Complete Buyers Guide On Best Baby Teething Necklaces

A baby teething necklace is one recent addition that has emerged to help your baby through the teething process. Every parent enjoys the little milestones that the baby makes while growing up. The first chuckle, the first baby steps, and even when your baby starts teething.

As much as you are determined to enjoy when you baby’s teeth start showing, you will most definitely dread this experience in equal measure.

This is due to the fact that the baby gets restless and experiences some levels of discomfort that cannot be gotten rid of easily.

Over the years, experts have tried to come up with a solution to all your baby’s teething problems. People have resorted to using different kinds of medication to ease the discomfort that babies go through.

However, this solution has only caused more harm than good. The medication is seen only to provide relief for a short period of time, and can leave the baby susceptible to diseases like asthma, or even liver failure.

During teething, the baby is likely to become restless, drool a lot more, become irritable, and experience lack of sleep.

They also tend to start looking for things to put in the mouth to pacify the discomfort in their gums. People have also resorted to the use of teething toys that have been made from a variety of materials to give the baby relief.

One of the significant advancements in this field is the use of teething necklaces. They have been able to help soothe the baby’s pain without the danger of questionable ingredients or toxins.

Amber teething necklaces are a more natural, simpler alternative, that also helps the baby’s inherent abilities to combat the discomfort experienced during teething.

Baltic amber teething necklaces come in all shapes and designs. They are the safest companion when your child is teething.

They eliminate the possibility of germ accumulation. This is because it doesn’t fall on the ground all the time.

They are also designed to be stylish, and others have elements that make them homeopathic remedies for inflammation that comes with teething.

This article has put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the best teething necklace for your child.

What is a baby teething necklace?

Teething is the process by which a baby’s first set of teeth, milk teeth, start appearing through the gum. The teething process frequently occurs in pairs.

During this time, the baby is usually in distress and needs something soothing to keep nibbling on.

A toddler teething necklace was originally optimized for the mother as a fashionable accessory, but essentially helps the baby alleviate pain.

These days, a baby necklace for teething is also being made to be worn by the baby for the utmost comfort during this frustrating process.

However, it is important to note that the baby cannot wear the amber teething necklace without strict supervision. This is why it’s highly recommended for the mother to wear the teething jewelry.

Reviewing The Best Baby Teething Necklaces

RubyRoo Baby Silicone Teething Necklace

This is the best silicone teething necklace for your baby. The beads are just the right size for your baby’s safety. The necklace will also easily complement your outfit at the same time.

This teething necklace for baby has been approved by the FDA and has no phthalates or BPA. The beads are made from food grade silicone beads that can be nibbled on safely by the baby.

The materials used in its manufacture are the same ones that are found on pacifiers and other baby products.

This edition of RubyRoo Baby is also the ideal infant teething necklace for mom to wear. It gives the mother and the baby an interactive sensory experience.

The baby is able to play and soothe the teething gums while you carry them or even while nursing.

It is fitted with a breakaway clasp, and the beads have been knotted individually to ensure that in any event the cord breaks, a child will not choke.

Its dishwasher safe making it easy to clean. Experts recommend freezing the necklace for utmost relief.


  • Long and smooth cord that won’t pull your hair or give you any sort of pain
  • The cord is adjustable


  • Babies are able to pull it off easily as the breakaway clasp detaches easily
  • It’s bulky

Chew-Choos Playdate Silicone necklace

Chew-Choos Playdate Silicone teething necklace is a beautiful fashion accessory that can confidently complete your ensemble and soothe your baby’s teething gums at the same time.

They are made with a long cord that goes slightly below the breast line. This feature allows the baby to reach out and grasp the necklace with ease.

The long and thick cord can be adjusted to suit your preferences. It is also fitted with a breakaway clasp which is firm enough to withstand the baby’s tugs but easily detachable also to prevent the baby or mother from injury.

The necklace is FDA approved, doesn’t contain any harmful chemical components and is hypoallergenic. It’s made from the food grade organic silicone.

For ultimate pain relief, the necklace can be placed in the freezer for a few minutes. It is dishwasher compatible therefore easy to keep clean. You can also just wash it with hot soapy water, but be sure to rinse thoroughly.


  • The beads are intricately and beautifully designed
  • It doubles as a lovely accessory
  • It’s affordable
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The beans are likely to attract hair or lint
  • It has colorful beads which might not complement every outfit you wear

Powell’s Owls’ Baltic necklace

This baltic amber baby teething necklace from Powell’s Owl is primarily worn by the baby. It has been cleared by the Gemological Institute of America.

The necklace is fitted with a screw on clasp which makes it difficult for the baby to get it off.

It is one of the best amber infant teething necklace brand as the handmade beads are double knotted to eliminate the possibility of choking in case the cord breaks.

The beans have been made by authentic professionals from the Baltic Coast in Lithuania and have passed all the amber authenticity tests.

The succinct acid that is emitted once the necklace comes into contact with the skin helps to boost the baby’s immune system as well as offer pain relief.

This amber teething necklace acts as an anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, it doubles as a powerful antioxidant and analgesic.

Since babies love anything that’s colored, this multicolored necklace will keep your baby busy. The beads are colorful and keep the baby occupied while it is on.

It can be bought in three adjustable sizes with a broad range of colors to pick from.


  • Variety of colors to select
  • They are handmade and therefore discard the chemical polishing process
  • The necklace offers a safe and organic remedy to all your baby’s teething problems


  • If the baby tugs too hard, the clasp can get unscrewed
  • It’s expensive when compared to the rest of the teething necklaces in the market

The Art of Cure Baltic Amber necklace

Baltic amber is rapidly taking precedence in baby teething necklaces. This is due to its health properties to the baby. This necklace is your one-stop natural solution to all of your baby’s teething problems.

When it comes into contact with your infant’s skin, it produces succinct which occurs naturally in the environment and our bodies as well.

The baby’s skin then absorbs the succinate then goes ahead to reduce the drooling, pain and inflammation that frustrates the baby during teething.

Each piece in the necklace has been made by hand and sourced from the Baltic sea to ensure functionality and safety. The beads have been double knotted for the protection of the baby from choking hazards.


  • The necklace is all natural eliminating the possibility of toxins
  • The beads come in a variety of colors to pick from
  • Double knotted beads for utmost safety


  • The “for all the sizes” is too long
  • The beads tend to get loose around the clasp

Wonder Raw Baltic necklace

When the baby starts using this raw baltic amber necklace, effects are felt immediately. No more pain, drooling, inflammation or sleepless nights.

The necklace serves as a natural teething solution without the inclusion of chemical laden pharmaceutical drugs that are typically used for pain relief.

The beads have been safely knotted to eliminate the possibility of choking and other hazards.

The raw amber baby teething necklace should often be worn to ensure that the baby gets the most out of it.

The necklace has been made from the highest quality of material and can also be used for decorative purposes owing to the beautiful beads.


  • It is the best raw amber necklace as it reduces drooling and cures teething pain after a period of time
  • It helps to trigger sensory development in the baby
  • Has a variety of beads and colors to choose from.


  • The twist fastening mechanism is not 100% secure.

Bebe By Me Cosmopolitan teething necklace

This necklace is designed to not only offer your baby relief, but also to keep you in style while at it.

The necklace is made up of hard to extra soft beads that are made from food grade organic silicone. It has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration board and is free of toxins or other harmful chemical components.

The necklace has a firm breakaway clasp that increases the safety while the baby is keeping busy with it.

It has an ideal 15-inch length that allows your tyke to reach out comfortably while nursing or when carried in a baby sling or carrier.

It is dishwasher friendly and can also be popped into the freezer for optimal pain relief.


  • It has the perfect length for baby and mother
  • Have different levels of hardness on the beads
  • Triggers sensory development
  • Comes in various color combinations


  • The smaller beads may not suffice for the babies who chew vigorously
  • The beads don’t cover the whole surface area of the cord which means that the baby may end up chewing the necklace cord sometimes.

Importance of using a teething necklace for an infant

Various forms of teething jewelry like necklaces and bracelets have emerged as the sanitary and safer option for babies.

Other toys that have previously been used during the teething process easily drop on the ground and accumulate dirt and dust particles.

You also need to keep picking the toy up and washing it every other time so that it can remain clean for your baby.

With the baby necklace for teething, once it is worn around the neck, the possibility of dropping it or coming into contact with different forms of bacteria is reduced.

Having a baby necklace is also beneficial to the people who constantly misplace things. You will not need to search for it as it is always going to be on your neck when you are around your baby.

How do infant teething necklaces work?

Teething necklaces for babies are meant to be worn around the mother’s neck. When the baby needs to wear the necklace, they can only do so as the mom keeps an eye.

This is important to avoid the possibility of choking and many other hazards.

The concept behind it is that it is essentially structured to be donned by the mother as an accessory or jewelry, but can also act as a teether for use by the baby. There are different types of teething necklaces for infants.

When it comes to using an amber necklace for teething, the idea is entirely different. Amber necklaces have been designed more intricately to include several other features.

The amber toddler teething necklace is made for the baby to wear, but not bite, or chew. This necklace is made of Baltic amber. Theoretically, when a baby wears the necklace, the heat emanating from the baby’s body triggers the release of a small amount of oil. The oil contains a succinct acid which provides a soothing effect on the baby’s sore and swollen gums. However, when your baby goes to sleep, its best to remove it.

Types of teething necklaces for babies

Often, people will classify these according to the type of material used in their manufacture. Each material serves a different purpose in alleviating the baby’s discomfort.

The safety of the necklace is also dependent on the material that it is made from.  The ideal teething necklace for baby wearing shouldn’t contain toxins or harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to the health of the baby.

Some of the infant teething necklaces in the market are made out of the following materials;

  • Amber teething necklace

Amber necklace for babies are gaining popularity in the market owing to their features and results. Amber is typically used in homeopathic treatments due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Amber, especially hazelaid baltic amber, is widely used as it reduces cases of inflammation when it comes into contact with the skin.

Amber is known to contain succinic acid which is one of the largest inhibitors of inflammation. Once the amber is in contact with the heat from the body, it prompts the release of the succinic acid which in turn offers analgesic relief.

  • Silicone

Silicone teething necklaces come in a wide range of colors and shapes. These necklaces are primarily designed to be worn as a fashion accessory by the mother.

This helps to prevent the possibility of choking from the beads. Many of these necklaces are fitted with beads that have round edges and are suitable for the baby’s teeth and hands.

  • Silver

Necklaces made of silver are bought as statement pieces. However, they can also help to alleviate the pain that comes with teething. The baby tends to enjoy the sounds that come from the interlocking pendants.

The silver pendants are safe to use as teething devices. The interlocking mechanism has eliminated the possibility of detachment which can lead to choking.

They are cool to touch thereby offering the baby’s gums relief as they play with them.

How to choose the best teething necklace for your baby

With the influx of teething necklace brands, with each promising the best, it’s almost impossible to pick one that will offer the maximum benefits to your munchkin.

So, what factors should you consider before buying teething necklace for a baby?

  • Ease of use and performance

You not only want to offer your baby a solution to teething, but you also want to do it while observing safety and cleanliness.

Be sure to go for a necklace that is easy to maintain and is not susceptible to the accumulation of germs and other particles.

The beaded components of the necklace should be fixed firmly to eliminate the possibility of detaching and choking the baby.

Look out for a kiddie teething necklace that has a firm clasp so that when your baby pulls, it does not come off easily.

  • Price

When buying a toddler teething necklace, be sure to go for quality above all other factors. The price might go higher for well-known brands and higher quality toddler teething necklaces.

These higher priced necklaces are made from chewable beads that can be knotted off. Keep in mind that slightly higher priced does not mean breaking the bank; it only means that price will be a secondary factor over quality.

Experts recommend you to go for the higher priced necklaces so as to ensure that the intended effect and results are achieved.

Since your baby is the most important little person, you don’t want to get them a cheap teething necklace that can do more harm than good.

  • Features

What features does a good teething necklace for baby have? When shopping for your baby’s teething aid, be sure to look out for the following;

Size: The size should be adequate to be able to accommodate the baby’s teeth and tiny hands.

Safety: Your baby’s safety always has to come first. Ensure that the infant teething necklace is FDA approved and that the beads have been knotted.

Material: There isn’t a particular necklace material that can be singled out as the best. Go for the material that will cater to your baby’s teething needs.

Care: How easy is it to clean the necklace? With consideration of the material used, be sure to take note of the cleaning specifications that don’t compromise on the quality.

Tips for using teething beads effectively

  • The rule of thumb when using teething amber necklace is to ensure that you take it off when the baby is going to sleep.
  • Your baby should be supervised at all times while wearing the necklace.
  • Always look out for fraying signs on the cord of the necklace. The cord might break and leave the baby choking on the beads.


Picking out an infant teething necklace for the baby is more of an uphill task than many people actually think it is.

It’s important to take all the factors listed in this article into consideration before you decide on which baby teething necklace works best for your baby.

Although we found some cheap toddler teething necklace brands, you will want to keep off those. They are made of flimsy materials that may be harmful to your baby’s health.

If you are wondering where to buy a good amber teething necklace, you can purchase it on various online selling platforms.

You need to be vigilant and go for one that has the safety of your baby in mind. Keep in mind to consider the functionality and relevance of the necklace to your baby. If it offers no benefits,  get rid of it.


Baltic amber teething necklaces. Are they safe? Do they work? A lot of moms claim they are the best thing for a teething baby. Click on the link and read more.

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