The Best Baby Monitors That Work With iPhones

A baby sleeping with a baby monitor that connects to iphones

Technology enables us to achieve many things both at work and at home. If you are expecting a new baby and have an iPhone, want to buy the best baby monitors that work with iPhones.

As a parent, making sure your child is safe at all times is essential. When you get a video monitor, you will be able to go on with your life comfortably while tracking what your baby is doing.

Being a mother myself, I understand the challenge of finding a reliable baby monitor compatible with iPhone. If you are sailing in this boat, here are some of the brands I highly recommend as a tech mom who loves her iPhone.

Baby Monitor, VAVA

A baby monitor that works with iPhones
1812-good When searching for baby monitors working with iOS, I was attracted to the VAVA Baby Monitor. Being a new parent, the one thing I struggled with is sleep as I am a heavy sleeper. VAVA alarm high set is loud that even the heaviest of sleepers cannot fail to hear it.

The product allows you to be able to watch your child up to 900 feet. If you live in a large house with thick walls, this is an option that will come in handy.

When it comes to children, you need a product that is sturdy and reliable. The VAVA baby monitor is durable and will serve you for the longest time.

What makes the baby monitor a must-have gadget is the auto circulation of the baby’s room. This allows you to have a quick scan to reassure you; your young one is safe.


  • 8 levels to control the volume and brightness
  • Auto circulating view of the room
  • Pan and tilt
  • Quality sound sensitivity


  • The night vision can use some improvements.
  • Has a green light which is visible when dark

Wansview Wireless Baby Monitor

a reliable baby monitor compatible with iPhone.

This cute little gadget supports remote access through mobile apps from anywhere. The camera has a micro SD card slot that enables one to save and replay videos in the app without having to take the camera out.

Better yet, there is the choice to store all your videos on cloud. In case the baby monitor is stolen, you can access your videos.

The monitor comes with HD top quality live video streaming. Furthermore, you can zoom live feeds which lets you check exactly what is happening in your baby’s room by the minute. The two-way talking mechanism offers perfect voice clarity at both ends.


  • Provides instant alerts
  • Excellent camera
  • It supports calls
  • Great night vision


  • Doesn’t connect easily to Wi-Fi.
  • The beeps can be a little too loud for some people

Arlo Baby Monitor

Bunny looking baby monitors that work with iPhone

In my quest to land the best baby monitor that connects with iPhones, I came across the Arlo Baby monitor. The baby monitor can be customized to suit your baby’s nursery décor due to its interchangeable body shape.

However, when buying a monitor, you need to get a product that offers more than beauty, and the Arlo baby monitor provides that and more. With its compact design, it can fit even in the tiniest of baby nurseries. If you prefer to mount it on the wall, there is the option to do that.

With this brand, you will enjoy a smart Wi-Fi feature that will allow you to view high-quality videos of your baby from anywhere across the world.

Better yet, you can have long conversations when away with your little one without worrying about the battery dying on you.

It works with Alexa, and all you need to do is connect it correctly.


  • Get top-class picture quality
  • Great sensors; humidity, temperature and air quality
  • Compact design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to install and use


  • Less memory
  • May fail to play your music on the device

Lollipop HD Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

Lollipop looking baby monitor that work with iPhone
I cherish each moment with my children, and I strive to keep the memories. You would be surprised how the Lollipop HD Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor will help you with the memories. The brand is among the few baby monitors that work with iPhone that can track the baby’s behaviour, and in case they do something odd, you will get a notification.

The track has a beautiful lollipop like design, which makes it an ideal product for the nursery. It has a flexible wand that can be twisted and bent, allowing it to be secured to any furniture.

This brand will give you long-distance monitoring. This is something that will come in handy when your baby starts crawling or walking.


  • Can be mounted in various ways
  • Portable
  • No false alarm
  • Can upload music through speakers and play it
  • Free video and cloud storage
  • Can be able to track the baby through various devices


  • Has no tilt or pan feature but the zoom is available
  • A little costly

Owlet Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

A baby monitor that works with iOS devices
If you are looking for a baby monitor that connects to iPhone and offers reliable functionality and features, this is it.

One feature found in this brand is the security it provides. The reason Owen’s baby monitors are a favourite among parents is that it’s only the people with permission that can access it.

Besides, the track offers infrared night vision for you to be able to see your baby.

Owlet baby monitors give you essential information like heart rate and oxygen levels by using smart sock technology. This information can be vital in the well-being of your young one, especially if they have any pre-existing conditions.


  • Offers an HD1080p
  • Can be able to stream no matter where you are
  • Monitors baby heart rate
  • Can sense the room temperature
  • Send alerts in case of any issue
  • Easy to use and clean


  • It is expensive
  • Can send a false alarm if it is not well connected

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

A cute baby monitor that easily connects to iphone
When shopping for a baby monitor, find one with a camera that will give you a view of the entire room like the Motorola video baby monitor. A full view will provide you with a perspective of what is happening with your child and their surroundings.

The Motorola video baby monitor comes with remote camera control and night vision. The remote camera allows you to check on the baby from each angle of the room without leaving your bed. The device gives you peace of mind and ample time to rest, especially for sleep-deprived parents.

Furthermore, this monitor will capture even the slightest movements in your baby’s room since it is fitted with highly sensitive microphones.


  • It’s large and easy to use
  • Quality daytime and night vision
  • Quality sound and talk back
  • Can add more cameras
  • Has lullaby and alarm


  • The charger might start to fail after sometime
  • The lullaby volumes cannot be adjusted

Final thoughts

Buying a baby monitor is more than picking the first product you see. The gadget you get should give you peace of mind and also help to ensure the child is safe from intruders, extreme temperatures, and too much crying.

If you own an iOS device, then the above best baby monitors that work with iPhones are the perfect picks. For optimum results, make sure the monitor and your phone are charged at all times.


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