Powerful Anime Girl Names And Their Meanings

female anime names

Are you expecting and looking for a name for your little girl? Have you thought about anime-themed names?

Different people seek names from various origins and meanings, and if you have been toying with the idea of giving your little girl an anime girl name, this is for you. 

anime girl names

Anime is an animated work that traces its origin to Japan.

These computer animations are mostly hand-drawn, and they are a favourite for grown-ups and babies alike.  

Getting an anime name is unique in many ways, and getting an exotic Japanese name is top of the list.

Anime names are notable and classy; your little girl will definitely be turning heads whenever you call her.

You don’t even have to be a fan of anime to pick any of these names; they are cool enough to be anyone’s favourite. 

All these names are of Japanese origin; their deep meanings and incredible sound will leave you spoiled for choice.

Anime Names for Girls

Kyoko:  Are you praying that your little girl mirrors all things beautiful? Then give her this Japanese name that means ‘mirrir.’

Airi : The name is derived from two words, ‘ai,’ which means love and affection, and ‘ri,’ which also means ‘love and affection.’ 

Miyuki: Every little girl is a beautiful blessing and giving her this name is a daily reminder of that. Guess what it means? ‘Wonderful blessing!’

Kaori: Are you looking for anime girl names with three syllables? Kaori is a perfect pick; it means “weaving” or “fragrance” in Japanese. 

Asuka: Asuka smells as sweet as it sounds. It’s derived from the Japanese words “tomorrow” and “perfume.” 

Aimi: This Japanese anime name is made from the words, “ai” meaning ‘love and affection’ and “mi,” which means “beautiful. The name translates to ‘beautiful love.”

Kiyomi: What would you call a little girl who’s a “pure beauty? Kiyomi, it means precisely that. 

Kei: Kei is a short and cute name perfect for parents looking for a two-syllable name. It means blessing, jewel, or square jewel.

Riko: Riko is a beautiful virtue name that is excellent for the parents seeking a unique anime name. It means either “child of truth”  and “Jasmine.”


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Rin: Single syllable names are perfect in any language, and Rin is a testament to that. The name Rin means ‘dignified’ in Japanese. 

Makoto: Truth or sincerity 

Hana: This beautiful name means “flower” in Japanese, and it’s perfect for your little girl.

Hinata: Flower names are common in many languages. The moniker Hinata is Japanese for sunflower, and it’s perfect for your little girl. 

Sana: Sometimes, you want a name that is a true reflection of your little girl, and Sana which means ‘brilliant’ is perfect.  

Female Anime Character Names

Hikari: Hikari is a Japanese unisex name that’s popular with girls. It means “light.”

Aoi: If you want one of the female anime names that are flower-themed, the name Aoi means holly flower.”

Hiro: For the parents looking for virtue anime girl names, this moniker which means ‘generous’ is an attractive choice. This can also be a unisex name. 

Akira: The name Akira means “clear, brilliant, or bright.’ 

Yuki: This is a classy name derived from both Japanese anime films as well as real life meaning  “snow” and “happiness.”

Aoki: This name means ‘green tree’ and is perfect if you’re searching for a nature-themed name. 

Shizuka: Shizuka is derived from two Japanese words, “Shizu and “ka.” Shizu means “quiet” and ka, which means part “summer” or “fragrance.” It can be translated to mean “quiet summer fragrance.”

Yumi: Perfect for your little fighter, the Japanese name Yumi means ‘arrow.’ It’s also a merge of the two words, ‘Yu,’ which means “friend,” and ‘mi’ meaning  “beautiful.” It’s perfect for your new favourite beautiful friend.

Chie: Giving your child a name that portrays your prayer for them is excellent, and this one is a perfect example.  Chie means “wise.”

Seibā: Virtue names are timeless, and they never get out of fashion. This name that means “truth” is one of them.

Akeno: As beautiful as the sunrise gains a literal meaning with this name that means “beautiful sunrise.”

Beautiful Anime Girl Names 

Mikasa: Mikasa is a blend of three Japanese words, ‘Mi’ that means “beautiful,” ‘sa that means “blossom,” and ka, which means “fragrance.” If you can’t make up what of the three beautiful words to call your daughter, well, you can take all three. 

Kushina: Kushina is a shortened form of Kushinadahime, which is quite a mouthful if you aren’t keen on 6-syllable names. The name means “beautiful black stone.”

Asami: (Japanese origin) – this name can either mean “hemp” or “future.”

Aina: The gorgeous little eyes need a mention, and the name Aina is perfect for the tiny human with beautiful eyes. It means ‘beautiful-eyed woman.” 

Motoko: Are you a fan of the Manga series? Well, you will love this cool name. It’s also rich in meaning, “resourceful child.”

Ami: This is one of the anime girl names of Latin origin that  means “beloved.”

Touka: Names that reflect good fragrance are sweet and classy; just how beautiful is this name? 

Usagi: Animal names have been given to humans for decades, and this name means “rabbit” It is terrific for the mommy who’s into bunnies. 

Aiko: There’s no love like the one you’ll have for your little one, and it’ll help to give her a name that will remind her of that daily. Aiko means “little loved one.”

Hoshi: Two-syllable names are always adorable, and this moniker means “star,” which is quite the catchy name. 

Dai: Pronounced as ‘dah-ee’ is a popular anime name that means “large, to shine.” It’s a unisex name popular with girls. 

powerful anime girl names

Powerful Anime Girl Names

Aki: Aki is a nature-inspired anime name that means “autumn” or “bright.” 

Eri: Anime girl names are inspirational; they represent strength and character. Eri is a Japanese name that means ‘blessing.”

Ai: Ai is a short and cute anime girl name derived from the word “love.”

Kiko: Kiko is a perfect two-syllable anime-inspired name that means ‘be glad, rejoice.’

Keiko: This is a three-syllable version of the name Kiko.  

Izumi: Nature-inspired names are incredibly cool, and they are great for parents who are into nature and natural-themed names. The name means “fountain” or ‘spring.”

Kamiko: This name takes the badge for remarkable monikers, and it’s a beautiful name for a well-deserving girl. It means “little goddess.”

Michiko: Michiko means ‘beautiful, wise child” or” child of a thousand beauties.” What’s not to love? 

Mizuki: Nature always gives us the best names; Mizuki means “beautiful moon.”

Miwa: This famous anime girl name means “beauty or harmony.” 

Aina: Weaning is coming, and she might not love your broccoli. Maybe giving her a name that means “she who loves vegetables’ might help.’ 

Chiyo: This name would be a fantastic choice for the parent who has been keen on tracking the family tree. It means “one thousand generations.” It can also be a prayer for your child’s future generations. 

Chiyoko: Chiyoko is an extended version of the name Chiyo, with the same meaning. If you love this name, you can choose the syllables you prefer. 

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female anime names

Cute Anime Names For Girls With Meanings

Sakurako: A beautiful name inspired by nature that means. “Cherry blossom.”

Sakura: This is a diminutive of Sakurako and has a similar meaning. 

Sora: Sora means “Sky.” It’s a beautiful name for the parents who want Japanese anime girl names for their child. 

Emi: Every child is a blessing, and it’s perfectly alright to give your child a name that reflects that. The name Emi means, “great blessing”.

Yori: Names with a virtuous meaning never go out of fashion. Yori is one of them and it means “Reliable.” 

Daiki: The word ‘Daiki’ in Japanese means “noble and great.”

Daisuke: Nobody wants a lazy child, and if you’re hoping that your baby will be your happy little helper, this name is appropriate. Daisuke means “very helpful.”

Ayaka: Ayaka is a gorgeous name for a lovely little girl, which means “vibrant flower.”

Chinatsu: Are you expecting a summer baby girl? The name Chinatsu is excellent for her; it means “a thousand seasons of summer.”

Chiharu: Honouring the season that you got your little girl is a beautiful way to get a meaningful name. Give your spring baby the name Chiharu, which means “a thousand seasons of spring.”

Atsushi: This is a strong anime girl name that means “leader.”

Amaterasu: The little angel has arrived, and you’re looking for a divine name; Amaterasu is yours for the taking. This lovey named means “shining heaven.” 

Arata: Sometimes, a baby brings in newness, freshness and a promise to wipe away your tears. This name is a beautiful one that means “new” or “fresh.”

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Anime Girl Names With Dark Meanings

Sometimes, newborn babies would be given ugly baby names in some Japanese cultures. This was believed would scare evil spirits and the baby would be safe.

The name would then be changed to a much desirable one later in life. These names with dark meanings have been used in anime characters who often play an evil role.

Here are some of such female anime names with dark meanings:

Shuurai: Means lighting

Koumori: In a normal world, no parent would ever want to call their child a bat like what this name means.

Kietsu: The name means ghost

Rin: Means cold.

Leiko: One who is arrogant.

Chi: Literally means blood in Japanese.


Anime girl names are cool and classy, and choosing a moniker for your baby girl will be fun and exciting. The name meanings will lead you to make the right choice. 

Japanese names may have very different meanings in other languages, such as Swahili. It’s perfectly okay if you want to cross-check the name meaning in another language to avoid awkward moments.


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