The Best Middle Names For Amani

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Looking for unique middle names for Amani? You are at the right place.

Sometimes, choosing your child’s middle name might prove to be more stressful than picking the first name.

If you are in that situation after deciding on Amani as a first name, we’ve got you.

Amani Name Meaning

Amani is a unisex Swahili name that means “peace and harmony”. Swahili is an indigenous language primarily spoken in East African countries.

Amani name meaning in Islam is “wish.” It’s also primarily a girl’s name among Muslims.

Although it’s a unisex name, Amani is mainly used as a girl name. In the U.S., its popularity as a girl’s name has reduced, coming from number 303 in 2000 down to 523 in 2020.

Therefore, it’s safe to say Amani is a rare girls name that you won’t hear every day.


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Nicknames for Amani

  1. Mani
  2. Nini
  3. Immy

Names like Amani

  1. Imani
  2. Armani
  3. Dani
  4. Nalani
  5. Leilani
  6. Ailani
  7. Jamari
  8. Omari
  9. Eman
  10. Iana

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Gorgeous Middle Names for Amani

And now, what you have been waiting for; a list of middle names for Amani to inspire your name search. Hopefully, this long list gets you started. And better yet, you get a middle name for your little girl.

  1. Amani Jade
  2. Amani Hope
  3. Amani Hannah
  4. Amani Kelly
  5. Amani Charlotte
  6. Amani Imogen
  7. Amani Claire
  8. Amani Rae
  9. Amani Lucie
  10. Amani Farah
  11. Amani Hana
  12. Amani Hadia
  13. Amani Rose
  14. Amani Wren
  15. Amani Quinn
  16. Amani Coralie
  17. Amanda Violet
  18. Amani Penelope
  19. Amani Natalie
  20. Amani Cassia
  21. Amani Zaynab
  22. Amani Zora
  23. Amani Aria
  24. Amani Kaydence
  25. Amani June
  26. Amani Lillian
  27. Amani Baila
  28. Amani Claire
  29. Amani Kalea
  30. Amani Lizbeth
  31. Amani Daphne
  32. Amani Clarissa
  33. Amani Leona
  34. Amani Keziah
  35. Amani Willa
  36. Amani Halia
  37. Amani Celeste
  38. Amani Tess
  39. Amani Faye
  40. Amani Dahlia
  41. Amani Elise
  42. Amani Mayla
  43. Amani Hazel
  44. Amani Kay
  45. Amani Florence
  46. Amani Olive
  47. Amani Eden
  48. Amani Jane
  49. Amani Nerissa
  50. Amani Noelle
  51. Amani Adele
  52. Amani Maeve
  53. Amani Anna
  54. Amani Elise
  55. Amani Julia
  56. Amani Copeland
  57. Amani Nicole
  58. Amani Sutton
  59. Amani Paige
  60. Amani Pearl
  61. Amani Grace
  62. Amani Olivia
  63. Amani Lilia
  64. Amani Rana
  65. Amani Rahat
  66. Amani Linnea
  67. Amani Sage
  68. Amani Rhiannon
  69. Amani Rein
  70. Amani Arianne
  71. Amani Violet
  72. Amani Maria
  73. Amani Fiadh
  74. Amani Roisin
  75. Amani Mirabelle
  76. Amani Helene
  77. Amani Irene
  78. Amani Georgina
  79. Amani Tabitha
  80. Amani Fleur
  81. Amani Ophelia
  82. Amani Elora
  83. Amani Joss
  84. Amani Junia
  85. Amani Angelina
  86. Amani Victoria
  87. Amani Kia
  88. Amani Wendy
  89. Amani Jade
  90. Amani Carys
  91. Amani Corinne
  92. Amani Elizabeth
  93. Amani Maeve
  94. Amani Juniper
  95. Amani Jocelyn
  96. Amani Diana
  97. Amani Caroline
  98. Amani Juliette
  99. Amani Desiree
  100. Amani Gwendolyn
  101. Amani Renee
  102. Amani Isabelle
  103. Amani Hera
  104. Amani Marie
  105. Amani Sarah
  106. Amani Cecelia
  107. Amani Rhea
  108. Amani Rowena
  109. Amani Eirlys
  110. Amani Kate

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What’s In a Middle Name?

You don’t have to give your child a middle name; it’s a popular tradition, not a mandatory one. That said, a middle name is essential, so it’s a good idea to give your child one. Here are some reasons why.

  1. It distinguishes your child from others. Your Amani probably won’t be the only Amani in their school. And if your last name is common, there’s a chance of having an exact first-and-last name match. Hence, the middle name could be the only distinguishing factor between them.
  2. It can be used to start or keep a family tradition. Some families have a tradition of passing over a maiden name; hence the middle name is used for that purpose.
  3. It can be used to solve a naming dispute. Naming a child is a tricky affair that can cause friction between the parents (and sometimes other family members). In such a case, one of the names can be used as the middle name instead, thus keeping the peace.
  4. Middle names be used to pay tribute to meaningful interests. It could be a location that is meaningful to you or your favorite singer, author, sports personality, among others.

Middle Name Guidelines to Follow

To get a proper middle name for Amani, follow these guidelines.

Read it aloud to Hear How It Sounds

It’s one thing to have a name look nice on paper, and it’s another to have it sound nice.

When you say your baby’s full name, how does that sound? It should roll off the tongue easily and not sound like jargon.

Initials Are Just as Important

Make sure that your child’s initials don’t cause them any embarrassment. That includes the monogram format where the middle and last names are interchanged.

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Consider the Spelling

As much as you might want some uniqueness to your child’s name, think about the consequences. It could be annoying for “Zander with a Z, not an X” to have to correct that error every time.

Check the Meaning

What does your child’s name mean in other languages? Check for any offensive meanings that you want to avoid.

Google It

Before you make the final decision, run the name through Google. Confirm that there is no murderer out there with that name. 


Hopefully, you got a name a great middle name for Amani from our list.

If you didn’t, no worries. The list isn’t exhaustive, I’m sure there’s something out there for you. Keep looking!

You might want to check out other beautiful girl names like Elizabeth, Daphne, or Elara for ideas.


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Adorable middle names for Amani

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