Best Teas For Fertility: Enhance Your Chances Of Conception

Fertility tea in a cup

Infertility and inability to carry a pregnancy to full term remain a heartbreaking problem for many women.

Although it is a common issue, you will attest that just as many approaches exist for it; some risky, and some, with a proven margin of success.

The best teas for fertility offer solutions not only for pregnancy but also to relieve discomfort caused by ovulation and menstruation. 

However, not any herbal tea will do. The best teas for fertility have a blend of ingredients proven to boost female reproductive health.

Besides their medicinal functions, the teas have additional benefits such as detoxification, stress relief, and pain relief, which enhance the quality of life besides ensuring conception.

Red raspberry leaf is an ingredient in most herbal teas for infertility because of its potency in resolving pregnancy complications. 

Choosing the Best Teas for Fertility to Embrace Motherhood

The anxiety of delayed conception, the heartache of a miscarriage, difficult labor or that excruciating monthly cycle needs a lasting solution.

Drink up these teas for fertility that have been proven over and over to help women get pregnant fast.

FertiliTea Organic Fertility Tea

the best tea to help get pregnant

Find solace for your fertility woes in the zesty and mint-flavoured FertiliTea. This tea to help get pregnant holds the replenishing benefits of 6 organic herbs. Among them is vitex, also acclaimed as chaste berry for its hormone balancing ability. 

Green tea and stinging nettle leaf have vitamins, polyphenols, and minerals which enhance ovary health. This elixir stabilizes the luteal phase for successful pregnancy and childbirth.


  • Contains no artificial sweeteners or stevia
  • Is effective hot or cold
  • Acts as a sex stimulant
  • It’s devoid of  most allergens.
  • Comes in different types for different problems


  • Contains little caffeine

Pink Stork Fertility Tea
One of the best teas for fertility to help you get pregnant quickly

Pink Stork Fertility Tea means business as a tea that helps you get pregnant. It is the brainchild of a mission-based all-women company. Its winning blend comprises organic stinging nettle, chaste tree berries, and organic red raspberry leaf.

This soothing brew has a sweet mint flavor, and you can brew and store for future use. It also contains organic stevia leaf, organic lady’s mantle, organic peppermint, and organic passionflower.


  • Caffeine-free
  • Contains no artificial additives
  • Easy preparation
  • Has no restrictions within 3 cups daily consumption


  • May alter the menstrual cycle
  • Not recommended during pregnancy
  • May feel too sweet 

Moontine Organic Fertility Tea

Savour this intriguing blend of 100% certified brew. It contains a refreshing blend of the organic red raspberry leaf that regulates your monthly cycle.

A predictable monthly cycle means easier timing of ovulation and planning for conception. Other ingredients are organic nettle leaf and red clover. The natural peppermint gives it a unique flavor, all packaged in a chlorine-free pouch.


  • Easy preparation by steeping a tea bag in hot water for about 3 minutes
  • You can drink it several times daily
  • Contains organic red clover blossoms that boost sex drive
  • Recommended by endocrinologists and fertility clinics


  • May contain allergens
  • Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation

Traditional Medicinals Organic Healthy Cycle Tea

the best herbal tea for infertility
The Organic Healthy Cycle remains unique for its approvals. Its ingredients meet Kosher and FairWild requirements and are certified organic with no trace of GMOs.

This caffeine-free tea supports menstrual health and the uterus to avoid miscarriage and endometriosis. It contains a natural blend of angelica root, licorice root, cramp back,rosehip, and West Indian lemongrass leaf. 

Its potency is further enhanced by organic strawberry leaf, spearmint leaf, stinging nettle leaf, ginger rhizome, and chamomile flower.


  • Has a pleasant herbal flavor laced with mint and citrus
  • Contains 96 teabags for extended use
  • Easy preparation
  • You can enjoy it as a beverage by taking 2 or 3 cups daily


  • Is not effective when taken cold
  • Contains Echinacea, an allergen of the daisy family

Earth Mama Organic Raspberry Tea

The best tea for fertility with red raspberry
You wonder, don’t we have a tonic with just one herb that’s an effective antidote for several reproductive issues? Earth Mama answers you with this full-bodied single herb tonic for labor and menstrual support. This fertility elixir contains organic red raspberry leaf only.

What’s the deal about red raspberry leaf? It is a source of iron, magnesium, and calcium that are crucial in supporting fertility and childbirth.

Furthermore, it tones and relaxes uterine muscles in preparation for easy delivery. Red raspberry meets USDA certification as 100% organic and is Kosher. 


  • With only one ingredient, organic red raspberry leaf, it’s easy to focus on benefits and minimizes adverse side effects
  • Caffeine-free natural herbal tea
  • Does not have a raspberry taste
  • You can drink as often as you wish
  • Teabags made of biodegradable material 


  • May taste bland
  • You may need a prior medical evaluation to avoid adverse effects

What’s In Herbal Fertility Teas?

Although medical research remains inconclusive on the success of fertility teas, it does show that they improve reproductive health.

Their goodness comes from the benefit of the individual ingredients, though often you’ll find them packaged as blends or compounds. The most notable ones include:

  • Nettle leaf or stinging nettle
  • Red raspberry leaf
  • Green tea
  • Peppermint leaf
  • Red clover

The best of the ingredients are organically grown. These protect you from the side effects of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Contrary to popular belief, herbal teas are not flavored tea leaves. They are dried parts of herbal plants such as roots, flowers, leaves, and fruits. You infuse water in them by steeping to activate their chemicals.

Fertility tea in a cup

Why You Should Try Herbal Teas For Fertility If You Are Trying To Conceive

Most herbal teas have a long history of use in handling issues of female reproductive health. Besides the herbs that have the medicinal value, some have culinary value and enhance the aroma and taste of the tea.

Manufacturers will often package the tincture as loose leaf teas or tea bags. Lightproof packaging protects the photosensitive herbs.  When exposed to lighting, the quality of the tea deteriorates. With proper storage, you can enjoy their goodness for a long time.

Do You Need To See A Doctor Before Taking Herbal Teas?

Apart from prompting conception and supporting pregnancy to term, they also significantly alleviate the nightmare of endometriosis.

For you to get the best from fertility teas for your situation, you need a thorough assessment by a medical practitioner. Your therapist or doctor will conduct fertility tests for hormone levels and also analyze your monthly cycle.

Some teas have side effects that prohibit their use during pregnancy. Your doctor will carry out pregnancy tests periodically to advise you on the best times to commence or discontinue taking your tea.

Since the reproductive cycle runs on hormone functions, the tests will indicate the hormones that need boosting. Other times, the tests will reveal other problems like weakness of the uterus of an irregular monthly cycle.

Since the different ingredients in the herbal teas for infertility address specific issues, you can get a prescription of only one or a blend of several for best results.

Your doctor will also conduct tests for your overall wellness to rule out underlying health concerns like hypertension, diabetes, or autoimmune conditions like allergies.

Such could be relieved or aggravated by some constituents of the herbal tea for fertility.

Often herbal fertility teas leave you refreshed, relaxed and energetic. If you already have a baby from your fertility tea imbibing, you might have to discontinue that past time for some time.

That hiatus should last through your breastfeeding days, but of course, with relevant consultation, you will know which teas to continue with or to stop taking.

Beyond such concerns, the best herbal teas for fertility teas are a safe, healthy and delicious alternative for reproductive well-being.


Not only should the best teas for fertility enhance your chances of conception, but it should also support your overall reproductive health as well as ease labor. 

For you to enjoy wellness as you seek to embrace motherhood, we highly recommend the Traditional Medicinals Organic Healthy Cycle Women’s Tea.

The numerous healthy ingredients make it a potent antidote for reproductive issues. Whether there’s a bun in the oven or not, the benefits of these herbal teas for infertility will boost your health and energy. 

If you know anyone suffering endless bouts of excruciating monthly period cramps, you can demonstrate your concern and thoughtfulness by gifting her a pack of this herbal tea. The 96 tea bags will keep you in her mind as she savors the delicious brew. 

The certifications it meets, including being entirely organic and kosher, make it acceptable across different cultures, and better still, it contains no caffeine.

Its many variations intended to address various issues mean that the brand supports you all through the different phases of a woman’s adult life.


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