Middle Names for Miles/Myles That Are Perfect

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Getting a middle name for your child is not an affair to be taken lightly. Many middle names have grown to be favorites for many people. Child naming is an art, and many cultures and people take it with a lot of seriousness. If you’re looking for middle names for Miles/Myles, it’s best to choose a moniker that the little man will be proud of all their life.

When you have a stylish name like Miles or Myles with a ‘y’, getting a middle name can be a walk in a park or a herculean task, depending on where you’re looking.

This list here will give you enough options for middle names for Myles/Miles for you to choose from.

Miles Name Meaning

Name and origin of the name Miles/Myles

The name Miles/Myles is a multi-origin name with roots in Latin, German, and Hebrew.

In Latin, Myles means ‘soldier.’ In German, the name Miles is derived from the old German word ‘mil,’ whose meaning is ‘beloved.’

Miles also traces its roots to Hebrew and the old biblical times. Miles name meaning in Hebrew is “Who is like God?” or “Gift from God.

Whether you identify more with the Hebrew, the German, or the Latin meaning of Miles/Myles, it is a beautiful name that deserves an equally classy middle name.

middle names that go with miles/myles

Why Give A Middle Name? 

While it may seem sufficient to give a child just one name, some families have made it a tradition to give their children two names before the surname.

Tradition is a beautiful thing, and no one wants to be the one who broke the chain.

Middle names are also given in the case where the first name is common among many family members.

Using a middle name is a wonderful name to distinguish between dozens of cousins called Michael if you have several Michaels.

For many, a middle name is used to honor a family member or friend who’s impacted the parent’s life. It could be your beloved grandmother, the grand-aunt you adore, or the nurse who received your baby after a difficult labor.

If you feel indebted to honor someone by giving your baby their name without losing your own selected first name, a middle name is a perfect opportunity to do that.

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How Do You Choose A Middle Name?

Before picking a middle name for your child, ensure that it rhymes well with their other monikers. You can choose a middle name that would rhyme with Miles/Myles, such as Gyles and Styles.

If the rhyme seems too corny for you, there are hundreds of other names that would perfectly go with this stylish moniker. Below I have shared middle names that go with Miles.

You should also consider the number of syllables in the middle name you’re choosing for your baby. If the first name is long with four syllables or more, it’d be wise to choose a name with lesser syllables.

Before settling on a name, write it down and sound it out to get a clear picture of how they sound together. Sometimes, what we think would be a great name ends up sounding weird when said out loud.

Do not ignore the meaning of names as you choose a name for your little prince. Some name meanings may be funny, abusive, or outrightly diabolical. A name like Gulliver sounds great, but on further searching, the moniker means ‘Gluton.’

You don’t want your son to discover the meaning of his middle name when he’s older and end up hating you for it.

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Middle Names That Go With Miles

Myles Giles

Giles is derived from the Greek name ‘aigidon,’ and it means ‘kid,’ a young goat.’

Myles Stiles/Styles

Styles is an English name that means ‘Up a steep hill.”

Niles is a wonderful Scandinavian name that rhymes with Myles. The meaning of Niles is ‘Son of Neil’

Myles Willes

Willes is a unique middle name that goes with Miles. The name Willes means “The son of William.’

Myles Ace

Ace is of Latin origin, and it means “one, unity.”

Myles Alix

The name Alix is Alix is a derivative of Alexandra or Alice. It’s of Germanic origin, and its meaning is ‘of a noble kind.’

Miles Angus

Angus is a Celtic middle name perfect for Miles. Angus means ‘One.’

Miles Ansel

Ansel is a unique middle name of both English and German origin. In English, the name means ‘Follower of a nobleman’ while its German meaning is ‘God’s helmet.’

Myles Apollo

Apollo is a strong Geek name meaning “destroyer.’

Myles Archer

Archer is an English name that means ‘Bowman.’

Myles Ardath

Ardath is a gorgeous Hebrew name perfect as a middle name for Miles. Ardath means ‘Flowering field.’

Myles Bryson

Bryson means ‘descendant of Bryce.’ This name is perfect if you have a Bryce in your lineage that you would like to honor.

Myles Calder

Originating from old English, the middle name Calder means ‘rough waters; stream.’

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Unique Middle Names Perfect for Miles

Myles Callum

Callum is a Scottish name that means ‘Dove.’

Myles Chauncey

Chauncey is a unique name that can be used as a middle name for Myles. Chauncey means ‘Chancellor.’

Myles Duke

The name Duke means ‘leader’ and is of Latin origin.

Myles Elvis

Elvis is a Scandinavian name that means ‘All-Wise.’

Myles Gunner

Gunner is a strong boy’s name of Scandinavian Origin. The meaning of Gunner is ‘strong warrior.’

Myles Maverick

Maverick means ‘Independent.’ It’s a perfect rhyme for the name Myles.

Myles Wilbur

Wilbur is a classy German name that means ‘Resolute, brilliant.’


So, what’s in a name? Everything. A middle name is not an appendage to your baby’s name. Choose it as diligently as you would the first name. Make sure that the middle name for Miles/Myles that you choose for your little man will make him proud to answer to it every single day.


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