115 Modern Middle Names For Daphne

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Congratulations on choosing Daphne as a first name for your little princess. Naming a child is never an easy task; there’s so much to consider! Now, let’s help you get a suitable middle name for Daphne.

Daphne Name Meaning

The name Daphne is of Greek origin, and it means “laurel tree” or “bay tree”.

According to Greek mythology, Daphne was the nymph daughter of a river god named Peneus. Apollo, who was romantically obsessed with Daphne, pursued her.


Peneus saved her from his pursuits by turning her into a laurel tree. 

Now, while the name Daphne has a Greek origin, Americans consider it to be typically British.

This is because of the Daphne Moon character on Frasier and most recently Daphne Bridgerton on the romantic drama Bridgerton.

The name Daphne also has Hebrew roots. Daphne name meaning in Hebrew is victory.

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Daphne Name Popularity

The name Daphne has been around since the 19th century. While it has never been on the top 100 monikers in the US, it has almost always made top 1000.

In recent years, it was at its most popular in 2014, according to the Social Security Administration.

Variations of Daphne

  1. Daphnie
  2. Daphney
  3. Daphnee
  4. Dafne
  5. Dafneigh

Nicknames for Daphne

  1. Daph
  2. Daffie
  3. Daffy
  4. Daffi
  5. Dee
  6. Deedee

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The Best Middle Name For Daphne

  1. Daphne Louisa
  2. Daphne Eliza
  3. Daphne Rosamund
  4. Daphne Imogen
  5. Daphne Annabel
  6. Daphne Isobel
  7. Daphne Rosalind
  8. Daphne Seraphina
  9. Daphne Sharon
  10. Daphne Ivy
  11. Daphne Opal
  12. Daphne Pearl    
  13. Daphne Monique   
  14. Daphne Carys                               
  15. Daphne Alexis
  16. Daphne Paige
  17. Daphne Laine
  18. Daphne Madeline
  19. Daphne Magdalene
  20. Daphne Miriam
  21. Daphne Philippa
  22. Daphne Rosalind
  23. Daphne Rosamund
  24. Daphne Rosanna
  25. Daphne Rowena
  26. Daphne Serena
  27. Daphne Stella
  28. Daphne Susannah
  29. Daphne Sybil
  30. Daphne Sylvia
  31. Daphne Tabitha
  32. Daphne Theodora
  33. Daphne Brielle
  34. Daphne Lynn
  35. Daphne Cale
  36. Daphne Isabella
  37. Daphne Helena
  38. Daphne Elizabeth
  39. Daphne Grace
  40. Daphne Rosalynn
  41. Daphne Aurora
  42. Daphne Jane
  43. Daphne Caroline
  44. Daphne Margaret
  45. Daphne Laurel
  46. Daphne Astrid
  47. Daphne Heather    
  48. Daphne June
  49. Daphne Vivian
  50. Daphne Luna
  51. Daphne Camille
  52. Daphne Maeve
  53. Daphne Willow
  54. Daphne Pearl
  55. Daphne Eden
  56. Daphne Joy
  57. Daphne May
  58. Daphne Nadin       
  59. Daphne Lucille 
  60. Daphne Juliet        
  61. Daphne Howlite
  62. Daphne Moon
  63. Daphne Natalka
  64. Daphne Caris
  65. Daphne Lenore
  66. Daphne Abigail
  67. Daphne Olivia
  68. Daphne Leah
  69. Daphne Gemma
  70. Daphne Victoria
  71. Daphne  Josephine
  72. Daphne  Iris
  73. Daphne Oak
  74. Daphne Quinn
  75. Daphne Rose
  76. Daphne Clare/Clara
  77. Daphne Marina       
  78. Daphne Sienna
  79. Daphne Celia 
  80. Daphne Elisabeta 
  81. Daphne Sienna 
  82. Daphne Jay
  83. Daphne Gail
  84. Daphne Nova
  85. Daphne Rebecca
  86. Daphne Sue
  87. Daphne Rain
  88. Daphne Ray
  89. Daphne Cordelia
  90. Daphne Calista
  91. Daphne Matilda
  92. Daphne August
  93. Daphne Elise
  94. Daphne Ava 
  95. Daphne Adelaide 
  96. Daphne Tallulah 
  97. Daphne Victoria 
  98. Daphne Mischa 
  99. Daphne Moira 
  100. Daphne Erin 
  101. Daphne Alexandrine 
  102. Daphne Florentine
  103. Daphne Amelia
  104. Daphne Hope
  105. Daphne Christine
  106. Daphne Kate
  107. Daphne  Charlotte
  108. Daphne Eleanor
  109. Daphne Margo
  110. Daphne Jean
  111. Daphne Lois
  112. Daphne Viel
  113. Daphne Xavia
  114. Daphne Belle
  115. Daphne Antoinette

Names Similar to Daphne

  1. Delphine
  2. Daisy
  3. Dahlia
  4. Cordelia
  5. Aurora
  6. Astrid
  7. Elodie
  8. Dorothy
  9. Juniper
  10. Aurelia

Sibling Names for Daphne

Sisters: Audrey, Rose, Hazel, Violet, Scarlett, Laura, Zora, Fiona

Brothers: Oliver, Graham, Lincoln, Spencer, Luke, Rowan, Hayes, Craig

Are There Rules To Coming Up With Middle Names?

You might be wondering if there are rules to follow when picking a middle name for Daphne. Well, there are rules. However, it’s best to consider them as guidelines since you don’t necessarily have to follow them.

Sometimes you might want to honor someone special to you, so the rules don’t matter. The middle name could also be the compromise you and your spouse make if you disagree on the first name.

If neither of the above is your case, then here are some guidelines to follow.

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Guidelines To Coming Up With A Middle Name

Pay Attention to Syllables

Daphne is a 2-syllable name. It is best to pick a middle name with a different number of syllables to have some rhythm. Consider the rhythm for the first, middle and last name as a whole. Check out these examples:

  • 2-1-2: Thomas Kent Olson
  • 2-1-3: Nora Joy Sullivan
  • 2-3-2: Clara Beatrice Watson

However, you could choose to have similar syllables if the emphasis on each name is on different syllables.

For example, in the case of Sarah Colleen. The emphasis on Sarah is in the first syllable, while emphasis is on the second syllable of Colleen.

Consider Letter Combinations

It is best to have the middle name beginning with a different letter from the first name. This ensures that the name flows when said out loud.

Check the Order of Initials

What do the initials of Daphne’s full name spell? If they are offensive or funny and can be used to tease her, you might want to try another name.

Final Word

I hope you got a suitable middle name for Daphne from our list. If not, maybe it gave you an idea.

All in all, naming a child also involves other family members. Consult those close to you to help you decide.


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