50 Attractive Names Meaning Night

boy names that mean night or darkness

Maybe the little one was born at night, or you just love everything the night represents – the lights and the sounds or even the darkness. Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for names meaning night, you’ve come to the right place. 

Naming your child after a time of the day is prevalent in many languages and cultures. 


Baby names that mean night will, in most cases, have similar meanings as the colour black and the word ‘dark.’ 

Words referring to constellations, stars, moons, and gods of the night will also be popular with this category. 

There are as many names for the night as stars in the night sky; you just need to find THE ONE. 

If you are dark-haired or dark-eyed and the baby takes after you, then a name that means ‘night’ will be great and appropriate. 

Here’s a list of night names for you to pick for your lovely baby.

names that mean night

Unisex names that mean night

Frequently, names are shared between the genders, and this is perfect for the parents who don’t want the gender revealed before the baby’s birth. If you don’t know if it’s a little girl or boy yet, this part is for you. 


A Latin name that means “night.” In Roman mythology, she was the Roman goddess of the night.If you are searching for Roman names meaning night Nox is ideal. And the best thing is that it can be used for both boys and girls. 


 Looking for Japanese names meaning night? Yoru is a perfect choice. It means, ‘dark, night.’


Originating from Arabic, the name Samar is a beautiful name that ‘evening conversation.’


Hunapo is a fantastic name that originates from the Maori. The name Hunapo means “being hidden in darkness.”

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This is one of the unique Basque names that will be a real head-turner. The name means “dusk.”


Italian names have such an excellent ring to them, and this is one of them. The name Vesper means ‘evening’ and is perfect for a little boy or girl born in the evening. 


Of Arabic roots. The sun’s nadir, or lowest point, is also called solar midnight.


If you’re looking for a name that means night, how about using the word for ‘night’ in English?  ‘Night’ is a direct, straightforward, and perfect name.


This is a Hebrew name that is also spelled as Avital. It means, “my father is the night dew.” 


As is the norm with many Japanese names, Tsuya is made from two words, “Tsu’, meaning ‘mon’ and ‘ya,’ meaning ‘night.’ It’s a perfect name for a baby born on a night with a full moon. 

This is a rare Finnish name that is excellent for the parent who needs a one-syllable name for their son or daughter. The name means “night” in Finnish.

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Boy names meaning night

The gender-reveal party has happened, and the poppers threw up blue confetti. It’s now time to choose a male night-themed name for your little champ. Take your pick from here: 


Blake is a popular English boy’s name that means “dark.” Blake can be used as both a first name or a middle name. 


This is a great boy name that originates from Hawaiian. This two-syllable unisex name means “night of the full moon.” 


Although most people think Manu is a diminutive of Emmanuel, the name Manu is a Polynesian name that’s complete on its own. 


This is a classic Greek name that means “the darkness of the night.”


This beautiful name from the Luo tribe of Kenya means “One born at night.” 

boy names that mean night or darkness


This is one of the unique Sanskrit names derived from Hindi mythology. It means, “Lord of the night.” 


In Hebrew and Arabic, the name Altair means “a bird, a falcon.” However, Altair is also the name of the twelfth brightest star in the sky. 


Callisto is the moon of Jupiter, bright at night. The name is also derived from the Greek word, Kallistos meaning ‘good and fair.” 


Duff is a Gaelic name for a boy that means ‘dark.’. The name Duff can be used for a boy born at night or one with dark features.


This Arabic name means “companion in night talk.” It symbolizes deep friendship. 


In Persian, the boy’s name Ayaan means ‘long night.’ This name is perfect if you had a long labor that probably lasted a whole night. The boy will probably never hear the end of it, especially when he’s naughty. In Arabic, it means “God’s gift.”


This is a marvelous Somali name that means ‘night.’

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Names for girls that mean night

If you’re finally gotten to know that you’re riding on the pink rain, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing a night name for your little princess. 

Check out these girl names that mean night or darkness from all over the universe.


How cool is this name? Hesper is a unique Greek name that means “evening, or evening star.” If your little arrives at dusk, this would be a perfect choice.


Tracing its origin to the Finnish, the name Iita means ‘evening.” It’s a perfect choice for parents seeking short but cute names for their little girl. 


Samira is an Arabic name that refers to ‘evening conversationalist.’ It’s a superb name if you’d like to name your baby in honor of a friend. 


This is such a beautiful exotic name originating from the Japanese. The name Koko means “Stork or night.” You can also write it as ‘Coco’ to make it groovier.


Hebrew names such as Leila are beautiful and gaining popularity around the world. Leila means “night or dark.” It’s common for baby girls born at night to be given this name. You can also spell it as ‘Layla.”


A gorgeous Hindi name that means “night’ perfect for a little girl with dark hair or one born after dusk. 


Although Tinuviel was a fictional character, it’s a great moniker to adopt when you’re searching for names meaning night. Tinuviel means, ‘daughter of twilight.’ 

male names meaning boy

Female names that mean night


Miyabi is a strong girl’s name derived from a Japanese anime character with the same name. The name means “beautiful night fire or elegance.” 


Made famous by Florence Nightingale, this is a classic. The name Nightingale means “night singer.” It’s also great for the parents looking for names meaning night with a touch of nature. 


If you’d like a more exotic name that means the same as the nightingale, this is it. The name Bibigul is Kazakh for a nightingale. 


Nduku is an African name from the Kamba tribe that means “girl born at night.”


Born from Hindi mythology, Rajani was one of the wives of Shiva. The name Rajani is Hindi for “Hindi.”


If you’re into Greek Mythology, then you’ll love the name Nyx. This name means, “night’ and she was the Greek goddess of the night. 


Derived from Japanese, the name Amaya means “night rain.” It’s also translated to “mother city, and ‘the end.’


Claiming its origin from Greek mythology, Cynthia is a Greek moon goddess. It’s a beautiful choice for the parents who need a mystical night name for their child. 


This is one of the historically rich Babylonian names that will leave everyone wanting to know what it means. Lilith means ‘belonging to the night.’ It’s also a little dark as the myth says that she was disobedient as Adam’s first wife, and she was turned into a demon. If that bit doesn’t bother you, it’s quite a unique name. 


Retree is derived from the Thai name for ‘night.’ It traces its origin as a given name from the Night Jasmine. 


‘Usiku’ is Swahili for ‘night.’ The girl’s name Chausiku’ therefore implies, ‘one who was born at night.’


Asteria was the Greek god of justice and innocence, and it’s also the name of a bright night star. 


This is a famous Arabic name that means “night traveler, or travel at night.” It also means “generous and noble.”


Deva is the Hindi mythology moon goddess. The name means, ‘divine, godlike.”


Carina is a constellation, and in it is the second brightest star in the night sky. Its an excellent pick for parents seeking a name that means night.  


If you like the name Carina but would love a shorter version, Kara is an ideal option. 


Shirina is a Hindi name that means ‘night.’ 


Originating from Scottish, the name Yvaine is unique and classy. It means ‘evening star,’ and it’s just perfect for a little girl who made her grand entrance in the evening. 


Names are getting invented every day, and Twyla is an American version of the name, “Twilight.’ It’s cute with a lovely ring to it. 


Names meaning night are uncommon. Chances are you won’t meet many people with your baby’s name. 

If you have booked your Caesarean section for nighttime, or you suspect the little person will arrive after sunset, these are gorgeous names to pick for them. 

Since they are synonymous with ‘dark,’ some meanings can be quite – well – dark. 

It’s good to crosscheck the definitions, mainly if they are associated with gods and goddesses and any mythology.

This will ensure you don’t carry a name with a dark meaning that you didn’t intend to.

This is particularly true for Sanskrit and Greek names. 

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