The Best Blackout Curtains For Baby Room

A baby standing next to a window

Kids have this habit of waking up at 6 am on the weekend! It’s like once the sun starts to rise, there is some horrible inborn sense to wake up. Well, if you, like me, love sticking a little longer in bed on weekends and want to trick your kids, it’s still night, then there is some hope for both of us. The best blackout curtains for baby room will do the trick. Block out curtains in your child’s room will help you enjoy those extra minutes in bed, especially on a lazy day.

In my quest to sleep in over the weekends, I discovered some of the best blackout curtains for nursery. Have a look at my favorites.

Best Blackout Curtains For Baby Room Reviews

MANGATA CASA 2 Panels Blackout Curtains For Kids Room

navy blue blackout thermal curtains with starts for a baby nursery

Does your baby love anything space-themed? Look no further. These curtains are ideal for your little one’s room, particularly if they like anything space-themed.

You can even have them in a child’s room and ask them to pretend they are camping every single night.

These curtains for baby’s nursery are 100% polyester. They are fabricated with interwoven thermal technology that is safe for your baby. No chemical coating is added, and they will block out 95% of sunlight.

Aren’t they just the perfect curtains for those lazy Sunday Summers? Also, they will prevent 100% UV light from penetrating your baby’s room. This ensures your floor and upholstery does not lose its original colors.

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  • Helps to prevent your furniture and floors from sun damage
  • Available in blue and ivory
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used without washing
  • The stars provide a subtle shimmer in the baby nursery
  • They drape very nicely
  • Help in regulating room temperature


  • A few people complained about the accuracy of the length.
  • The ivory color is more of a off-white/grey color

NICETOWN Nursery Essential Thermal

Cute pink nicetown blackout curtains for your girls nursery

Looking for the best nursery blackout curtains? I’d say NICETOWN is your best bet. These curtains block 85%-99% of light. Since what we are reviewing is a lighter color, it will be in the 85% range. NICETOWN curtains come in 14 solid colors, so if you want a different color for your baby boy or girl, they have it.

They are energy efficient, and their triple weave blackout fabric helps to regulate your little one’s room temperature.

During the summer, they will keep the baby nursery cool, and in winter, your child’s room will be warm enough for them.

Furthermore, these curtains help in reducing noise from outside. If you love to wake up a little earlier that your babies and get some work done, these are the ideal curtains for you.

Most importantly, they come in different rod styles; Grommet, rod pocket and back tab, top pocket, top tab, and plain rod pocket.


  • Easy to clean. Can be hand or machine washed
  • Well-constructed with excellent quality fabric
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • They do a great job of blocking light and darkening your baby’s nursery.
  • Quite affordable


  • The lighter shades do not completely darken your baby’s room.

BGment Navy Star Blackout Curtains for Kid’s Bedroom

Buy this blackout curtains for your babies room so that he can sleep more even when taking naps

These are the ideal curtains for the hopeless romantic. A walk into your baby’s room, and you will be met with a view of the heavens. The natural shade makes it easy to blend with your baby’s nursery other décor.

Unlike most other curtains that are made of light, silky fabric, the BGment blackout curtains for baby room are constructed with highly advanced triple weaved textured microfiber blackout fabric.

Just like a majority of blackout curtains for a child’s nursery, they are thermal insulated. These makes then a nice buy as they will help you cut your energy bills.

They are also excellent at minimizing outside noise and protecting your baby nursery furniture and floor from color fading.

The silver grommet construction on the curtain panels makes them easy to hang and slide smoothly.

The glitter metallic silver stars emit soft shimmery lights in the baby’s room, providing just enough lighting.


  • Rust-resistant grommets
  • Exquisitely constructed with perfect thread trimming
  • The bottoms have extra weight so that they drape perfectly
  • They block out 75% sunlight and 100% UV rays in your baby’s nursery making them sleep longer
  • Do not contain any harmful coating, heavy inner liner, or stiff formed backing


  • They do not make the room extremely dark. While I think it’s great for a baby that is afraid of total darkness, they may not be ideal if you want something that totally blocks the light.

EASELAND Blackout Curtains Nursery

Gray nursery blackout curtains perfect for either baby boy or girl

Here is a simple but attractive example of a single-color curtain made of a soft and smooth fabric.

Even when the nursery is no longer a nursery, you can move the curtains to your bedroom or the guest room. That is, if your kid will want something different once they are all grown.

These curtains are ideal for minimalist parents looking for a simple yet elegant blackout curtains for their baby’s nursery.

If you’d love a different color, these curtains come in various colors to suit each style. Triple woven with ultraviolet semi-fiber technology, the EASELAND baby blackout curtains effectively reduce sunlight and block UV rays from getting into a room.

In addition, the curtains come with 8 rust-free grommets at the top making them easy to fit into most curtain rods.


  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes
  • Excellent temperature control properties
  • Enhances privacy and minimizes noise
  • Easy to clean. Can be hand or machine washed in cold water


  • Some customers found them not to block light effectively. I’d suggest you go with the darker shades for these.

Melodieux Cartoon Owl Blackout Curtains for Kids Room

Get this owl themes best blackout curtains for a nursery for your baby

If you want a themed blackout curtain for baby room, this is your ideal pick. There is something so babyish about these curtains that makes me nostalgic.

The curtains come in different prints that will surely appeal to different personalities: ponies, trees, and colorful owls.

Effective in keeping most of the light out and are pleasant to the eyes. This model has colorful owls and trees scattered all over making it the perfect blackout curtain for girls’ nursery.

The silver lining on the curtains helps in reflecting heat, therefore, cutting down your electricity bill.

And just like many other types of baby room blackout curtains, these panels are not total blackout. Bear that in mind before deciding to purchase this particular set of nursery curtains.

Moreover, it is constructed with an eco-friendly fabric without chemical coatings and free of any toxic smells. Further to this, each panel contains 8 slivery grommets that manage noise when the curtains are being drawn.

What more? You can buy the matching sheer curtains separately to give your nursery an organized look.


  • Beautiful prints
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Good quality curtains
  • Affordable
  • Heat reflecting lining helps to reduce energy bills


  • As much as these curtains are such a beauty, they do not entirely block out light.

AmazonBasics Portable Baby Blackout Blind Shades

Portable black and white blackout curtains for your baby's nursery

If you are a frequent traveler, you know that not all hotels come with blackout curtains. And if you travel with kids, this means that they may not get enough sleep while you are on holiday.

Well, the AmazonBasics Travel Blackout Blind manufacturers had regular travelers like you in mind when they came up with their portable blackout curtains.

As the name suggests, you can carry the curtains anywhere you are traveling so your family can have enough sleep.

This thick and strong blackout curtain will block all the light coming through the window, instantly turning daytime to-night time.

It uses suction cups to attach to a window, whereas the Velcro patches enable one to make adjustments so that the curtain perfectly fits. You do not have to worry about interfering with your baby’s nap time while you travel.

Made of high-quality fabric, the portable baby travel blackout curtain is user-friendly. It is easy to set up and take down. Lastly, it folds into a compact size and is lightweight for easy carrying.


  • Easy to install
  • Perfect blackout curtain for regular travelers
  • They come with a travel pouch
  • Makes the room pitch black
  • The size can easily be adjusted


  • Only available in black and one pattern.
  • Doesn’t come with extra suction cups

H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Boys Nursery Curtains

Buy this blue nursery blackout curtains for your baby

When you look at these blue blackout curtains for nursery room, you can only imagine your little man sleeping with a cheeky smile on their bed.  The piece is simple, plain turquoise blue. They make the perfect addition to a boy’s nursery.

If you’d ask me to describe what the best blackout curtains for boy’s room look like, this would be my pick. I have a special place in my heart for anything blue! (I’m a mama to 3 boys).

These curtains are thermal insulated and can block up to 85 % light and prevent 100% UV rays. The curtains are Vinyl and PVC free and breathable. Your baby won’t feel like they are suffocated due to lack of air in the room.

They are also perfect for noise reduction and are energy saving. Moreover, these room darkening curtains for nursery keep the temperatures well regulated.


  • Soft and durable
  • Carefully stitched so no loose threads
  • Block out the light in baby’s room
  • Lots of different colors to appeal to different personalities


  • Quite pricey

A baby standing next to a window

How To Pick The Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery

To get the best out of your child’s blackout curtains, you need to know the different types of blackout curtains available and how they are used.  First, you need to check the header styles. There are different styles which include;

Tab top curtains– These curtains have fabric loops at the top head. They are usually threaded through rods. They are not

Grommet topped curtains – They have a round metallic opening on their heads and are easy to install, simple, and neat. You will not need clips, hooks or rings to hang them. These are the best curtains for people on a budget.

Rod pocket curtains – Also known as pole top or casement curtains, these curtains ooze class. A case that is sewn on the backside of the curtain allows the rod to slide through unnoticed. The panels form gathers for an elegant look.

Pinch pleat curtains – These are highly decorative with a pinch at the top to form pleats with beautiful folds that flow down. The curtains can be installed with a pole or a track.

Are Blackout Curtains For Baby Nursery Important?

Blackout curtains are a must-have in your baby’s room.  Although we all love natural light streaming through the windows, it is only good for photos. Blackout curtains in your little one’s nursery mean better sleep quality.

The human brain sleep pattern is regulated by light and darkness. Light triggers the release of the melatonin and cortisol hormones in our bodies.  Melatonin is usually released when the environment around us starts getting dark. It is responsible for helping the body get ready for sleep and remain asleep.

On the other hand, cortisol is released when we are exposed to light. It helps the body become alert and active.

Benefits Of Blackout Curtains For Kid’s Room

Should I get blackout curtains for nursery?  If you would like some extra winks in the night, you definitely should get room darkening curtains for your kid’s room. Here’s why they will be a great addition to your baby’s room.

Helps your child sleep better

This has to be the most crucial benefit of babies’ blackout curtains. If your child has a hard time sleeping or they rise at the slightest ray of sunlight, blackout curtains could help. According to research, anyone can sleep way better when in a dark room. This is because the body’s internal clock is not interrupted.

Keep the nursery dark

Darkness in the bedroom improves sleep quality and all babies require darkness to get quality sleep. With blackout curtains, your baby will release melatonin which will help him relax and fall asleep. Blackout curtains play a vital role in ensuring the body produces melatonin as there will be no natural light filtering in through the windows.

If you are worried about sacrificing your baby’s nursery décor, that should be the least of your concerns. Blackout curtains are now available in different colors to match every nursery theme. When buying your curtains, ensure to check the percentage of light they block. Not all of them block all the light out.

Lower noise levels from outside

Blackout curtains in your baby’s room will also block noise from outside his nursery that often passes through closed windows. If you live near a road or have older children in the house, your newborn will not be woken up by their noise.

Helps control the room temperature

Blackout curtains help in controlling the temperature’s in your child’s room all year round. The curtains keep the place warm in the winter and cool in the summer heat. Furthermore, blackout curtains help in regulating the heat in the nursery. For example, when its too hot, a child is likely to overheat. With safe temperatures in the room, a child will be able to sleep comfortably. Experts recommend a room temperature of 62 to 68 degrees for infants, which can be hard to regulate in the summer heat if there is sun seeping in through the windows.

Reduces your energy bill

Blackout curtains can cut down your energy costs. Most homes experience a 10-20% of energy loss through windows. But, with blackout curtains for kid’s room, you could reduce your energy bill by over 20%. In winter, the blackout curtains retain heat in the nursery and in summer, it has the opposite ability of keeping the room cool. Both of these scenarios ensure that you save money on your energy expenses. Also, blackout curtains are seen as environmentally friendly as they contribute to carbon print reduction.

More privacy for your child

Not only are blackout curtains great for blocking light from your baby’s room, but they also prevent a passer-by from peeping into your little one’s room. No light will be seen from your baby’s nursery from the outside.


It is no brainer that having the best blackout curtains for baby room will help your little one sleep longer. Room darkening curtains for nursery reduce the amount of light coming into a room, therefore, naturally encouraging sleepiness.

Furthermore, the thickness and heaviness in curtains for baby’s room makes them able to regulate the temperatures. Their insulating properties also help cut down on energy bills in your household.

And finally, their ability to reduce any external noises will help your baby sleep even when there is noise outside their room.


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