Unique Irish Boy Names That Are Cool

Have you been wondering what name to give to your precious little man? Let’s go Irish!

With many names from various origins competing for the blank box on your baby’s birth certificate, consider giving your child unique Irish boy names with richness of heritage.

Ireland maybe famous for making Guinness, but it’s really their beautiful baby names that make it popular.

With their rich culture and beautiful landscape, it’s only natural that the world would want a little share of the Emerald Isle.

Here are some unusual Irish baby boy names to fill up the little Irish craving in you.

Unique Irish boy names for your little boy


Almost similar to the Aiden that is popular in the United States.

The name means “little fiery one” according to its Gaelic roots.

It is a contemporary version of the traditional name Aodhan in Ireland.


Don’t buy your little man a T-shirt written ‘little hero’, just call him Begley!

This unique Irish boy names is befitting to any little boy who will eventually grow up to be a big hero.


If you loved Twilight the movie and were team Jacob, Conor is a delightful pick for your baby boy. 

Meaning “lover of wolves’, Conor is a popular Irish name derived from Irish folklore. 

Wolves are symbols of protection and loyalty, and they are a wonderful spirit animal wish for your boy.


Beacan means ‘tiny one’. It’s a popular Irish name for boys that signifies being an inspiration bringing light and hope.


Darragh is pronounced as ‘Da-ra.’ It’s derived from the Irish name ‘Daire,’ meaning, ‘Oka tree.’ T

he Oaktree is sacred in many cultures around the world and is a symbol of strength and wisdom. Who wouldn’t want that for their little champ? 


Maybe you loved the oak tree analogy, but you feel like Darragh is not a good pick; we got you. 

Aeker means, “Meadow of an oak tree or from the oak tree.” Take your pick. 


Affleck is a great name that means ‘field of stones.’ 

Sometimes, you want an ambiguous name, and Affleck fits the bill. Besides, who doesn’t love Ben Affleck?


Liam is a short and cuter version of William. It’s a strong boy’s name that means “strong-willed warrior.” 

If you love the name Liam, your son will be in the company of legends such as Liam Neeson. 


Patrick is perfect for the parents who are looking for an old-school name for their little boy. 

Patrick is a modern version of the name Patricius, which means “Nobleman.’ 

Who knows, the little champ might grow to be royalty – if he isn’t one already.


This is an unusual Irish boy name that means “Broad eye or broad island’. Brody, which can also be spelt as ‘Brodie’ also claims Scottish and English origins.

We all want our babies to shine bright in the world in everything they do.

This name gives them that push they need.

It will be very difficult to be dull and boring when your name means ‘Bright and Shining’.

Handsome irish baby boy


The popularity of the name Bryan in the recent past may have something to do with its denotation.

The name which means ‘Noble’ or ‘High’ is among some of the Irish baby boy names that have gained acceptance worldwide.

There are different spellings for this name, spelling it with a ‘y’ is what gives its Irish belonging.

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Also meaning ‘hero’, the name Conlan is a perfect one for your little man.

With the similarity in meaning, the unique Irish baby boy names; Conlan and Begley can be used for twin boys who will basically be having the same name spelt differently.


This Anglicized variant of Kevin is an old Irish name meaning ‘enduring or ancient’.

This is a very common Irish baby boy name associated with Saint Ciarán, the founder of the Clonmacnoise convent.


This is a unique Irish boy name that means ‘war strife’ or’ Church’.

The name is gaining popularity around the world, with some preferring the pronunciation with a ‘K’, Killian.


Single syllable names are always winners, and Finn tops the list. 

Short and sweet as the little boy who will don this moniker, Finn is the name of the most famous character protagonist in Irish mythology. 

It’s also derived from the Irish word, ‘fion’ which means, ‘white or fair.’


Pronounced as ‘kulh-um,’ Colm is a beautiful short baby boy name. 

It means ‘Dove’ and is excellent for nature-loving parents. 


Ryan is a timeless name whose uniqueness surpasses generations. 

It’s a two-syllable name since it’s pronounced as ‘rye-an’ and is perfect as both a first or as a middle name. 

The moniker means “little king.” With such a name, your boy gets to claim his throne early in life. 


If you adopt this name for your son, there might not be many of them as it’s unique, and its pronunciation isn’t the easiest. 

Aodh is a powerful name perfect for the fierce little boy. It means ‘fire.’ It’s derived from the Celtic sun god, making it excellent if you’re looking for a mythology-inspired name. 


One syllable names such as Shay are great because they easily blend with first other names. 

Shay is a variant of the Hebrew name Shai. In Irish, it means ‘admirable.’ It also means ‘hawk-like depending on who you ask. 


Are you looking for a name that will have many people biting their tongues as they try to roll their Rs? Well, Rory is perfect. 

It’s short and deceivingly unique and difficult. If your boy showed up with a head full of red hair, or maybe you’re a redhead and are anticipating he will inherit your hair color, this is a perfect choice. 

Rory means, ‘red-haired king.”


If you love the English name Earl but want to give it a little twist, Iarla is a good pick. Iarla is also a variant of Henry, which means “ruler of the home.”


Little boys aren’t champs for nothing, and they genuinely are little fighters and winners. 

If you’re seeking a name for a little boy who has proven to the world that he didn’t come to play, Niall is a superb choice. It means ‘champion.’


Dáithí is the Gaelic form of David, and it’s pronounced as ‘dah-hee.’ it can also be spelled without the diacritics if you desire. 

Daithi means “the swift one.’ You might be speaking into the future of a possible athlete. It can be written ad Dahi as well. 


Meaning “good god”, this name is derived from an Irish myth.

Dagda was the fairy strong spirit of the earth and understanding.

He was associated with wealth and agreements that brought forth peace.


This unusual Irish boy name means “born of the yew tree”.

Also spelt as Owen or Eoin,it is such a unique name and your boy will certainly be fond of it when he grows up.


Farrel Williams may have given the name its popularity among young parents, but did you know that the name Farrell means ‘man of valor’?

Originating from the Farrell clan, the name actually denotes royalty, having been the name given to the descendant of king Fearghail.

You definitely want your Irish boy name to have such a strong meaning.

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This unique Irish boy name is excellent for the parents who want their boy to be associated with the deity all his life.

The name which means “man of God’ is associated with the man who was also a valiant soldier.

Cute Irish baby with a teddy bear


No, not the magazine. The name Forbes is a Gaelic baby boy name meaning ‘wealthy or stubborn.’

Although it has now been largely associated with the American magazine and may strike as odd, the name was borrowed from Irish baby boy names.


This unique boys’ name is of Irish and Gaelic heritage and it means ‘noble or proud’.


Want your baby to stay young forever? Give them this unique Irish boy name that means ‘youthful’.

You can’t grow old when your name says you’re youthful, can you?


If you’d like to call your baby boy ‘John’ but are looking for a cooler and more unique Irish version of it, then Keon is the most befitting.

This name has both Irish and Hebrew origin and it means ‘God is gracious’.


This Irish version of ‘Sean’ means ‘God’s gracious gift’. Pronounced as ‘Shane’, it’s a name that belonged to Shane of ‘Neill, who was a Tribal chief of Ulster in 1567.

This rich Irish heritage makes it exceptional.


Among the beautiful Irish boy names is Néal which means ‘champion’.

If you give your little boy this unique Irish baby boy name, we will never need to nickname him ‘Champ!’ His name says it all.


This cool Irish baby boys name means ‘like a wolf’ or ‘little wolf.

Wolves are the symbols of loyalty and protection.

Their ability to make firm emotional attachment and to be confident in themselves is something beautiful to have your child associated with.


Aylmer is a Gaelic name with an Anglo-saxophone origin that means ‘noble, famous.’ Aylmer can also be spelled as Ailmer. 


Barry sounds a lot like a nickname, but it’s a complete name on its own. Barry is derived from the name ‘bearach,’ which means ‘a sharp-pointed spear.’ 

Its Gaelic meaning is “the fair one.’ It’s a good choice for a boy with blond hair and light skin if you’d like to match his name with his features. 


Oscar is a simple and popular name given to boys whose parents are searching for a unique two-syllable Gaelic name. 

Oscar means ‘deer-loving friend.’ It’s a beautiful choice for nature and animal-loving parents. 

Honestly, we should all be Oscars because who doesn’t love deer? 


It’s not strange to find people named after their bodily features, and this is one such name. 

Boyden is a name excellent for a little blond boy. That’s a lot of trusting since some babies’ facial and bodily features change as they grow older. 

It’s a beautiful name, whichever way. 


It’s not every day that you find a name with no consonants, which is what makes the name Eoin unique. 

Eoin is a variation of John. It’s cute and classy and a far cry from the generic root name. The name Eoin means “God is gracious.”

It’s a good choice for religious parents who want a touch of uniqueness. It’s pronounced as ‘Oh-in.’ 


Case is short and classy and a perfect one-syllable name. Case means, ‘alert, vigorous, one who brings peace to men.” 


College is coming in the next 18 years or so, and you might have to be separated from your infant, some turned teenager.

Do you want to give him something that will always remind him that you two are inseparable?  Give them this moniker that means, ‘together forever.’


When the family tree has grown so much that infants are somebody’s uncle, they are given names that depict that. Dodo means ‘uncle.’ 


The little champ has arrived, and he’s already such a stunner? Give him the name that matches his face – Kullen. Kullen means “the handsome one.” 


Not to be confused with ‘queen’, this beautiful name means ‘fifth’.

If you’re pregnant with baby number 5 and are wondering what Irish boy name suits them best, this is it.


If you wanted to call your baby ‘Walter’ but prefer a more unique Irish boy baby name, then settle for Quaid.

This Irish version of the German name ‘Walter’ means ‘Ruler of the army’.

Who knows, you may be predicting your child’s future!


Giving babies names that describe their physical attributes is not uncommon.

If your baby was born with beautiful red hair, then the name Rogan befits them. The name, which means ‘Red headed’, is both distinctive and lovely.

Irish names have a rich heritage and one-of-a kind distinctiveness.

Whether it’s the original version or an Anglicized version, this list gives you all you need to know about the unique Irish boy names.


Check out all the meanings and derivations of this unusual Irish boy names and give your boy a name they are proud to answer to.

Do you have unique Irish boy names you’ve already picked for your due baby? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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