An Indepth Review Of The Fisher-Price Luv  U Zoo Jumperoo

Fisher Price Luv U Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Zoo Jumperoo is perhaps one of the best baby jumpers you will lay your hands on.

As a parent, you know that the first year of a child is probably the most important one especially in the development of their motor skills as well as coordination.

During this year, they will learn how to move around with different parts of the body, use their hands, legs, and even their tummies.

Therefore, it’s important to let your child explore their active side to enhance a healthy development.  This is a crucial time of development that you do not want to take any chances being a parent.

Babies can be handful, that is why you need some baby gears to help you maneuver through the highs and lows of parenting.  If you are planning on buying a baby jumperoo for your little one, you should read this thorough review to the end.

Why do we highly recommend the fisher price luv u zoo jumperoo?


There are so many reasons we recommend this baby jumperoo, so hang around and we will share with you the little-known secrets that make this a must have baby gear!

The baby jumper comes with lots of features that will keep your little one busy while they are jumping, it is safe and durable. The base is sturdy; providing enough support for your baby’s tiny legs.

In addition, the seat pad and encompassing tray provide your little one with enough support to help them stand properly.

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo Key Features

Fisher Price Luv U jumperoo

This fisher price zoo jumperoo comes with a host of exciting features for your tot.

  • Portable and folds into a compact size for easy storing
  • Safe for baby use
  • Lots of toys that provide entertainment for the baby’s development
  • Constructed with a sturdy steel frame that is freestanding
  • 360-degree rotating seat
  • You do not have to attach it to a doorway
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Has music and lighting
  • The seat pad can be washed with machine and it’s dryer safe

Safe for baby use

This fisher price activity center is free standing, meaning you do not have to attach it on a door frame for the baby to use it. It comes with a steel frame stand that is strong enough for your baby.

You do not have to worry about the baby breaking it as they jump. Putting up this is quick and any adult can do it in a matter of minutes.

The maximum weight limit for this jumper is 25 pounds, so if your baby has not passed that weight limit, they can comfortably use it.

It’s important for parents to observe the right jumperoo age limit. Once your baby surpasses the recommended fisher price jumperoo age limit, we advise to get them off the jumper.

Helps in overall child development

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo helps in the development of the baby. Baby’s love standing, swinging around, and jumping in the exersaucer. A baby jumper keeps them physically active.

Since all the body parts are in constant motion, the child is able to learn how to control all the parts of their body. Body coordination is a crucial development milestone for children.

The Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is surrounded by brightly colored toys from every corner. In addition, the seat has the capacity to do a 360-degree spin, so your child can play with different toys in turns.

Every toy in this jumperoo helps to promote a unique motor skill. Your child will try to reach for some toys, while kicking and getting rewarded with music and lighting toys.

The teether toys come in handy for a child who is teething. The music has a good setting that is entertaining for the baby and not annoying for the parents.

The caregiver can choose to switch on the music and let it play non-stop or you can set to play only when the baby jumps! This makes a great way for teaching your little one cause and effect.

When the child is worn out from jumping, they will just spin around pulling and grabbing the toys in this awesome baby jumperoo.

Portable and folds into a compact size for easy storing

baby jumper folding for ease of storag

If you live in a small apartment, don’t worry that this jumperoo will take up your already tiny space. It is small enough to not crump your house, but large enough for the baby to have fun.

When not in use, the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo folds into a compact size and can be stored somewhere in a corner of the house or corridor.

The colors on this jumperoo blend well into any interior décor. If you need to transport it, simply detach the tubes on the base and fold it.

With only a weight of 20 pounds, carrying it in and out of the car is not such a big hustle! Both the size and weight make it a baby gear that can fit into any car.  This aspect is important especially when you need to move.

Constructed with a sturdy steel frame that is freestanding

Traditional jumpers needed to be hung on a door frame for the child to jump. However, the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo doesn’t have to be hung on a door frame. It’s freestanding; constructed with a strong steel frame that’s non-skidding.

You only need to assemble it properly and place your child inside to have fun on the ground. It doesn’t need anything extra to support your little one when in use.

Even with the non-stop jumping and spinning, the jumperoo will still be strong enough. However, we advise keeping it on a floor that is even to make it safer for the child.

Height can be adjusted

This is one jumper that will grow with your child. Since fisher price knows your child will grow fast, the jumper can be customized so the baby will use it much longer.

The spring height can be adjusted in three different settings. All you need to do is just to pull down the tabs that are located on the sides of the baby jumperoo.

The springs are well secured, in cute fabric, so you do not have to worry about your baby getting hurt. The jumper comes with a seat that is well cushioned and offers support for babies.

360-degree rotating seat

The Luv U Jumperoo is surrounded by so many toys.  Due to the these, the baby has to keep moving and turning around to fully interact with all the toys.

The good news is that this unit has a 360-degree spin. You little one just needs to turn and she will have a unique toy set to explore. There is never a dull moment in the luv u zoo jumperoo!

 Cleans up easily


Children can be messy, but with this jumper, cleaning time is reduced.  The seat area can quickly be cleaned using a wet cloth and soapy water.

The cover on the seat can be removed and tossed in the washing machine.  Clean up the toys by wiping them or hand washing those that cannot be tossed in the washing machine.

The little tray on the baby jumperoo can be used for placing baby’s snacks so she can munch on them when playing. This helps the child to learn how to feed without any assistance.

However, do not leave them unattended as they feed on the jumper.

Installation process

Assembling the jumper is easy-peasy work any adult can do! In a matter of minutes, your child will be ready to use the fisher price Luv u zoo once it’s home.

It comes with instructions that are easy to follow through each stage.  The big pictures in the manual will help you know whether you are doing the right thing in assembling.

We could get deeper with details on how to install, but not on this jumper.


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