Do Men Go To Baby Showers? Everything You Need To Know

A baby shower party food setting

The world has come a long way from strict gender roles. Be that as it may, baby showers are still almost always women-only affairs.

It’s as though there is some unspoken etiquette that doesn’t allow men in. But again, do men go to baby showers?

Therefore, when planning or hosting a baby shower, you might have a couple of questions on your mind.

Do fathers attend baby showers? What do guys do during a baby shower? Can I put them on the guest list?

This article will help you get clarity on these issues and more. Let’s get right into it.


Can Baby Showers Be Co-ed? 

Do guys go to baby showers? Yes, they do. More and more people nowadays are opting for co-ed baby showers.

Instead of women-only affairs, men get to be part of the celebrations as well. The baby shower is one of the most momentous occasions before the new baby arrives.

Mommy-to-be will want to share the special time with her friends and family. 

Sometimes daddy-to-be will want the same. After all, they are in this together. So they both get to invite people close to them to share in their journey as they become parents. 

A baby shower party food setting

Why Do Men Go To Baby Showers?

Here are some of the reasons why co-ed baby showers are a good thing.

Daddy gets involved from the get-go

In some cases, the woman has to take full care of baby-related things while the hubby takes care of the garbage (read that barbecue).

Because of this, many couples fight over parenting issues. Having daddy in the baby shower may help him become a more involved father, even before fatherhood begins.

More love to go around

The point of a baby shower is to support and share the love with the expecting parents as they prepare for the new arrival.

Letting men join in may create a warmer, more loving atmosphere. It allows everyone to be able to show their love and excitement for the joyous new arrival. 

Why Are Dads Left Out Of Baby Showers?

Sometimes a simple no is an answer to the question, do husbands attend baby showers? And for a good reason too, here’s why: 

Women intimate discussions

The baby shower is not always just fun and games. Sometimes it’s an opportunity for women to be honest and open with the new mommy about what to expect during and after birth.

Some of these issues may involve intricate details about unmentionables. Therefore, guys may find it uncomfortable being there.

There’s a lot of anxiety that comes with childbirth. Thus, to help the new mother cope, other moms will sometimes discuss their own birth stories, in detail too, which might be too much for some men.

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Do men go to baby showers? People cheers

If Invited, Do Guys Attend Baby Showers?

It’s not surprising to see men attending a baby shower, unlike traditionally where fathers never attended such events.

If you decide to invite men for the shower, you don’t want to waste invites. Understandably you will want to know if it’s worth inviting them.

Depending on how well you know the men to invite, they may or not be comfortable with the idea.

The best way to save yourself from unanswered invites is to do a combined Mr. and Mrs. invite. Sort of a two for the price of one deal.

What Do Guys Do At Baby Showers? 

Men do the usual stuff that is done during a baby shower. They can play some fun games for everyone, for example, off to the hospital rush race or have couples change a diaper while holding hands.

There is no limit to the activities you can do that will keep everyone happy. Oh! They also give gifts.

Since co-ed showers are relatively new, the host needs to consider appropriate activities for both genders. Most baby shower ideas will typically be for women only activities.

Therefore, you will want to switch things up a little bit and have activities that cater to both genders.

What The Best Theme For A Co-ed Party? 

There’s no best theme for a co-ed shower. You can choose to go with any theme regardless of whether you invite men or not. 

That said, if you are worried about it, go for gender-neutral party themes and shades. You don’t have to stick to the traditional indoor themes.

You can go as casual as you like with a co-ed shower. For instance, having a barbecue or picnic can be fun for both moms and dads.

This goes for the invitation too. Since you are going non-traditional, you might as well make the invitation in the same way. Opt for a simple gender neutral invite. 

You may also want to think about the party favors. Chances are men won’t find the cherub shaped bath salts as appealing.

Try to think of some of out of box ideas, for instance, mini liquor bottles or personalized coasters that appeal to both genders.

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What Should Guys Bring To A Baby Shower? 

Do dads go to baby showers? Sure they do. Do they always know what to bring? Well, that’s up for debate. Women mostly know the kind of gifts that will help mom and baby; on the other hand, men, not so much. 

Nowadays, dads are getting involved in parenting, but there are still lots of them who don’t know much about baby stuff.

To avoid getting a room full of comics or toys at your baby shower, it would help to have a gift registry.

You can also get the guys to bring gifts for dad too. That way, when you open the presents, it won’t be a mommy fest.

There are many gift options for daddies, like sports team diaper bags or coffee hampers. You can even have a different registry for the male guest list too.

Do guys go to baby showers?

What Should I Serve At A Co-ed Baby Shower?

There’s no reason why you can’t serve the same traditional food and drinks that you find at any other baby shower.

That said, hearty food is always welcome with the guys, so it can also be a good idea to have a fuller meal on the table as well. 

If the idea of a co-ed shower does not appeal to you. Here are some ideas to get dads involved. 

Dad baby shower

Instead of having the shower for mum and dad combined, you can have separate showers for the two. Dad-to-be can have his shower, strictly for guys.

Fathers need support too. Therefore, having other guy friends and family get together to share their dad stories may help.

Men aren’t likely to enjoy the oohs, the cry fest, and all the mushy stuff at baby showers. Thus, their separate shower will help them open up in a manly way and allow the dad-to-be to process anxiety. 

Diaper party

Get the men to get together at the same time that the baby shower is on. But instead of mingling, have them in a separate room. For example, they can watch sports, drink, and hang around while waiting for the ladies. 

To Sum It Up

So to answer your question, do men go to baby showers? It all boils down to the parents to be preferences. More and more people are going for it. And it would certainly be a fun-filled day for both parents to be.


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