when you have no idea how the best stroller looks like.

If you are in such a situation and you’re torn between buying Valco Baby Tri Mode Stroller and any other brand, this review is for you.

Why buying this Valco Baby Tri Mode Stroller Can be your best decision!

With over 20 years producing top quality baby products, Valco isn’t your ordinary brand, and that’s best explained by the Valco Tri Mode Stroller.

The name “Tri-Mode” emanates from the fact that this stroller’s front wheels can be adjusted to cover one of the three position settings.

Simply put, it can be your best choice for carrying a newborn baby, a toddler or even an older kid, all by adjusting the seat’s position and braking whenever it’s suitable.

But, of all the features that make this Valco Baby Tri Mode Stroller a clear stand out, it is the rugged build, unquestioned reliability and ingenuity of features that have no equal.

It isn’t one of those prams that make the kid uncomfortable or require frequent maintenance while allowing you to carry your stuff with little worries.

The wheels are inflatable too, which invariably absorbs any shocks brought about by pushing or jogging.

Yes – it is arguably the lightest of all strollers and pushes and steers like a dream. To many, it is perhaps the closest thing to perfection that can ever find.

Review of Valco Baby Tri Mode Stroller: Important Features

  • A two large, comfy seat stroller that can be converted to a 3-seater.
  • Generous, removable shopping bag beneath the two seats.
  • Smaller, adjustable footrests.
  • Inflatable wheels have an auto-lock feature.
  • It is a double stroller that easily converts to a triple pram.
  • Large, all-terrain wheels – the front ones are adjustable.
  • Compact, low-profile stroller perfect for newborn babies too.
  • Large canopies on the two seats, infant head huggers, and front bars as well as adjustable handlebars.
  • You can choose one from the Black, Red, Blue/Gray or Brown.


  • It is easy to assemble its parts and use as it requires no particular expertise.
  • Easy to recline seats mean comfy rides for your toddler.
  • Very versatile and allows for an extra toddler seat to be a triple stroller.
  • Lightweight, compact and stable with a generous canopy.
  • As an all-terrain pram, it knows no rough paths and moves smoothly to delivers smooth and comfortable rides.
  • Include an adjustable handle and thus a perfect buggy when jogging.
  • Front wheels swivel for effortless maneuverability.
  • Brakes are easy to lock and unlock.


  • Expensive.
  • The harness can be difficult to use.
  • Cumbersome to carry when it is folded and may require a strap fastener.
  • Hood window is small and disappointing while the shopping basket was difficult to access.
  • The cover can’t be removed, especially when it needs to be cleaned.
  • Comes with a few accessories.

Features and Reviews


Of course, as a mommy, you only prefer your little twins to sit on warm comfy seats. This stroller’s seats are of good size and quality and come with ingenious child-proof harness buckles.

Padded with 5-point safety harness, you will never have to worry about the safety of your little one.

If you have a newborn baby, this Valco Baby Tri Mode Stroller should be your choice as it comes with the “head hunger” infant headrest which saves you the hassles of buying another bassinet.

You will remove the “head hunger” later when the kid is older. Other features that characterize this seat include the bumper bar and the little pocket underneath the rear seat.


Each seat has its large canopy for superb protection from the sun’s rays and any falling objects.

The canopies aren’t removable and are attached to a large, convenient, removable shopping bag.

Wheels and Maneuverability

While buying a pram, movements matter as much as how comfortable the seat is and the equipment’s overall construction.

This stroller is among the easiest to push as its wheels are set for all types of terrains, and the front ones are adjustable.

Its large 12″ wheels are inflatable for that smooth ride and the little one’s quiet rides, though you will not have to inflate them quite often.

The ‘lock’ feature acts as a brake while the rotating knobs are responsible for the “Tri-Mode.”

Usually, maneuverability is also determined by the overall weight of your kids.

And so, when carrying two, 45lb kids, you might need to add a bit more energy, though the kids will still feel comfortable.

Just switch to the “free to swivel” mode and push as you jog.

Handlebar and Brakes

The manufacturer knows for sure that parents are of different heights and thus the adjustable handlebar.

It hinges up and down, primarily from 27″ to 40″ from the ground, which is very convenient.

As for the brakes, being foot operated and easily lockable is a plus!

Folding and Storage

You will need both hands and some energy to fold it, though it isn’t tough to get the hang of it.

However, it may still take up a lot more space in your car’s trunk than what a single stroller requires.


  • When open – 28”W x 37”L x 43”H
  • When folded – 26″W x29″L x18″H
  • Weighs just 23lbs.
  • Seats can carry 45lbs maximum each and close to 120lbs in total.

Why Buy this Valco Baby Twin Tri-Mode Stroller

All features and benefits aside, it is hard to precisely pin-point a stroller that’s as light as this one yet compact and this versatile. It manages to overcome such demerits as being too large to fit in the trunk of your car. Moreover, it comes with a double seat stroller that can easily convert into a triple stroller. As an all-terrain, easy maneuvering baby stroller from a company whose repute is unquestionable, it is simply worth buying.

Foundations Trio Triple Tandem Stroller

You ready to hit the track or the trails with your three little ‘angels,’ but can’t quite figure out which stroller will guarantee a comfy, hassle-free experience?

Foundations are a distinguished brand in the world of triplet prams and this Foundations Trio Triple Tandem Stroller is a great testament to that.

It has everything a caring parent would need from a reliable triple pushchair, including canopies over every seat, large storage baskets and shock absorbing wheels for smooth rides.

But what actually makes it an excellent choice if you are spoilt for choice is the manufacturer’s emphasis on the safety of your kid – it has a SafeBrake system for smooth, one-touch braking.

While pushing it, you will quickly notice the uniqueness of its compact body, stable wheels and how light it is.

All of its three seats come with 5-point harness and recline feature so that your infants can relax and enjoy the ride.

Also, in what no other triple tandem stroller has, this model is made to maximize the kid’s visibility and interact with the environment.

Key Features

  • Forward facing and the seats aren’t adjustable to face back and a canopy over each seat.
  • 5-point harness and recline.
  • Six inflatable and shock-absorbing swivel rubber wheels; two pairs front.
  • Extra-large storage baskets and a bag beneath the seats.
  • Innovative braking system – SafeBrake system.
  • Made entirely of blue, heavy duty and easy to clean fabric.
  • In-line stadium seating style for maximum visibility.
  • Strong tubing construction.
  • Easily foldable from the back, forward.
  • No footrests, no loops.
  • Lighter than common models as it weighs 58 pounds.


  • The stroller comes with three comfortable seats made using soft, easy to clean commercial-grade nylon fabric and thus perfect for kids who can sit on their own.
  • For the safety of your toddler, each seat has an easy-to-use harness.
  • Canopies atop each seat to block extreme rays of the sun and other harsh elements.
  • Its extra-large storage baskets equal extra conveniences when you need to carry your essentials too.
  • Lightweight and compact with two pairs of swivel and lockable wheels for smooth rides and effortless maneuverability.
  • The innovative braking system – SafeBrake system – is there for easy braking.
  • The in-line stadium seating formation makes the kids view the environment undeterred.
  • It is safe, stable, and fairly priced.


  • Perfect for indoor strolling – not great as a triple jogging stroller.
  • Some users reported a defective braking system.
  • It can’t reliably last longer and may easily break in extreme weight.


  • SafeBrake System

Braking is a breezy process when strolling with this pushchair, thanks to the innovative SafeBrake system. Practically, you can quickly stop this triple buggy whenever you feel like, by just using your hands.

  • Seats and Seating System

The best feature about this 3-kid jogging stroller is the in-line stadium seating formation that makes the kids view the environment undeterred.

Each seat is made using comfortable fabric and has two harnesses fastened to position and another one to protect the child from falling off.

But the main problem with the seats is, they don’t fully recline and thus not recommended for infants. They are a bit smaller for older toddlers too.

  • Wheels

A significant feature of the best lightweight stroller for triplets is its wheels – they should be rubber-made inflatable to absorb shock and guarantee an excellent riding experience.

And this stroller is made precisely with these features. Moreover, its two swivel front pair of wheels is responsible for the triple stroller’s excellent maneuverability.

  • Canopy

It doesn’t come with such a generous canopy, though the little it has is just adequate to help keep the kids from harmful elements.

It is made from sturdy commercial-grade nylon fabric, pretty much like the more substantial part of the stroller and may not be excellent during extreme winds. The canopy is adjustable, though.

  • Folding and Storage

Given that carrying and storage can be a headache to many triple jogging stroller buyers, Foundations seemingly didn’t want to give you needless problems.

Foundations Trio Triple Tandem Stroller conveniently folds and may not even require any fastening before storage.

It is lightweight too, and yes, it is that stroller for triples you’ve been looking for!


  • Weighs 58 pounds.
  • Can carry a maximum of 40 pounds.
  • Rubber tires.
  • 57 x 21.5 x 42.5 inches.

Why Buy This Foundations Trio Triple Tandem Stroller?

A vast majority of triple prams come with comfortable seats, canopies and carriage baskets.

But while this Foundations Trio Triple Tandem Stroller is a lot lighter than most of them, the comfort of your kids is greatly contributed by its shock absorbing wheels.

It comes with an ingenious SafeBrake system that practically allows you to push the stroller while monitoring its speed.

The front wheels can swivel and thus make maneuverability a lot simpler. You will also marvel at how easy it is to clean its commercial-grade nylon fabric.

The in-line stadium seating formation is unique and enhances the riding experience with your children as you stroll.

In short, there’s a lot to mention about this triple tandem stroller and thus convince you into buying it for your kids, but I bet you will love the positive reviews its past and present users have said.

Where to Buy It

It isn’t hard to find this incredible triple umbrella stroller, whether you are scouring the web or even hunting around kids’ equipment stores within your neighborhood.

If you are busy and can’t visit a physical store, however, just order one online.

Be on the lookout for, not just a store with price, but also favorable shipping terms.

But if you are that one mommy who must first test the product before purchasing, only find a store near you and buy it there.

How It Fares Against Its Competitors

You can’t buy this product without checking out how it performs vis-à-vis its competitors.

First is the unique, innovative SafeBrake System that no other brand has.

Additionally, many have expressed their satisfaction with how the manufacturer ensures that cleaning it is a breezy procedure.

It isn’t an exorbitantly expensive triple stroller and can be an impressive piece if you need something for indoor strolls around the neighborhood.

It has a year warranty, which is unbelievable given that its competitors don’t even have a warranty.

Its only problem?

Well, it isn’t exactly a good choice for older infants since it can only carry a total weight of 40lbs.


If safety, ease of use, durability, and value defines the greatness of a pram, then without a doubt, it is one of the few superb 3-seater strollers made with your kids in mind.

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