How Much Weight Can A Crib Hold?

crib weight limit

A crib is not anything you buy on a whim. It is an expensive baby accessory, and knowing how much weight can a crib hold is essential before you purchase it.

If your child sleeps in a crib that’s suited for their weight and size, they will be safer. An inappropriate crib size can cause severe harm and injury.

Apart from safety, you may be wondering if a parent or older sibling can climb into the crib to soothe the baby? This brings to question just how much weight does a crib hold. 

Typically, a crib can hold between 35 and 50 lbs. depending on the manufacturer’s size, and age limit. Let’s get into more detail below. 

crib weight limit

What’s the maximum weight a crib can hold?

Babies don’t generally weigh more than 50 lbs., so most crib manufacturers won’t test cribs for weights higher than that. 

The weight limits of the crib are usually determined by:

  • How much the crib itself weighs
  • The material used to make the bottom frame of the crib

As a general rule of thumb, it’s not safe to put anything more than a mattress and the baby inside the crib. Cribs have not been weight tested to see if they can hold over the recommended 50 lbs. 

While it may be possible to carry more, it’s simply not a good idea to test that theory out. Picture this scenario; You place your toddler and younger child together to sleep in the crib. 

The crib breaks at night, and the sleeping toddler falls on top of the baby.

The unthinkable may happen, which makes the risks of trying to put more weight into the crib too great even to try. 

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Mini crib weight limits

If you’re using a mini crib rather than a regular-sized one, it will be smaller and hold less weight. Generally, the weight limits for a mini-sized crib tend to be between 22 and 40 lbs. 

So if you’re using a mini crib, it may be wise to move your little one to a standard-sized crib sooner.

Who determines crib weight restrictions?

Cribs are built for safety, so the manufacturer will test the crib’s weight limits before they put the product to market. 

The material used to make the crib will also help determine how much weight it can hold. Most cribs are made of wood or metal. 

Metal cribs tend to have higher weight limits since there’s less chance of them breaking. However, they can sag, which will make them unsafe and increase their risk of SIDS. 

Note: SIDS refers to a condition involving the unexpected death of small children while they sleep in their cribs. An otherwise healthy baby may die because of unclear reasons. 

Cribs made of wood are also strong and tend to have high weight limits depending on the type of wood used. 

Some wood types and varieties that show higher strength ratings include: 

  • American Beech
  • Ash
  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Oak

Apart from the material used, how the crib was made will also determine how much weight it can take. 

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Proper finishing

If the crib was sanded correctly, painted, and neatened, there are lower chances of the wood cracking which means it can usually take higher weight limits. 

Poor finishing means that the wood is more susceptible to molds, cracks, and splints. Therefore, it should carry less weight. 


The best crib manufacturers will put a stabilizing bar, locking wheels, and support onto the crib to make it safer and more stable. Cribs with these additional props tend to accommodate more weight than those without.  

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If the frame holding the mattress is reinforced, for instance, by adding springs or metal, it will hold more weight overall. 

how much weight can crib hold

What if the crib was DIY assembled?

If you assemble the crib yourself, you should test it before letting the baby sleep in it. 

Usually, it will still fall within the same weight guidelines as store-bought cribs because manufacturers put together the parts depending on the weight limits. 

That said, it’s essential to ensure that it’s put together perfectly so that it can hold up to these weight limits. 

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Check the slats

All the slats on the crib should align perfectly and should not be more than 2 inches apart. Any extra space between the slats can cause your baby to get stuck and possibly cause injuries. 

Check the mattress

The mattress must fit onto the frame without leaving any spaces on the sides. If the mattress doesn’t fit perfectly, you may need to restart your crib assembly. 

Make sure there are no missing or extra parts 

Ensure that you use all the parts in the kit unless the instructions say so. If you leave out any parts or screws, it could all fall apart while your baby is sleeping. 

Shake the crib

When you’re done assembling the crib, make sure to give it a good shake to make sure nothing rattles or comes apart. 

Test the weight

You should also put an object that weighs the maximum crib weight limit and leave it there overnight to see how your crib holds out. For example, you can stuff some clothes into a duffel bag until it weighs 50 pounds and put it in the crib overnight. 

If your DIY crib is constructed correctly, it should still hold the maximum crib weight limit without any incidence.

A nice baby crib

Should you climb in with your baby in the crib?

Never climb into the crib with an infant. As we’ve mentioned before, cribs are only designed to hold the specified weight limit of 35–50 pounds. 

Are there any height limits on cribs?

A crib can take up to 36 inches of height limit, usually around a three-year-old’s height. Taller children will have a harder time stretching comfortably in a crib and may end up bumping their heads, so you will have to move them to a toddler bed earlier than expected. 

Final words

The weight limit on cribs is usually between 35 and 50 lbs for regular-sized cribs. Mini cribs can only take 22 to 40 lbs. It’s best to stick to these weight limits to avoid harm and injury to your baby. 

Once your child reaches the upper end of the weight limit, move them to a toddler bed as soon as possible. 

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