Adorable Middle Names for Lydia

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Lydia is one of those beautiful names for girls that has stood the test of time. It is timeless, an absolute classic, I dare say!

Therefore, if you have this as the first name for your girl, you have picked such a great name. That said, I know you are here because you want inspiration for middle names for Lydia. 

We have compiled a list of adorable girl names that go with Lydia. From one syllable girl names for Lydia to long names for Lydia, there is something for every parent in our list. 

Cute girl with middle names for Lydia

Lydia Name Meaning

The moniker Lydia is of Greek origin meaning, “Woman from Lydia.” 

Lydia is the name of a place in Asia Minor named after King Lydos. Its inhabitants are known to have great wealth and a strong musical talent. Additionally, they are credited for the invention of coinage.

Further, the name Lydia appears in the Bible, in the New Testament. Thus, it’s a biblical baby name. Lydia was a businesswoman and was the first convert of the Apostle Paul.

Lydia is an old name which is quite popular. Since 2011, it has remained in the top 100 names in the U.S. 

Variations of the Name Lydia

  1. Lydiah
  2. Lydea
  3. Lidya
  4. Lidiya
  5. Lydya
  6. Lyydia
  7. Lidia


Nicknames for Lydia

  1. Liddie
  2. Liddy
  3. Lydie
  4. Lidie
  5. Lidi
  6. Lyds
  7. Lyd
  8. Lia
  9. Lee
  10. Didi

Sibling Names to Go With Lydia

Sisters: Ava, Claire, Sylvia, Miriam, Eloise, Katherine, Rachel

Brothers: Benjamin, Eli, Graham, Liam, Camden, Elliot, Wesley

Gorgeous Middle Names For Lydia

1. Lydia Rae

2. Lydia Elise

3. Lydia Jane

4. Lydia Danielle

5. Lydia Diane

6. Lydia Della

7. Lydia Dahlia

8. Lydia Violet 

9. Lydia Drew

10. Lydia Mae

11. Lydia Claire

12. Lydia Elisheva

13. Lydia Eve

14. Lydia Faye

15. Lydia Faith

16. Lydia Ruth

17. Lydia Raine

18. Lydia Grace

19. Lydia Brooke

20. Lydia Grey

21. Lydia Pearl

22. Lydia Wren

23. Lydia Kate

24. Lydia Fay

25. Lydia Fleur

26. Lydia Gwen

27. Lydia Joy

28. Lydia Nell

29. Lydia Quinn

30. Lydia June

31. Lydia Blythe

32. Lydia Maude

33. Lydia Shae

34. Lydia Maeve

35. Lydia Paige

36. Lydia Margaret

37. Lydia Pam

38. Lydia Genevieve

39. Lydia Claire

41. Lydia Kate

42. Lydia Michelle

43. Lydia Corinne

44. Lydia Ivy

45. Lydia Clare

46. Lydia Phoebe

47. Lydia Colette

48. Lydia Camille

49. Lydia Shea

50. Lydia Skye

51. Lydia Vale

52. Lydia Opal

53. Lydia Iris

54. Lydia Sage

55. Lydia Lora

56. Lydia Elodie 

57. Lydia Tess

58. Lydia Eleanor

59. Lydia Maude

60. Lydia Lenore

61. Lydia Juliette

62. Lydia Ophelia

63. Lydia Lilith

64. Lydia Coraline

65. Lydia Paloma

66. Lydia Justine

67. Lydia Charlotte

68. Lydia Scarlett

69. Lydia Elowen

70. Lydia Deirdre

71. Lydia Rae

72. Lydia Pandora

73. Lydia Delphine

74. Lydia Rhiannon

75. Lydia Guinevere

76. Lydia Rowena

77. Lydia Seren

78. Lydia Jolie

79. Lydia Jess

80. Lydia Vivian

81. Lydia Dawn

82. Lydia Daphne

83. Lydia Minerva

84. Lydia Caitlin

85. Lydia Elodie 

86. Lydia Jade

87. Lydia Jay

88. Lydia Jean

89. Lydia Joy

90. Lydia Harper

91. Lydia Brynn

92. Lydia Rose

93. Lydia Carys

94. Lydia Marguerite

95. Lydia Noelle

96. Lydia Roisin

97. Lydia Tamara

98. Lydia Carol

99. Lydia Willow

100. Lydia Zora

101. Lydia Joan

102. Lydia Elizabeth

103. Lydia Eleanor

104. Lydia Brigid

105. Lydia Catherine

106. Lydia Isabelle

107. Lydia Hope

108. Lydia Leigh

109. Lydia Elara

110. Lydia Maxine

111. Lydia Naomi

112. Lydia Juliet

113. Lydia Karen

114. Lydia Molly

115. Lydia Rhys

116. Lydia Fleur

117. Lydia Pam

newborn sleeping in a basket

Names Similar To Lydia

If you love the name Lydia but for some reason can’t bring yourself to name your little one Lydia, here are some names that are similar. You can pick them as the alternative to Lydia.

1. Lily

2. Juliet

3. Penelope

4. Louisa

5. Audrey

6. Caroline

7. Violet 

8. Charlotte

9. Evelyn

10. Clara

Are Middle Names Necessary?

While middle names are not mandatory, they are necessary. Here’s why.

  • They give your child a unique identity. There’s always a possibility of your child finding someone in school with a similar first and last name. Therefore, the  middle name serves as the distinguisher between them.
  • It’s your chance to honor a particular individual in your life. Is there a relative whose name you would love Lydia to take? Or maybe it’s your best teacher who impacted your life significantly. You could use the middle name for that.
  • It’s a chance to add a touch of yourself. If you love sports, art, or music, you could add a touch of that to the middle name. You can give them the name of your favorite individual in that industry. Or something else related to it, like a team name. Go ahead, have fun.
  • It gives your child options. In the unfortunate case that your daughter doesn’t like her first name, she could use the middle name instead.
  • It could end that disagreement. If you both can’t agree on your child’s first name, you can keep both. One can serve as the middle name.

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Parting Shot

I hope our list of middle names for Lydia inspires you to get a perfect middle name for your little girl. Before you settle on any name, ensure there’s flow and rhythm. Also, confirm that the initials in usual and monogram forms don’t spell out anything offensive.

Lastly, ask those close to you what they think about it. They might notice something you have missed. All in all, enjoy the process.


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adorable middle names for Lydia

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