Can Baby Sleep in MamaRoo Swing?

is it safe for baby to sleep in swing

Anyone who has ever experienced the first weeks of having a newborn baby in the house can tell you how sleep deprivation can drive you crazy. Bloodshot eyes, head pounding, body feeling restless from the sheer exhaustion.

In your desperation to get just a few hours of sleep, any solution, however insane, is appealing. Can your baby sleep in a MamaRoo swing? Read on and find out.


What is a MamaRoo Swing?

The MamaRoo is a seat manufactured by 4moms. The swing/seat bounces up and down and sways from side to side just like a human would soothe a baby.

The seat offers five unique motions, five different speeds, and an outstanding combination of twenty-five movements designed to keep your baby calm and comforted.

The MamaRoo bouncer also comes with in-built sounds to create a calming ambiance for your baby. You can connect your MP3 device to play sounds your baby likes.

It also comes in 3 fabric options that are breathable and removable for easy cleaning.

For the parents that need to multitask, the seat is Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled from your smart device while you get other things done.

Another exciting feature is the full recline option, which allows your baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play. The lie-back feature is tempting for parents that want their tot to sleep without all the fuss.

Your baby can enjoy the MamaRoo swing from birth up to 6 months or upon reaching the maximum weight of 25 pounds or can sit up unassisted.

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Can baby sleep in a mamaroo swing?

Is It Safe for Baby to Sleep in MamaRoo Swing?

Can baby sleep in mamaRoo swing? No, it is not safe for your baby to sleep in a MamaRoo swing.  Although the MamaRoo swing can get your little one sleeping in a couple of minutes, it is not a safe sleeping option for your baby.

In moments of desperation, most parents have considered any possible option that gets the baby to sleep. However, the MamaRoo swing is not to be contemplated as a safe sleeping place for infants. 

Let’s look at some of the concerns raised by letting your baby sleep in the MamaRoo swing:

Swings are not intended for sleeping

Swings do not offer a flat and firm surface that is proper for your baby to sleep on. They do not meet the recommended standards for infant sleeping and may put your baby at risk of SIDS.

While many babies sleep in unsafe ways without any problems, there are statistics of babies who have died from unsafe sleeping practices. So, why take the risk?

Suffocation Hazard

When the swing is inclined, the baby’s head can tilt forward they fall into a deep sleep, resulting in asphyxiation.

Your baby is still developing control of the head and neck muscles and will be at risk of choking from falling asleep in the seat.

Carbon Dioxide Rebreathing

The rebreathing theory reveals the possibility that babies can rebreathe their exhaled breath if they fall asleep lying on their sides or stomach. This will cause them to breathe in more carbon dioxide than oxygen.

As the swing is in motion, there is the risk that your baby’s head will turn and face into the fabric of the seat and rebreathe the exhaled carbon dioxide.

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Reduced Hypoxic Arousal Response

The ability to wake up from sleep is a critical protective response in infants. Motion puts a baby into a deep sleep, reducing his hypoxic arousal response.

The deep sleep induced by the MamaRoo swing can hamper your baby’s ability to wake up if he has breathing difficulties.

Development of Spinal Problems

As babies spend more time on their tummies, their head and neck muscles become more robust.

If your baby spends the majority of his time lying back in a rocker, there is little to no exercise to the neck muscles, and the spine may suffer in the process.

Babies should learn to sleep on their own

It is an important developmental skill for infants to learn to sleep on their own.

If your baby becomes dependant on the rocking and soothing motion of the MamaRoo swing, it may be challenging to learn to sleep without assistance.

Dependence on the MamaRoo Swing

Babies form habits depending on what we teach them or expose them to. If the rocker becomes your infant’s go-to sleep aid, it will become difficult to put him to sleep without it or any similar rocking motion.

Your baby will outgrow the swing, leaving you with the tricky task of having to rock him to sleep.

Assisting your baby to sleep will only add to your frustrations as a parent who wants their child to go to bed with minimal effort.

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is it safe for baby to sleep in swing

Will Supervised Sleep be Safe for Baby In A Swing?

You may be surprised to learn this. Even when watching your baby while he sleeps in a swing, he will still be at risk of asphyxiation.

When babies experience breathing difficulties during sleep, they do not always show signs of distress.

Therefore, you should not make any exceptions when it comes to safe and recommended sleeping guidelines for your baby.

Breaking the Habit

If your little one had become accustomed to falling asleep in the swing rocker, it’s not a train smash. Consistent behavior results in habit change.

For starters, move your baby from the rocker to the crib as soon as he falls asleep. Then, gradually let him spend less time in the swing. Instead, let them explore the world with increased tummy time.

Letting your tot spend time in their crib even when they’re not asleep will create positive interactions with their recommended sleep environment.

Safe Use of the MamaRoo Swing

Apart from following the rules and safety guidelines that come with the swing, you should never leave your infant unattended in a swing, as most accidents happen when there is inadequate supervision. 

Your baby needs to be securely strapped into the swing as the rocking motion may cause the baby to tip over and fall.

The toys that come with the swing should be securely fastened onto the swing and out of reach of your little one’s hands as babies tend to tug at things within reach.


Although the MamaRoo swing is a lifesaver for busy parents who want to keep their tots preoccupied for a while or parents who need a soothing fix to get the baby to fall asleep, prolonged use will be harmful. 

The key is moderate use and never to allow your baby to sleep in the MamaRoo.

It will do your baby good to learn to self-soothe and fall asleep without mechanical assistance. Once your baby has dozed off, the crib is the ideal sleeping place for your little one.


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