What Is A Good Middle Name for Matthew?

middle names for matthew

So you’ve finally settled for Matthew as a first name? Fantastic choice! Matthew is a solid name that also has a softness to it.  Now to the next task; getting a great middle name for Matthew.

We’ve come up with an extensive list, and we hope you get one that you like.


Matthew Name Meaning

Matthew is a Hebrew name derived from Matityahu, which means “Gift of God” or “Gift of Yahweh.”

The name has a biblical origin as Matthew was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. He is also the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament, Matthew.

Despite being an old-time moniker, Matthew never goes out of style. It has remained fresh over the years and has been quite popular.

According to the Social Security Administration, Matthew has been on the top 100 names in the U.S. since 1956.

The highest number recorded was in 1983, with over 50,000 registered. In 2020, it came in at number 30.

middle names for matthew

International Variants of Matthew

  1. Matthieu (French)
  2. Matthaeus (German)
  3. Matteo (Italian)
  4. Mattathias or Matthias (Greek)
  5. Mateo (Spanish)
  6. Maitias (Celtic)
  7. Matej (Czech)
  8. Matteus (Portuguese)
  9. Mateusz (Polish)
  10.  Matvei (Russian)
  11. Mathias (Scandinavian) 
  12. Mata (Gaelic)

The other variant is Mathew, which is a less popular spelling to the name.


Nicknames for Matthew

  1. Matt
  2. Matty
  3. Mato

Girl Version of Matthew

  1. Mattea

Sibling Names for Matthew

Brothers: David, Joshua, James, Phillip, Brandon, Jacob, Nathan, William

Sisters: Emily, Sarah, Jessica, Emma, Megan, Amanda, Madeline, Ashley

Cool Middle Names For Matthew


  1. Matthew Lucas
  2. Matthew Connor
  3. Matthew Ryan
  4. Matthew George
  5. Matthew Elliott
  6. Matthew Leonard
  7. Matthew Layton
  8. Matthew Lucas
  9. Matthew Levi
  10. Mathew Owen
  11. Matthew Christopher
  12. Matthew Edward
  13. Matthew Reid
  14. Matthew Ernest
  15. Matthew Kyle
  16. Matthew Shuarn
  17. Matthew Leonard
  18. Matthew Layton
  19. Matthew Will
  20. Matthew Quinn
  21. Matthew Clark
  22. Matthew Ivor
  23. Matthew Grey
  24. Matthew Tom
  25. Matthew Percy
  26. Matthew Kade 
  27. Matthew Albert 
  28. Matthew Zane
  29. Matthew Rys
  30. Matthew Christopher
  31. Matthew Cale
  32.  Matthew Scott
  33. Matthew Cole
  34. Matthew Daniel
  35. Matthew David
  36. Matthew Ryan
  37. Matthew Joel
  38. Matthew Cohen
  39. Matthew Kyle
  40. Matthew Walker
  41. Matthew Evander
  42. Matthew Peregrine
  43. Matthew Logan
  44. Matthew Benedict
  45. Matthew Bernard
  46. Matthew Lewis
  47. Matthew Finn
  48. Matthew Phineas
  49. Matthew Levi
  50. Matthew Lark
  51. Matthew Stephen
  52. Matthew Arden
  53. Matthew Corbin
  54. Matthew Zennon/Zen
  55. Matthew Brody
  56. Matthew Chase
  57. Matthew Kane
  58. Matthew Robert
  59. Matthew McCartney
  60. Matthew Lennon
  61. Matthew Jett
  62. Matthew Gideon 
  63. Matthew Leif
  64. Matthew Phillip
  65. Matthew Timotheus
  66. Matthew Hans
  67. Matthew Zacharias/Zachariah
  68. Matthew West
  69. Matthew Phoenix
  70. Matthew River
  71. Matthew Nicolai
  72. Matthew Valor
  73. Matthew Lester
  74. Matthew Reginald
  75. Matthew Rhett
  76. Matthew Vaughn
  77. Matthew Franklin
  78. Matthew Adam
  79. Matthew Homer
  80. Matthew Rory
  81. Matthew Reed
  82. Matthew River
  83. Matthew Miles
  84. Matthew Sky
  85.  Matthew Lawrence
  86. Matthew Lake
  87. Matthew Anthony
  88. Matthew Elliott
  89.  Matthew James
  90.  Matthew Tyler
  91. Matthew Dean 
  92. Matthew Blake
  93. Matthew BryceF
  94. Matthew Byron
  95. Matthew Devon
  96. Matthew Derrin
  97. Matthew Orion
  98. Matthew Finnegan
  99. Matthew Quill
  100. Matthew Ezekiel
  101. Matthew Neil
  102.  Matthew Tristan

Tips To Help You Choose a Middle Name for Matthew

Use a Name that’s Special to You

If you have someone special to you whose name you want to use, a middle name is perfect for that.

You might also want to continue using the name in your family.

Listen To How It Sounds

Say the full name aloud and be keen on how it sounds. Does it flow, or is it difficult to say? If it sounds weird, you could consider trying a different name.

If you’re not sure about how it sounds, ask your close friends or family.

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You Can Have Two Instead

If you can’t seem to settle on one middle name, you can always have two.

While this is not common, it is allowed. But don’t go beyond two middle names, as you might complicate things.

Consider Their Nickname

The initials of your child’s first and middle name could make their nickname.

If that’s of interest to you, you should pick a letter that will go well with M, such as M.J.

Famous People Named Matthew

  • Matthew McConaughey, Actor and producer
  • Matthew Gray Gubler, Actor
  • Matthew Perry, Actor and comedian
  • Matthew Bomer (popularly known as Matt Bomer), Actor
  • Matthew LeBlanc (Matt LeBlanc), Actor and comedian
  • Matthew Hasselbeck (Matt Hasselbeck), Former Football quarterback
  • Matthew Damon (Matt Damon), Actor
  • Matthew Arnold, English Victorian poet. Also, a literary and social critic

Wrapping Up

With our list of great middle name for Matthew, you sure can’t miss one that you like. If not, then apply our tips, and you will undoubtedly come up with a suitable name.

That said, don’t stress yourself out. The first and last name are what is commonly used so they matter the most. 


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