What Is The Best Baby Car Walker? Our Top 5 Reviews

WB KidsEmbrace Activity Walker

A baby car walker will help your child in many ways. It will entertain him, help him imitate older kids and adults who he might be seeing move from place to place and help him achieve physical fitness.

Your little angel is growing and his desire to explore things and learn is growing by day. That means he wants more freedom to move around, which might compromise safety.

Your presence is highly needed but it might hinder the much-needed freedom too. Besides, you might not have enough time to do some other stuff.

Have you ever thought of buying that kid a car walker? This is a baby gear that will help your child make that one step to exploring the world around them, before he can learn how to walk by himself.

Baby car walkers are exercise tools. They are called ‘car walkers’ because of their design, which is a bit different from the rest of the car baby walkers.

These walkers take the design of cars, with wheels and their naming systems taking after different renowned cars.

Here are the top five activity walkers, reviewed to make it easy for you when making a purchase.

Delta Children Lil Drive Baby Activity Walker

Your little racer will easily eat, play, and learn to walk with this baby activity walker.

Recommended for children who can sit up on their own, Delta Children Lil Drive has a very colorful car theme. The  steering wheel is so interactive with a gear shifter foster that will stimulate the environment of your growing toddler.

Your little one will have a feel of a real car as this walker for baby has cool colors with big plastic wheels. There is also a removable toy tray which has the steering wheel, shifter, music, and lights.

This electronic tray has multiple of interactive sounds and lights which entertain the infant. Besides, it provides plenty of room for snacking and storing other toys.

The seat is padded to add comfort to your little one as he drives by. You can easily store this walker for baby as it is easy to close, thanks to its convenient slim fold feature.

One good thing about this infant walker is that it has three-position height adjustment hence it will grow with your kid.

It measures 26 inches long, 27 inches wide and 27.75 inches tall, weighing 10.6 pounds. This is a unisex car walker whose maximum carrying weight is 25 pounds.


  • It is light, foldable, and portable
  • It grows with the baby, thanks to its three-height adjustability
  • The baby activity center entertains your little one with the interactive lights and sounds
  • Its car theme is colorful
  • The toy tray is removable, giving more room to your child’s snacking
  • The seat is padded for comfort


  • It requires two AA batteries which it unfortunately it doesn’t come with
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Some clients complained about the wheels getting stuck and not moving smoothly.

Storkcraft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker

If you’re a fan of motor sport then you’ll find this an interesting purchase. The Storkcraft mini-speedster has a unique design that stands out from the other car baby walkers.

Starting with a vibrating removable baby activity center fitted with a horn, lights, and steering wheel, then a seat, padded for the comfort and safety of your child, its elegance is complemented by the red color.

With an ignition and a gear toggle, it lights up and for the two jingles, there is a button.

The front and back wheels spin, although it is just for mere looks. There are side view mirrors where you can also attach extra toys to make it even more appealing. At the center, you have a full-size tray where you can have your child snacking from.

Underneath the base, there are rubber pads that can be used for breaking and slowing the movement on rugs and other rough surfaces.

This walker is light, made of plastic and unisex and has three different positions you can adjust the height to.


  • The seat is comfortable and safely padded
  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • There is a snack tray for your child’s food
  • This baby walker with wheels is elegant, classy, and attractive


  • This is not a cheap baby walker

KidsEmbrace Activity Walker

For a car walker to be light, it doesn’t have to be weak. And this baby activity walker has shown that. Completely made of pure polyester, KidsEmbrace weighs 13.7 pounds, but is very sturdy.

The Batman activity walker is blue in color, designed for a baby boy, while the batgirl activity walker is designed for a girl, and is purple in color. Apart from the color, everything else is more or less the same.

KidsEmbrace makes learning to walk an exciting and fun-filled exercise. To begin with, it is foldable which makes its storage easy, one you can travel with. For the safety of your toddler, it is very sturdy, with six grip pads and a high backrest that is not only comfortable, but also supportive and adorable.

You can adjust it into three different positions, it is a kids walker that will grow with your baby. Then there is the activity center.

The baby activity center has a steering wheel, a shifter gear which makes sounds when you move it and lights. Its vibrating engine is fitted with a music player which will keep the child entirely entertained.

There is a key you turn to start the engine and the vibrations will begin, which goes ahead to trigger the lights to turn on. The four buttons make car sounds and joyful melodies that your little batman or batgirl will enjoy.

WB KidsEmbrace activity walker weighs 13.7 pounds and is recommended to carry a maximum weight of 26 pounds, and a maximum height of 32 inches. It measures 28.5 x 25 x 21 inches, and is easy to wash.


  • It is light enough to carry around
  • Has three adjustable positions, hence grows with your child
  • The gear shifters produce sounds that entertain your child
  • The baby center has lights and other activities that will keep your child entertained
  • It is foldable for easy storage
  • With a high backrest, grip pads and sturdy base, your kid’s safety is guaranteed
  • It looks adorable


  • It’s not recommended for taller and heavier children
  • The buttons on the baby activity center are sticky

Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker

Another car-themed car baby walker, this one will encourage your kid to learn while playing. It is stylish, sturdy and convertible.

First of all, it features this eccentric removable car toy that your little one can play with while still riding the walker. It can also be adjusted to suit your baby’s height and comfort, ensuring the feet touch the floor properly.

The fabric used to make it is flame-resistant which means it can’t easily catch fire. The seat is also removable and easy to wash. Once the walker reaches a rough or uneven surface like the stairs, it will stop there, thanks to the anti-fall pads.

The thick red seat is adjustable, well-padded for abdominal protection with a high seat back making it comfortable and safe for any child. The height adjuster is simple and easy to use, locking safely into each position it is set at.

On the sides of the walker are white knobs which you can pull and pronto, you’ve turned it into a rocker! The fun-shaped base is beautiful and sturdy for safety. The chassis design has swiveling front wheels with step fall pads that enhance its safety.

When converted into a rocker, a footpad is included. Suitable for children who are at least six months, with this baby activity gear you have a baby walker, a baby rocker with one removable tray and a pack of safety stoppers.

This Ford walker is collapsible and very compact once closed down. The toy tray is bright and colorfully teddy-themed, with a myriad of sounds, and rattles other manual activities.


  • It is convertible to a rocker
  • It is multiple-height adjustable
  • The padded and adjustable seat is so comfortable and safe for any kid
  • It’s collapsible and compact once collapsed, taking very little space
  • It comes with very tight safety measures, like the high seat back and anti-fall pads
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has a strong, sturdy base


  • Some clients complained that it broke down on weight after some time
  • It needs two AA batteries to function, but doesn’t come with them.

Radio Flyer Baby Walker Wagon

Best baby car walker

This is the only wooden baby walker in this list, and it rightfully belongs here. For a long time it has been cherished by toddlers making it an award-winning classic.

It features a natural solid body that is made of wood, with removable sides that are also wooden, beautiful, and durable.

The rubber tires are molded with grip treads and this, coupled with a front bumper, makes this wagon not only furniture friendly, but also safe. Its design is purely aimed at maximum stability as well as helping your baby start to walk smoothly.

Recommended for kids who are between 12 months and four years old with a maximum weight capacity of 35 lbs, this walker weighs 5 kgs while it measures 16 x 32.8 x 58.4 centimeters.

Unlike other walkers, this one doesn’t require batteries. Neither does it have many baby toys and fancy colors and lights.

It is evidently for the big babies, who won’t fancy all those add-ons. It is important to note that its edges are rounded, therefore, they do not leave dents on walls or remove paint from whatever they might knock.

If you need it open, you can remove the wooden sides but it will still remain sturdy and you do not have to worry about it breaking into dangerous pieces or falling apart.

The ‘resist push’ feature will help build your young one’s confidence while its red color will be fun.


  • It is wooden
  • Strong and durable
  • The wheels are rubber, threaded for easy gripping
  • The wooden sides are removable
  • It is easy to assemble
  • There is a front bumper to enhance safety
  • Its rounded edges ensure there is no harm it causes to the surrounding
  • It can act as storage for the kid’s toys when not being used
  • Your child’s confidence will be boosted by the ‘resist push’ feature.
  • This baby walker is manual, does not need batteries to run


  • This wooden baby walker lacks toys, which might make the whole experience boring in a whiff
  • It is not collapsible, hence takes much space when storing


When shopping for a baby car walker, there are factors you need to consider. They are not different from what you take into consideration when buying other baby walkers.

Safety, strength, material, recommended weight and height, add-ons, adjustability, baby walker price etc. However, car walkers are flashier and a bit expensive compared to the other walkers, with these having more interesting features like a normal car.

We hope the above information helps you make a great choice of an activity walker for your little one.

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