What To Wear After Giving Birth In The Hospital

A mom with her baby

Make shopping for what to wear after giving birth in hospital a priority. Mothers shopping for their children and forgetting themselves is very common.

When it comes to pregnancy and baby birth, you mama have to remember yourself as well. You’re one of the main characters in this story.


Do you look at people’s after delivery photos and wonder how they could look even so remotely put together hours and days after pushing out a 7 pounds’ baby?


Well, the secret is preparing for that moment before you get to the hospital. Your hospital exit clothes and accessories should also be included in your bag.

A mom with her baby

Going Home Outfit For Mom After Birth

Most women are discharged from hospital, and that’s when it hits them they have nothing to wear.

It’s not strange to meet a new mom at the hospital corridors going home in a wrapper shawl or the maternity dress they showed up with.

Shopping in readiness for the new baby is one of the best pregnancy escapades.

The hospital bag is usually packed with the baby’s clothes and everything they’ll need after birth.

What about mom’s outfit? The outfits to wear home after giving birth should be comfortable to put on and remove.

The clothes you choose for going home should be comfortable and have an allowance for breastfeeding.

Have one outfit designated as your go-home outfit and remember to have it packed in your hospital bag.

You can choose a simple button-down dress or a pair of leggings.

If you pack leggings or pants, do not forget to pair it with a suitable top.

Here’s what mommy’s hospital bag should contain.


After birth, you’ll need a high-waist, well-fitting panties.

High-waist panties can help with the belly pooch and the discomfort that comes with a saggy belly.

Post-partum bleeding is heavier than your regular flow, and those post-partum sanitary pads are long and thick!

It’s a good idea to have underwear that will hold everything together.

For the CS moms, you’ll also need to have underwear that’s way above the CS scar to avoid pressing on it.

Here is the perfect pick for you. These underwear is comfortable and super soft.

Otherwise, you’ll have to make do with disposable panties.

These are soft, and you don’t have to worry about washing stains, but they might not be the most comfortable.

Love to try a pack of disposable underwear? This right here are great!

I know you have been waiting to go back to your pre-pregnancy underwear since you stopped seeing your toes.

However, the bikini and thongs will have to wait for a little while.

Nursing bra

Your regular bra will not cut it. Get a comfortable breastfeeding bra that is easy to unclasp.

Your boobs will be fuller after birth due to milk production, make sure that you get your fitting right.

If your bra is too tight, it may end up causing breast engorgement and retracted nipples.

These nursing bras are made of extremely soft and stretch fabric that is perfect for your tender boobs.

Easy to open tops

Breastfeeding will be tough if you’re wearing a dress or top that buttons or zips from behind.

Purchase tops that have an overlapping V-neck that is easy to pull apart.

If they have buttons or zips, make sure that the zip is at the front and is easy to open and close even with one hand.

If you love your simple tees, get nursing ones that have an easy to open flap on the boob area.

Nursing tank tops

Better still get nursing tank tops instead of regular tops.

Most nursing tank tops come with breast support pat that will be good for your now very full breasts.

Get those made of stretchable and elastic material that doesn’t get ruined with strain.

The tank tops are suitable for the mamas with smaller breasts. The support might not do much for double-Ds.

Loosely fitting dresses

Dresses are handy and comfortable. If you’re into dresses, choose the ones that are not too tight.

The dresses should also have an allowance for easy breastfeeding.

Go for dresses with overlapping V-necks, front buttons, and zips.

The material should also be soft and not get ruined with a little stretching, especially on the front.

Here is a lovely breastfeeding dress that is easy to wear and comfortable.


Jeggings are a lifesaver for a new mom. They are soft and stretchable and adapt to your figure.

This might not be very flattering, but all eyes will be on the baby.

Besides, no one expects you to have a perfect shape immediately after delivery.

Jeggings are the first choice for many moms as a what to wear after giving birth option.

Choose jeggings that have a wide waist and that stretch above your bikini line to your tummy.


Hospital gowns are not the prettiest sight. Pack a pair or two of your favorite pajamas to rock after your baby arrives.

Hospitals also tend to be quite cold; the pajamas will be good for those chilly nights.

Otherwise, you’ll end up in a sweater or shawl the whole time, and hate your hospital photos forever.

Pajamas are also button-down which makes it easy for breastfeeding.


The delivery process knows no glamour and your hair is left with the most evidence of just how rough it was.

Pack a headgear to wrap your hair in to keep it disciplined.

You can carry a little bandana, a thin shawl, or even hairbands to keep your hair together.

It might keep you from pulling your hair out in the labor room.

Don’t forget a hairbrush and a couple of pins. These will help you while breastfeeding.

Getting a newborn baby to latch correctly is harder when you have your hair all over his tiny face.

A pair of socks

A pair of socks will help a great deal with the chills in the hospital. Having your feet cold can be very uncomfortable.

When you have other post-delivery body aches and discomforts to worry about, it’s annoying to have cold feet added to the list.

You can plan to have your socks knee or ankle-high depending on your preference.

Whichever height you choose; you’ll be grateful you did.

Non-slip socks are a good option when you’re stepping on sterilized floors.

Choose the thickness and fluffiness of the socks depending on where you live and the season. If it’s winter, you’ll need fluffier socks.

A robe or three

You’ll be naked or half-naked a lot after delivery. A robe is a quick way to stay naked but cover up fast when you get company.

A robe also helps you in your first breastfeeding days when you can’t be bothered to have buttons or zips in your way.

It also helps that robes are warm and they’ll keep you from the cold while at the hospital and home.

Have more than one robe in case you get one stained.

The bleeding after delivery and breast milk stains can leave you feeling embarrassed and self-conscious.

You can pair up a robe with a pair of pajamas if it’s not ankle-long.

What To Wear After Giving Birth In Hospital For Your Stomach

Wrapping something on your belly after delivery to help you lose the mommy pooch is called post-partum binding.

It offers support to the pelvic floor and gives the gentle compression that keeps muscles and ligaments in place as you heal.

Nevertheless, it should not bother you so much to start binding immediately after delivery. If you want to take a couple of days or weeks to heal, that’s all right.

Immediate binding after a normal delivery is possible. If you had a CS, you should wait a little longer before you bind your stomach.

Get clearance from your doctor before you bind your belly after a cesarean section.

For the moms searching for what to wear after giving birth for post-partum binding, here are your options.

A long shawl

If you want to do the traditional belly binding after delivery, carry a long shawl with you that you can fold up and tie around your stomach.

The bengkuk belly binding is a Malaysian common belly binding technique.

Post-partum girdles

Alternatively, you can purchase a ready-made post-partum girdle to bind the belly.

This will give a range of options depending on whether you want pins or Velcro, choice of colors, and length.

There are a lot of modern post-partum girdles to choose from. Pick the style that works best for you.

In addition, go for one that that will be easy to wrap since it’s advised that you do the wrapping yourself to gauge the pressure.


In conclusion

When it comes to what to wear after giving birth in hospital, do not leave your sense of fashion in the delivery room.

You’re still allowed to choose what you like best; there is no single leaving-the-hospital-after-delivery dress code. You are at liberty to do you.

Delivery and leaving the hospital with a healthy baby and mom is a huge blessing. Celebrate these moments with a few or as many photos as you’d like.

If you need to carry some make-up or even a hairdryer for this moment, by all means, do it. It’ll be fun to show them to the baby when he’s older.


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