When Can My Baby Start Using A Baby Jumper?

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I guess you cannot wait to see your little baby take their first solo walk. You can’t even wait to see him chuckle with excitement, bouncing up and down as he strolls all over the house on a baby jumper.

It’s unimaginable, right?

Well, such is the beauty of being a mom – so much fun, no doubt. Amidst the fun, however, are lots of decisions to be made, some of which being absolutely inescapable.

All your life, you will have to decide on countless things, all for the good of the beautiful, charmingly growing toddler.

Baby jumpers are safe, don’t worry dear mom!

The way a baby jumper is designed should not leave you feeling worried that the little kid might get injured.

Ideally, this tool is meant to encourage the child to use both hands and legs earlier, although with a little caution.

The kid will leap-walk around on his own, get entertained still and develop motor co-ordination without anyone’s assistance.

One mom will tell you that if you would like to keep your toddler busy and entertained, just buy a the best baby jumper there is in the market.

Your doctor will tell you it’s ideal to let the kid start exploring the whole environment on his own. More importantly, it gives the innocent child a lovely view of the world and a taste of what ‘independence’ really means.

They aren’t just safe and beneficial only – they also rack in awards as well. In 2013 during the Kidspot Best Of Awards in Australia, a baby jumper was overwhelmingly voted as the best baby toy.

The good old jumper emerged first, beating an array of products, and unsurprisingly it’s one of the most recommended tools by moms all over the world.

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Baby Jumper Age Limit: At what age can you put a baby in a jumper?

If choosing the best baby jumper is a breeze, then deciding when it is okay to use it is another tale altogether. Apparently, this isn’t something that every mom gets right.

In fact, it can be somehow complex to determine if the kid is ready for a baby jumper just yet, especially for a first-time mom.

One will buy it for a 2-month old boy and immediately compel him to start using it. Another mom may, however, wait until she’s nine months and has already started to crawl before she introduces a baby jumper.

If you are currently feeling confused and can’t decide if your child is ready to start jumping up and down the house, let this article help you.

Baby jumper Weight limit: When it’s right to start using it

It’s often recommended that you start introducing the infant to exercise-friendly toys when he or she is 4-6 weeks old.

Ideally, it doesn’t really matter how late you do so, as long as you remember that the kid’s safety is of utmost importance.

When it comes to a baby jumper, however, there’s no specific period when one is clearly authorized to allow the kid to start using it. It can be anywhere from when he or she is three months to as late as six months or even later.

Basically, the most important thing to consider before the introduction is whether the little one can reliably hold his or her head.

When is it safe for a baby to use a jumper?

The exact age limit, therefore, varies according to the general condition of the kid, especially if it has stabilized or not.

Generally, it’s a norm to let them use a jumper when they are 3-4 months old since that’s when all the average growing kids can ‘jump’ unassisted.

In fact, as Loyola University Health System MD Bridget Boyd says, 4-6 months is acceptable for most infants. She says the greatest determinant is head control – if the toddler has developed well enough to keep the head upright.

Additionally, she says that the size of your little one does matter since a snugly fit is sure to guarantee the little one a comfortable experience.

During the first days, the legs should dangle just above the floor, as if the kid is hovering. They should straighten up well enough to allow the child to feel as though he or she is walking.

As the toddler gets used to them, however, he or she will get used to walking with little assistance.

Other considerations:

Assess the quality of the straps

Considering that your child will use it for an average of 20 minutes daily for six months, its quality and general condition should be acceptable.

One critical factor you should not compromise on is the quality of its straps – several manufacturers have had to recall their products because of a defect related to straps.

Also, almost all accidents are directly related to straps of poor quality.

Maybe the baby is stronger and heavier than what the strap can support that a little bounce makes it snap and consequently results in an accident.

So, just check the quality of its straps – elastic is okay.

The manufacturer’s reputation does matter

Away from the infant’s age and head control, however, another key determinant that isn’t often paid attention to is the type of baby jumper selected.

You must never choose an off-the-street product –something whose name is unknown.

Baby Jumpers vary according to a host of factors, including the size and the manufacturer’s reputation.

There are those considered unsafe. To stay safe, you must take your time and study reviews from users online and possibly buy from reputable, highly rated brands.

The Bottom line

Your child is free to start walking with the assistance of a baby jumper if he or she can comfortably maintain an upright posture.

Whether it is a stationary jumper, an activity baby jumper or the doorway one, just make sure to let him or her use it when it is perfectly safe. More importantly, the baby should be aged between 4-6 months, strong and can fit in the jumper comfortably.

Don’t just buy a baby jumper – make sure your kid is safe when using it.


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