Sassy Southern Girl Names That Are Timeless

A girl with sassy southern girl names

Southern girl names are classy, unique, and timeless. If you’d love a little bit of the south in your baby girl, then this list is for you. There are lots of choices to be made from the moment you learn you’re expecting. Settling for a name is definitely top of that list.

Strike the name search off your list with these names soft and pure as the southern cotton.

Characteristics Of Southern Girl Names

Double names

Most southern female names are double names or names that have ‘belle’ in them. When I think of southern names for girls, Annebelle is usually the first that crosses my mind. Other such double names are; Maybelle, Arabella, Marybeth, or Annabeth. Names with ‘leigh’ and ‘lyn’ are pretty common among southerners.

Short and sweet

Think of Cora, Faye, Clara and Cora. All very popular names in Southern States.

Nicknames that are used as standalone names

A lot of modern southern girl names are nicknames of good old names. Think of Kate-Catherine, Sadie-Sarah, Millicent/Camilla-Milly/Millie and Elizabeth-Libby/Beth.

Place names

Southerners are super proud of their cities and that features in the way they name their children. They are big on place-themed baby names. For example, Georgia, Carolina, and Virginia.

Nature names

The south is full of beautiful landscapes and parents love to honor such roots by picking a name that resonates with nature. Names such as Daisy, Lilly, Willow and Rosemary are pretty common in the southern states.

Pretty Southern Girl Names

A girl holding a sunflower


Because the southerners are hardworking and their fields can tell, the name Amelia is common there. The name means “Industrious, striving”. If you’d love your girl to be a little wonder woman, you can also decide to take the German meaning, “Defender”.


And because all little girls are princesses, the name Ada is perfect for a little princess. The name means “noble”. It’s also a shortened form of ‘Adeline or Adelaide.”


Callie is derived from Greek and is one of the very beautiful southern girl names. Derived from Greek, the name means “Beautiful”. If you prefer a shorter spelling, “Cali” is also perfect.


So, you want your daughter to remember how beautiful she is every time someone calls her name? If you don’t fancy Greek names like Callie above, give her the French name ‘belle’ which means beautiful, pretty. And teach her some French while at it.

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This shortened form of ‘Jessica’ sounds sweet and classy. In Hebrew, it means ‘God sees, foresight’. It’s one of the cute southern baby girl names common among parents who identify with their spirituality.


The name Maisie means pearl. Adapted from Scotland, the name reflects the beauty and value of a precious little girl.


Marsha is a southern name of Latin origin and its variant is Marcia. This name is perfect for the parent who’s into space and planets. Also referencing the Greek god of war, it’s a powerful name for a fierce girl.


Show your love for the south by adopting this name that is also the name of a southern county. The unisex name means ‘enduring and beautiful’.

Modern Southern Girl Names



You may have heard the name Sutton from the recent trending Netflix drama, The Bold Type. Sutton is an English name that means ‘from the southern homestead.’ It’s a perfect fit for a parent seeking modern southern names for girls. 


Arabella is a Latin name whose meaning is ‘prayerful one, answered prayers.’ Every little girl is an answered prayer, and this name is an excellent choice for any parent searching for southern belle baby names with a profound meaning. 


This is a Hebrew name, the feminine form of the name David. Davina means ‘beloved.’ It’s unique and thoughtful, as most Hebrew names tend to be.


The good old Emma is excellent, but if you want to spice it up a little, add a ‘G’ at the beginning, and you end up with a whole different name. Gemma is Italian for ‘precious stone.’


Look at that name! Classy, rare, and easy on the tongue. Honora is of Italian origin, derived from the word ‘onore.’ Honora means ‘woman of honor,’ just like your little princess is growing up to be. 


Feliz is a Spanish name that means ‘happy.’ It’s the perfect moniker for a happy little girl, especially if she was born on Christmas day!


Dolly Parton is one of the most famous people with this name, and if her success is anything to go by, it’s a pretty lucky moniker!

It is an English name that means ‘Gift of God.’ Do you know what the good book says about God’s gifts? They add no sorrow! 


Let your little girl shine bright like the sun by giving her this sassy southern girl name of Latin origin that means just that – sun ray, shining light.

A girl with sassy southern girl names


The name Sadie is a common southern female name that means ‘Princess’.


Shania is among the cutest southern girl names that are popular around the world. Originating from the Chippewa Indians living in Michigan, the name means ‘On my way’.


This must be the most serious southern name for your little girl. What better way yo get a southern name than to use a name than the one name that signifies the south? It’s also a good wish for your little girl since Dixie was also commonly used to refer to the $10 used in the south in the 19th century.


This German origin name is among the pretty southern girl names. The name which means ‘safe, a helmet of God’ is a wonderful prayer for your little princess.


Zadie is short and sweet. Unique as names starting with Z is bound to be, Zadie means ‘prosperous, fortunate’. Instead of telling your daughter, “I wish you prosperity and good fortune,” just call her Zadie. It will relay that wish every time you mention her name.


Have you ever wondered why white magnolias are most common in bridal bouquets? Magnolias symbolize loveliness, purity, and dignity. Allow your little princess to stand tall and bloom like a magnolia with this beautiful name.


If you’re looking for names with deep spiritual meaning, Hebrew names are your go-to choice. Betsy is one such name whose meaning is ‘pledge to God.’


Amabella was popular in the middle ages, and it’s still as cool as it was. Its meaning is ‘lovable’ just like your little girl. 


Pronounced as ‘ka-lee-uh,’ Kalea is a Hawaiian girls name that means ‘the beloved.’ 


Dottie is a nickname for Dorothy, which can stand on its own. With Greek roots, the name means ‘gift of God.’


Ella is simple and elegant; it makes much sense why longer names have been shortened to it.

Ella is a diminutive of Eleanor or Ellen’s names, which makes it superb for the parents seeking names with fewer syllables. Ella means ‘light, or beautiful fairy woman’ in its language of origin, German.  

It also traces its roots to Greek, Norman, and Hebrew, with the meaning still very close to the German version – ‘beautiful, fairy maiden, goddess.’ There’s no loss with this one. 

A southern girl in a farm


Tracing its roots to Old German and Greek, the name Ida means ‘hardworking.’ Old English also lays a claim on Ida, giving it the meaning, ‘prosperous, happy.’ 


Kasey with a ‘K’ is an American name that means ‘alert, vigorous.’ It’s a derivative of Casey with a ‘C,’ which comes from the Gaelic name ‘cathasaigh,’ meaning ‘vigilant, watchful.’


Originating from Greek, Cassandra means ‘shining, excelling.’ Cassandra is great as the first name to a shorter middle name or vice versa. It’s a strong and in-your-face- kind of name; your princess will sure turn heads. 

Cute Southern Girl Names



Pronounced as MEI-BL, this classy Latin name means ‘lovable, dear one.’


Opal is a Hindi and Sanskrit name that is as uncommon as it’s sweet. The moniker means ‘gem, jewel.’. 


Lala is most probably derived from the name Laurel, a Latin name referring to a plant. 


All southern names are gorgeous, but old southern girl names are invaluable and ageless. Odette is one of them. The southern name adapted from French and German means ‘wealthy, rich’. And that’s not a bad prayer to pray for your little princess.


If you fancy multi-syllabic names, then this is a perfect choice. With Louisiana and all its festivals, expect a bubble girl who will be the life of the party.


There’s something beautiful about names with many vowels and few consonants. They are easy to pronounce and spell. They sound good on the ear as well. Iona is one of them. The name Iona means ‘blessed, or purple jewel’.


Savannah is among the southern baby names whose meaning is multifaceted. At face value, the name means a ‘treeless plain’.

But Savannah is also the name of a vibrant and gorgeous southern town that shares the same with a picturesque river. The name can be shortened to form the nickname Savvy.


Made famous by Loretta Davis, this southern belle girl names means ‘love’. And there’s everything to love about Loretta.


It’s a big blessing to conceive and carry a baby to term. Annamae is a name that reminds you that your little princess is a true gift. Annamae means ’God has favored me’.

A girl holding a leaf


A girl with a southern name has to believe in fairies. And Faye is the perfect name for the little princess who believes in miracles and that we all have a fairy godmother looking out for us just like Cinderella. The name means loyalty or belief.


This red gemstone makes a gorgeous name for a wonderful little girl. Ruby is a bi-syllabic name that’s sweet to pronounce and easy on the ears too.


For the parent who wants to identify with a specific scene, the name Shelby or willow would be the best. Shelby means ‘a place where willows grow’ while Willow is the particular tree. The names symbolizes love, nature, and fruitfulness.


Dianne is a name originally from Hebrew that means ‘divine, the god of fertility’. It sounds like a good wish for mommy to prepare for more babies in the future.


Royalty is inherited, but if you were not born into the royal family, you could declare it through your little girl.

Genia is both Greek and Latin, and it means ‘well-born maiden, noble.’ If you are in search of wealthy southern names for girls, why not settle on Genia?


Fredda means ‘peaceful.’ It’s a beautiful Old German name that befits your little girl perfectly. 


Virginia is a Southern State in the United States, and it’s also an outstanding classic name for a pretty princess. As a name, it means ‘pure.’


Olivia is timeless, and despite its usage over the years, it’s still cool and classy. It is derived from Latin, and its meaning is ‘olive tree.’


Camellia is a flower that comes in white, pink, and red. The Camellia symbolizes Love and affection and is an excellent choice for a girl’s name.

It’s also a Latin name that means ‘helper to the priest.’ It’s beautiful whichever side you turn.


These two names mean the same thing in old German – ‘estate ruler.’ With this name, you’re spoiled for choice, and you’ll be lucky whichever name you choose. 


Clarice is not a new name but’s it’s still fresh and sweet. It means ‘clear, bright.’ This is one of the cute southern girl names in our list.


Connie is a nickname derived from the name Constance, and it means ‘steadfast, constant.’

The cartoon character, Connie, had made this name more acceptable and fashionable. 

Sassy Southern Girl Names



Originating from Russia, the name Tanya is bold and chic. It means ‘the fairy queen.’


Dolly Parton (again) made the name Jolene famous when she sang that lovely song. Jolene means ‘pretty’ in French.

Some people have claimed that Jolene is the feminine version of Joseph, which means ‘God will increase.’ 


This version is the nickname of Jolene, in case you want to be a little unique. 

southern girl


French for ‘Light,’ Lucille is a great southern name for a girl. It can be shortened to Lucy or even Luc. Experimenting with words is an excellent way to develop newer and sometimes better versions of common names. 


Nora Ephron is one of the famous people who made Nora famous. Nora is derived from the Italian name Honora which means ‘woman of honor.’


Wilma is a German name that means ‘protection.’. It’s a more stylish version of Wilhemina. 


This is a French name that is the female version of Charles. Charlotte means ‘strong, virile, vigorous.’


If you’d like to use the name Cecilia but feel like you need a shorter and cooler version, Celia will be an excellent option. It’s a Latin name that means ‘heavenly.’ 


The south has a rich culture, exciting festivities, scrumptious food, and a beautiful accent. Celebrate the southern roots and culture with these southern girl names.

You can make them more fun by shortening them to form sweet nicknames. Your baby will carry this name for the rest of her life. Take your time making a choice.


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