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How Long Can Your Baby Use a Swing?

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Nothing compares to a baby swing’s warm, comfy, and soothing feeling that drags a sleep-deprived infant into a deep slumber.

For a kid who cries all the time and seemingly can’t find peace anywhere else, except on the warm hands of the mom, a baby swing works like a charm!

The rhythmic swinging motion of this ultimate life-saver not only stops the toddler’s incessant cries, but also induces peaceful sleep.

Ideally, pediatricians recommend baby swings, although they also admit that they should only serve as a short-term remedy.

But despite their popularity, many moms find it hard to determine when to stop the kid from using it.

Need to buy a baby swing for your tiny, gracefully growing angel?

As you possibly know, newborns need lots of warm and tender care during the first few weeks of their lives.

Moms who discover the charm and glamour of baby swings use the rocking motion to soothe and comfort the baby, hands-freely.

This gives them lots of time to relax and recover in peace, without holding the little gorgeous kid.

Before you splurge on it, however, take a moment and determine the type or category of baby swing to buy.

Carefully assess the various brands in the market, taking into consideration the three most important factors – baby swing age limit, baby swing weight limit, and how long a baby should use a baby swing.

There will be no bliss if you spend a fortune on a specific brand, only to discover that it’s not suitable for your toddler.

It’s okay for a newborn kid to use a baby swing days or weeks after birth!

That’s right – your angel can use it right away and still feel good. In fact, as you will discover, the earlier you introduce it, the sooner your little one will get used to it.

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If your little one is a preemie, however, don’t attempt to introduce the baby swing unless your pediatrician gives a go ahead.

If shopping for one, know what to look out for. Basically, choose a baby swing based on its safety standards, the overall customer rating in the industry, as well as how comfy and easy it is to clean.

One other important factor worth considering when shopping for a baby swing is its overall quality – its durability guarantee.

The fact that your child will be using it for over 30 minutes per session, perhaps several times per day, means that it should be something designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

This also means that you will have to look at the two most critical factors – weight limit and age limit.

Baby Swing Weight Limit

Just because your child feels right at home on that baby swing doesn’t mean he or she will forever grow inside it. One day, you will have to forcefully stop him from using the swing for naps.

You might have to retire the swing when your little one hits 25-30 pounds or a little bit earlier.

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Most manufacturers indicate this on the product so that you will encounter no problems when that time comes. The reason for this is to allow the baby to start wiggling around, free from the confines of the swing.

It’s also because of the safety and wellness of the little one since, by the time the child is 30 pounds, the rocking motion will have grown in intensity.

If the baby hasn’t yet reached the swing’s weight limit, but increasingly wants to break free and start moving, pediatricians recommend that you ditch the swing immediately.

At this stage, the baby might have gotten bored with the rocking motion or wants to curiously explore the environment.

Also, you should not wait until the baby starts showing signs of wanting to get out. The most important thing isn’t the age limit, but the weight of the child vis-à-vis what the swing can support.

Baby Swing Age Limit

Regarding the baby swing age range, there’s no specific age limit per se’. Kids can show signs of climbing out from as old as 12 months or as young as 8 months.

Generally though, up to 50% of all boys reach the maximum weight when they are 16 months, unlike girls who normally wait up to their 20th month.

What if your child has reached the maximum weight limit, but still feels okay sitting on the swing?

Well, upon reaching the maximum weight limit, but hasn’t started feeling uncomfortable with the baby swing, just discontinue using it. Remember, it isn’t the age, but the weight that determines if it’s still usable or not.

Yes – don’t try to force him or her in there when the weight has been reached. Remember, every year, as many as 1,800 kids below 5 years get injured due to baby swings, and you wouldn’t wish to see yours in the same situation.

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About the duration of using a baby swing

As recommended by experts, a parent should not use a baby swing for more than 30 minutes at a time.

According to them, letting the toddler spend too much time on it breaks the all-important physical and emotional mother-baby bond. It may potentially lead to growth deformities and even death as a result of suffocation.

Primarily, its role should be to:

  • Swing smoothly and calm the baby, especially when the mom is busy and can’t hold the baby to sleep. It normally helps make the little one rest and peacefully nap away while the mom is cooking or doing the laundry.
  • Entertain the child, especially when he or she is upset or has been constantly crying and can’t calm down. A stimulating baby swing is perfect for this purpose!

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Safety tips – for a smooth, accident-free use

  • First, always obey the weight limit. Injuries do occur when the baby outweighs the limit and is still allowed to use it.
  • Never leave the baby on the swing alone. You shouldn’t, especially when the child has started to curiously explore the immediate environment and wants to break free from it.
  • Always let the kid use it in a flat, safe, and open area. Whether it’s indoors or outside, make sure that the area is open and free from pets or other small kids.
  • Also, ensure the toys and decorations on the swing are safely out of the kid’s reach.
  • If you hear any strange sounds or the swing begins to move in a weird manner, just stop using it altogether.

Bottom line

There’s no specific duration on how long the baby can use the swing. Usage may start immediately after birth and continue up to when he or she attains the maximum weight supported by the swing. When the baby starts using it, however, a couple of safety measures ought to be observed at all times.


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