Cute and Creative Aunt Names

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The new baby has arrived, and the close people already have new titles – mama, dada, grumps, and even Nana. Even the newest uncle in town has a new name, Unk.

But what do we call the newest aunt in town? If the auntie duties have started and you’re looking for a cool name for the aunt, check out these cute and creative aunt names.  

Aunt names have evolved from just Aunt Jane to stylish names. Your kids may grow up and pick up other names for their auntie.

But you can still choose to give your sister and or any other relative or friend that qualifies to be an auntie a name of your choice.

The best part is you can pick a name that will mean something for both of you.

An Aunt by Any Other Name

An aunt is an assistant mom and the designated big sister in many situations. She’s also the first best friend and confidant that your child will ever have.

In many communities, aunties are given the role of being the good cop that the child can talk to as they are a more comfortable landing pad than mom.

Because aunts are very significant in a child’s life, their importance should be demonstrated regardless of the name they go by.

You can choose to call her by her name after adding the prefix aunt. Still, you can get her a unique name that will always be a reminder that you regard her highly as an integral part of your baby’s life.

If you trust your creativity, you could even make up a name for her that will be meaningful to both of you. It will make up an incredible story for the babies later.

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How to Choose the Best Aunt Names

Remember, the aunt is a grown-up (or just a little younger), and she may have an opinion of her own on what name she answers to.

When choosing a name for the aunties, it’s best to consider selecting a name that will be accepted by her and will not cause any embarrassment or bad memories.

Before you settle on a name, consider the following things.

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What’s She Like?

Don’t ignore her personality and character as you pick a name. Some people may be uncomfortable with very flashy monikers or those that draw attention to them.

Extroverts will probably want the flashiest name on the name-card and may not desire a bland or common name.

Whatever their character is, indulge them and make them proud to own the name.

Ask Her – Or Someone Else

It may seem like a good idea to come up with a name by yourself and then surprise everyone with your naming genius.

However, it might be better to talk to someone else before posting the name on social media.

Sometimes, the best person is to ask is the person who will carry the name for the rest of her life from the moment her niece and nephew learn to talk.

Let her know that you’re thinking of honouring her with a unique aunt moniker. She might have ideas of her own that you might love.

Don’t Over-do The Uniqueness

Being unique is wonderful and it helps when you have a name that turns heads every time you say it out loud.

However, you can also end up having a ridiculous name that might get heads shaking in shock and disbelief instead of admiration.

Keep the name simple and sweet, it will help the babies pronounce it easily when they are older.

Consider Using Her Names

One of the best ways to create a perfect nickname is by coining it from her names to make something fun and creative.

Shortening or adding a suffix to her name might give you a beautiful name unique to her.

The end goal is to have a special bond with your children’s aunt, and what special way is there than by having a unique name for her.

Who knows, all the kids in the neighborhood might just adopt the name you create for her.

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Shortened Aunt Names


Alexa is derived from Alexandra


Derived from Annabelle, Anna


Bernie is from Berenice or Bernice


Derived from Caledonia


Cami is a short form of Camilla and other names that have the first syllable.’


Derived from Brigitte and any name beginning with the letter ‘Br.’


Short for Coretta, Carina, Karen, and other similar names.


Shortened from Diana, Doreen, Debra, and other names starting with D.


For all names starting with the letter L


Derived from all names starting with the letter T, such as Tabitha, Terry, Tatiana.


Lu (Or Lou) is the short form of Lucy/Lucia/Lucinda

Baby boy with aunties with cute aunt names

Classic Aunt Names

Undeniably, aunties are the cool ones in the family, and what better way than to give them classy aunt names.

Such a name will be a favourite of many, including the auntie-to-be. These names can be adopted for the person who wants to use a different moniker from their first name.


This name means ‘help,’ which summarises what an aunt is all about.


This name means ‘warrior,’ and don’t we all want a pretty warrior protecting our babies?


Margot means ‘Pearl’ and is a beautiful name for an aunt that is priceless.


Odette means ‘wealthy’, and as we all know, auntie’s house never runs out of goodies.


If she’s as marvelous as they come, this would be a perfect name.


The name Octavia means ‘Eighth.’ This is perfect for the aunt whose special number is 8.


Aunts bring in all the light wherever they go, and Lucinda is a perfect name for an aunt who’s a ray of sunshine for you and the babies.


Penelope means’ precious stone’, and it’s a beautiful name for a beloved auntie. It’s also derived from Penina.


If the aunt of the moment was born on Christmas day or Christmas has a special place in her life, Natalia is a perfect name for her. If you’re having a Christmas baby, this would also be an excellent name to adopt.


Olivia means ‘Olive tree.’ If you or the relative loves Olives or anything to do with an olive tree, you can adopt this name.


Tabitha was a biblical character who was excellent at serving people. Pick this name for the aunt who takes the aunt’s duties very seriously.


Bijou is derived from the French word for jewel.


Cassandra means’ shine upon man’, is classy with sweet nicknames such as Cassie or Cass.


This name is perfect for the aunt who always smells awesome or loves fashion and scents. It means ‘golden.’


This is a classy aunt name that means ‘maiden.’ It means the said aunt is a perfect woman.

Timeless Auntie Names

Sometimes you just want to take up the names that have been tried and tested and adopt them as your preferred moniker.

Some names don’t grow old, and if you want to revive one of these names as a favourite aunt name, you’ll have chosen well.

Aunt X – you then call them by their name or the first letter of their names

Ti-Ti – this name is playful and easy for the baby to pronounce as well

Sissy – This is perfect, especially if the aunt is your sister or someone you’ve grown up with, just like sisters.

Nanny – Nanny is excellent, mainly if you live with the relative that you’re name-hunting for. 

Nayney – this name is a corruption of the name Nanny and is classical and unique at the same time.

Crazy Aunt Names

When it comes to aunty names, a little crazy is allowed. Pick one of these endearments for the coolest new aunt in the family.

You can add one of your own depending on what you or she loves. If she has a favourite cartoon or TV character that everyone finds funny, you can make that their new name.


Sissy Too-Too











Sister Mummy


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Ghetto Aunt Names

Sometimes, you want to go all out in choosing your baby aunty name. Or maybe you grew up in the ghetto and want to look for some ghetto aunt name. If you are looking for black auntie names, here are some names you should consider.




















Aunt Names In Different Languages

Since there are no hard rules in aunt naming, you may want to look for a name that will be easy for your child to pronounce. It should also flow nicely.  If you are looking to go global with aunt names, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing;

Tante- Danish


Tati – Finnish






When you’re expecting, the process of looking for a baby name is fun and exciting. And it doesn’t have to stop once you have settled on a name for your child.

Once you’ve picked the baby’s first and middle names, it will be time to give names to all the people whose lives and titles will change because of the newest family member. Getting the perfect aunt name should not be tedious.

If you still can’t decide on the best name even after going through a long list of monikers, bookmark those that catch your attention. Then wait for the time the baby is old enough to pick the name that seems most pleasing to them.

The baby might make the most interesting choice, and the aunt can’t say no because who refuses a name chosen by a baby? The point is to have a good time and a name that everyone is happy with.


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