4 Letter Boy Names Perfect For Your Little Man

baby with 4 letter boy names

The responsibility of naming another human being can be exciting or stressful, or both. There may be some pressure to give your baby boy a family name, while you’d want to give him 4 letter boy names of your choice.

However, naming your child is the one thing that should never stress you.

Trying to find the perfect four letter boy names can be a little bit challenging, but it can also be an enjoyable experience for you and your partner.

Things to consider when choosing four letter boy names

Once you have decided you will give your son 4 letter baby boy names, there are some tips you need to put into consideration to make sure you land on that perfect name.

Meaning of the name you intend to pick

In some states, the law prohibits parents from naming their children after anything that was considered a historical problem. For instance, Adolf Hitler.

Does the name have multiple spellings?

Different countries may have different spellings for a specific name. A change in the spelling in important documents may be disastrous.

Once you have settled on your desired spelling, stick to it. Also, teach your baby when they start school your preferred spelling, so they are aware of their correct name.

What are the possible nicknames?

Most 4 letter boy names are short, so they may not have a nickname. However, some may have potential nicknames.

Examine all the nicknames to the name you choose and make sure it is something you and your child will like.

A nickname should also match with the last name.

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Consider the uniqueness

Everyone loves to have something unique. It is no different with baby names.

Parents want their babies to have unique four-letter baby names.  However, a name that is too unique can have some shortcomings.

One, if it is too hard to pronounce or spell, some people will avoid it altogether.

Your baby may have to repeat and spell it out each time over and over all through life.

It’s annoying having to spell and pronounce your name every time. Heck! They may even hate going to Starbucks because of their name!

Think about sibling names

Some parents want to give their children names that start with a given letter of the alphabet.

For example, you may name your girl Reign and boy, Ryan.

Both of these names start with the letter R. Others want their children to have names that sound well together.

Once you have put a check on the above tips, its time to get started in your search to find the perfect 4 letter boy names for your baby.

Unique 4 Letter Boy Names

Without further ado, here is our list of four letter boy names and their meanings.


Abel is a biblical 4 letter boy name. He and his brother Cain were the sons of Adam and Eve.

Jealous got the better part of his brother Cain, who murdered him. Abel has Hebrew origins meaning “breath.”


It is the shorter variation of the Greek name Alexander.  Alex is a common name among German and English speakers.

This moniker means “defender of mankind.”


With Greek origins meaning “strong and manly,” the name Andy is a nickname for Andrew, Anderson, and Andreas.


A Muslim baby boy name meaning “honorable judge, one who judges fairly.”


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Meaning “father of peace,” this moniker is becoming quite popular in the US.

We think Axel would be the ideal baby boy’s name. It sounds cool and edgy to us.


With Spanish roots, Cruz means “the cross of the Christ or crucifix. Cruz is the Spanish word for cross.

The cross is a Christian symbol and would make the perfect 4 letter biblical boy names there is. Other spellings of the name are Cruse, Cruize, Kruzz, and Cruiz.


In Gaelic, Finn means “white or fair.” With Irish origins, it would seem the name is more popular in Ireland than any other place.

On the contrary, the moniker is more prevalent in the United States and Germany.

Finn sounds pretty cool, and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick such a sophisticated baby boy name.


So, you love the name Ezekiel, but you don’t like how long it is? You don’t have to settle for less, and the shortened version is even chicer – Zeke.

Pronounced as /ZIK/, Zeke is such a beautiful name that means ‘Gid strengthens.’


Zeki is a beautiful and unique Turkish name that’s excellent for parents who are seeking an exotic 4-letter name for their little champ.

The name Zeki means clever or intelligent, and it’s such a cool name. You’ll surely get lots of “what does that mean?” if you adopt it. 


If you’re searching for a boy name that signifies strength, power, and strong leadership, you’ll not go wrong with German names such as Rudy.

Rudy means famous wolf. Wolves are known for their instincts and strong leadership. 

baby with 4 letter boy names


Names starting with A are great for first names, and Arlo is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a moniker for your son.

Arlo is derived from Anglo-Saxon words that mean troops, army, or fortified. 


This name is derived from the English name ‘doughty,’ which means ‘brave and persistent.’

Doty is a shortened version of this word, and it makes for a perfect name for a little boy.

It’s also easy to pronounce, and your little boy will not have trouble saying it. 


When you get a tiny human to take care of, you have pledged to be there for them in every season of their lives – and to have your heart running around on two feet.

Gaige is a beautiful name that means ‘oath, pledge.’ Let your son know you always have his back with this gorgeous Old French name. It can also be spelled as Gaige. 


Bodh is a lovely Hindi and Sanskrit virtue name that is great for parents searching for a name with a profound meaning.

Bodh means ‘awakening or enlightenment. Parenthood will be an intense awakening for you, so this name is appropriate whether you are a first-time mom or another arrow in your quiver.

This name can also be spelled as Bodhi if you desire a five-letter name.


Allan is a classic Irish name that hasn’t lost popularity despite continuous usage over the years.

It’s perfect as a first name, and it means handsome and cheerful. 


Ryan never gets old, and it’s classy whether it’s being answered to by a toddler or a middle-aged man.

Ryan is a Gaelic name that means little king. It makes much sense since you’re bringing up a little prince. 


Names with a religious meaning are popular and loved by many parents as they portray warm wishes and prayers for the child.

Ivan is such a name, and it means God is gracious. It claims its origin from Slavic and Hebrew. 


We all want our babies to prosper and own half the world, and what a better way to express this desire than to give them a name that says just that.

Otto is a German name that means ‘wealth and prosperity.” 


For the parents who are fans of mythological names, Odin would be a superb choice.

Odin is a name derived from Scandinavian mythology, and it referred to the God of war, wisdom, and the creator of the cosmos.

Odin was deemed extremely handsome, inspirational and a little filled with rage. If this is something you’d feel is inspiring, this name would be great for a strong boy. 


Ludo is a German name whose meaning is a famous fighter. A Ludo will be fearless and unafraid to take on new tasks.

Who knows, he might also grow to be the family ludo champion. 


There’s something beautiful and divine about Hebrew names; how cute is Aviv? If your little champ makes his grand entrance in spring or in March and April, Aviv is a brilliant pick. Avivi means ‘springtime”.


Do you like the name Jacob but feel it’s a little too generic? Well, you can spice it up by switching it with its Spanish version, Jago.

It’s a classy alternative that you will not find with many. Jago means, ‘supplanter or one who displaces.’’ 


Jaln is a Greek name that is growing in popularity around the world. The meaning of Jaylon is ‘calm.’

The little guy might not very ‘Jalny’ the first few weeks of life, as he struggles with sleep patterns and colic, but trust the process, he soon will. A longer version of this name would be Jaylon. 


If you want your boy to grow up with leadership traits, maybe you should consider this powerful baby boy name.

Meaning “head or leader,” the name is a representation of a courageous man.

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Phil is the nickname for Philip. In the Bible, Philip was one of the twelve apostles.

If you are on the search for a 4 letter biblical baby boy name, this is ideal. It is also a timeless boy name that never feels old school.


With Hebrew origins, the name Ezra means “helper.” If you want you little man to embrace the true meaning of his name, and help those around him, Ezra it is.


The name is currently one of the popular names in the United States. Liam is a nickname for William, meaning “determined guardian.”


Meaning “young fighter,” the name has Celtic origins. With your son bearing this name, he will be able to go after what he wants no matter what. Well, because his name means so.


The name is derived from Jefferson, Geoffrey, and Jeffrey. However, if you want a four letter boy name, Jeff is perfect. The moniker means “pledge of peace.”


Hands up if you know anyone called John. I bet you know someone named John. John is a classic baby boy that never goes out of fashion.

It’s a Hebrew name meaning ‘Yahweh is gracious.” John is a book in the Bible, and he was also a saint.

There are lots of famous people who bear this name, such as Johnny Depp and former President John F. Kennedy, just to mention a few.

Some variations of John are Jon and Johnny.


Meaning “Jehovah is God, strong-willed.” It is also a book in the Bible.


Seth was the third baby boy of Adam and Eve. He was the replacement of Abel, who was killed by his brother Cain.

The name means “anointed, compensation.”


Jarn is one of the famous names of Australian, Swedish origin that has now been widely used worldwide. Jarn means ‘he will sing,’ and who knows, you might be rearing the next Beethoven. 

You can also add ‘o’ the name Jarn to make Jaron, pronounced as “JA-RAHN,” a beautiful Israeli name.

It means ‘cry of rejoicing,’ and if getting this child was a long borne cry of your heart, this name will be just perfect. 


Keon is a multi-ethnic name that claims its origin from both Irish and Hebrew.

Its meaning in both languages is “God is gracious.’ Keon can also be pronounced as Keyon should you desire a five-letter name. 


Kael is a Gaelic name that means ‘slender and fair.’ It might not be possible to predict how exactly the baby will look like when they are older, but if you’re slender, there are very high chances that they will look like you.

If your BFF, a favorite uncle, or their grandpa is slim and fair, it’s a lovely way to honor them. 


Irish and Gaelic names are among the most popular in the baby names’ world, and it’s not without reason.

Flyn is an Irish name that means ‘one with a ruddy complexion.’ Give it a little more flair by writing it with a double ‘n.’ 


When you mix French and Greek, be sure to expect a masterpiece of a name both in sound and meaning.

Dion is such a blend, and it means “child of heaven and earth.” Do they get more elegant than that?


River Nile in Egypt is the longest river in the world.  There is something magic about flowing water.

River water seems to bring a calming effect offering breathtaking sights.

If you love the outdoors, consider this four letter baby boy name for your little man.

Just like a river, the name Nile smoothly flows and will combine well with your son’s other moniker.


A nickname for Nicholas, the moniker means “conqueror of the people.”

More sophisticated 4 letter boy names














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Your son will carry his name all through this life; ensure it is a name you and him are proud of. When going for 4 letter boy names, pick a longer middle name. This helps to balance out things.

Let us know in the comments section your favorite four letter boy names and which ones you love from our baby name list.

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