Beautiful Scottish Girl Names You Will Adore

Scottish baby girl names

Choosing Scottish girl names can be a little challenging especially if you and your partner are having differences. It even gets worse when one of you isn’t of Scottish origin. 

You will get swamped with suggestions from both friends and family even without asking for their opinions!

So, how do you finally settle on the best Scottish girl names that both of you will love?

Well, we have done all the work for you and compiled for you a list of the best Scottish girls names with a Gaelic influence. 

Not only is our list made up of beautiful names, they are also uncommon.

Pretty Scottish Girl Names


This is a Scottish variation of Alice, Hellen, Haley, and Evarlyn. Usually pronounced as ay-lee. It is an uncommon Scottish girls name that means pleasant.

Aili is on of those rare Scottish girl names that you won’t come across so often.I’m sure you want your girl to stand out of the crowd even with her name. 

Growing up, I had a popular name in school which I hated. I vowed that I would get unique names for my babies if I had them; and I did.

Check out these beautiful scottish girl names! One of those exciting things expectant parents look forward to is finding a name.


Looking for a unisex name with Gaelic origin? Berkley is your best bet.

It simply means birch tree meadow or goddess tree, beautiful, isn’t?

Among the Ancient Celtic people, the birch tree had spiritual importance in various religions.

Since the birch tree can withstand hard climatic conditions, it’s a symbol of tolerance and strength.

If you are looking for an uncommon Scottish female name for your little girl, Berkeley is your ideal pick. Girls who bear this name are highly intuitive, inspirational, and clever.


Dating way back to Medieval times, this old Scottish girl name has a long history. The moniker is a derivation of the Scots pronunciation of Annabel.


Looking for one-syllable girl names? They not only roll off the tongue with ease but are easy for your baby to write once they are in school. Short and sweet is the perfect definition of this baby name. Girls who carry this name are usually responsible and great decision-makers.


Meaning beautiful, handsome, or intelligent, this is such a cool four letter unisex baby name.


One would confuse the name Bonny to have American roots. It is widely used in English speaking countries more than it is in Scotland.

It is a Scottish word that means beautiful. An old fashioned name that is definitely making a comeback in modern times!


Catriona is pure. The name is the Scottish version of Katherine or Catherine. Catriona is borrowed from a Greek term “Katharos”. A common name in Scotland as well as Ireland.


Everyone seems to want to name their baby girl with a name that ends with “n” nowadays.

Camaryn is what seems to be a favorite. But do you know what Camaryn means according to its Scottish origins?

Well, wait for this…crooked nose! The name came from a Gaelic Highland clan. If you don’t mind the meaning, Camaryn is such a sweet Scottish baby name for girls. 


Easy to pronounce and write, the name means ‘young woman.’ Your daughter will be proud to tell her name’s meaning all through life.


In search of a gender-neutral baby name? Why not go with Camden? Although Camden started as a name for boys, it is nowadays used as a girl’s name. This moniker means ‘winding valley.’


Elsie is one of those old-fashioned Gaelic girl names that means God of plenty. It is a variation of Elizabeth.

A really popular name that is adorable for a baby girl.


Girls with this beautiful Scottish baby girl name are leaders and organized. They love to supervise and are often wealthy and influential people. Who wouldn’t want their little girl to have such enviable traits?


Doesn’t it sound awesome? The name Isla originates from a Scottish river and an island(Islay). It’s one of those  simple and old fashioned Scottish girl names. Some variations of Isla that aren’t popular are: Ailsa and Islay.

Isla is common in and out of Scotland especially in England.

Even Queen Elizabeth loves the name as well. Her great-granddaughter is called Isla Elizabeth Philiphs.


Isobel is one who is pledged to God. This is the Gaelic variation of Isabel or Isabelle. The pronunciation of Isobel is similar to Isabel.


If you have been trying to have a baby and finally get a baby girl, Jaine is such a sweet name. Meaning’ gift of God,’ this uncommon Scottish girl name is a true definition of gratitude.


Kenzie is the fair one. It is a short variation of Mackenzie. It’s one of those pet names that can stand on their own.

Though in Scotland its mainly a boys name, in the US, you will spot so many girls with the name.

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The origin of this common Scottish girl name, goes back to Latin. Lilias has a history that dates back to the 1700’s.

According to Scotland archaeologists, Lilias was the last known witch of Scotland whose body was discovered in 1704.  And Lilias is a beautiful species of the Lily flower!


A magical baby girls’ name meaning ‘elegant, shining light, graceful.’ It is the Scottish variation of Lucia.  Pronounce it as LOO-sai, please.


Mary is a popular name for girls in almost every part of the world. But the Gaelic version of Scottish names for girls (Mairi) is much cooler.  Mary means beloved, beautiful, and rebellious.


Such a stunning name for a girl. It is the Scots version of Margaret and means’ pearl.’ Show me any woman that doesn’t love her pearls. These stones are precious, and every girl wishes for more of pearls in her jewelry box.


Nessa is a variation of Vanessa, Anastasia, and Agnes. It’s a great short nickname that stands just well on its own. Nessa means headlands.


Paisley simply means patterned fabric.  The name Paisley is a Scottish town located in the west central that became popular for its beautiful fabric patterns.

Paisley is a Scottish name for girls who are bold and bright.


Rose means beautiful and has so many variations that are quite popular.

However, the Scottish version,Rossalyn, is a more unique form for the adventurous parent.


When spelled backward, it is Agnes.  A traditional Scottish girl’s name meaning pure and chaste. It has become quite rare in recent years, making it such a unique Scottish girl’s name.


The Scottish people love nature and most of Scottish girl names have a reference of its beautiful landscapes. Skye is a name of a scenic Island(Isle of Skye).

It’s one of the common Scottish baby names in the USA with several celebrities giving their children the name. 


Shona simply means a gracious God. It is the Gaelic variation of Joan which is common in English speaking countries.


You probably went to school with a Sophie. Or your favorite auntie is called Sophie. It’s such an old name meaning ‘wise and clever.’ Everybody wants to have these qualities, and you will set up your daughter early enough for success.


Derived from the Gaelic word ‘brightness,’ Sorcha means one who is radiant or bright. If you are looking for rare girl names, this is a great one.


Baby girl names that start with V are hard to come by, and if you are looking for one, Vertie sounds just right. The name is derived from the term’ virtue.’


Yvaine means evening star. If you want your daughter to stand out among the crowd, go with this uncommon Scottish girl’s name.

More unusual Scottish baby girl names























I hope this list of Scottish girl names has what you are looking for. If you would love to check out more Scottish female names, a Scottish name generator  is a great tool.

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Check out these beautiful Scottish girl names! One of the exciting things expectant parents look forward to is finding a name.


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