Baby Einstein Neptune’s Discovery Jumper Review

A baby in the baby einsten motion jumper

So how do you ensure your baby is safe when you rush to the bathroom or to the next room to pick up something? Well, we figured a baby einstein jumper would be the most ideal place to leave your kid.

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom, Vrooom…that’s the usual noise in your household. Your 4 year old boy cruising around the house with his newest toy car addition.

This is often the same script in every home with kids. The problem is when you leave your 4 year old with his younger sister for a trip to the bathroom.

By the time you are back, the little terror has already toppled over his sister with his toys as she is always crawling on his “route”.

We scoured the internet, carefully researched on the best baby jumper brands that are worth your money, and finally settled on this!

Let’s dive right in. Oh! and if you don’t find what you are looking for, we have reviewed various brands, so just check a different product.

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

Raising a child is a challenge, especially to its parents.They not only have to be there at all times, but they are also required to go an extra mile to ensure the baby leads a comfortable life.

A part of giving the infant a comfy experience typically involves the acquisition of a myriad of accessories, among which best baby jumper brands can be found.

A baby jumperoo is different from other baby equipment, in that it requires minimum supervision of the toddler.

Once the baby is in the jumper, the caregiver can engage in other activities without necessarily looking at the baby throughout, though frequent check-ups are recommended.

Due to the rigors of the contemporary society, the need for tools that can ease the raising of toddlers has risen significantly.

Baby jumpers, being such devices, have been warmly received by mothers across the globe.

It is the common business knowledge that an increase in demand causes an increase in supply; hence the market is flooded with a vast assortment of baby jumperoos, making it difficult for the interested parties to choose the best from the wide collection.

After thoroughly scouring through the available choices in the market, we decided to review the baby Einstein activity jumper, to see whether it warrants the hype bestowed on it by its developers.

The baby einstein jumper is highly regarded internationally, and judging by its salient features, the plaudits are well-deserved.

Listed below are the most outstanding of its specifications;

Key Features

  • High-back seat
  • 3600 seat
  • Adjustable seat
  • Removable seat pad
  • Multiple removable activity stations
  • Several games available
  • Electric Piano


  • Additional Toys and accessories can be easily attached
  • Swivel seat is one of the best available
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • The height adjustment feature is impressive
  • Immersive music experience with volume controls


  • Height limitations necessitate the addition of props for short babies
  • Large design consumes a lot of space
  • It cannot be folded, making it mandatory to have skills in disassembling

High Back Seat

Like their name suggest, the primary function of jumpers is to allow babies to freely jump up and down.

Since the baby einstein jumper comes with a seat that is considerably raised, it permits the infant to comfortably jump without the risk of injury.

Freely Rotating Seat

In addition to being high off the ground, the seat incorporates 360-degree movement, enabling full rotation.

Typically, babies enjoy moving around, an experience which is enhanced due to this ingenious inclusion by the designers of this magnificent piece of work.

Also, besides heightening a toddler’s comfort, the rotation feature substantially improves the locomotion and motor skills of the baby.

5-point Adjustable Seat

As is the characteristic of every living organism, the child is bound to grow over time.

The developers of this jumper took this factor into consideration in the design, thus, the integration of the adjustment feature.

With this specification, parents need not worry about their baby outgrowing the jumper since its height can be altered to match the child’s growth.

This not only increases the device’s longevity, but also saves the caregivers a significant amount of money that would have been spent on replacements.

Activity Stations

Usually, babies like to keep themselves busy, lest they are a source of the continuous disturbance.

The Baby Einstein jumper comes with four mounted activity stations, which are also removable.

With these, the babies are always engaged, giving parents ample time to carry out more pressing activities.

Moreover, the activity plates are removable, making them easier to clean and also giving parents the freedom to arrange them in their desired order.

An Assortment of Games

As the perfect complement to the already impressive activity station, the manufacturers of this awesome jumper made twelve different games available for the baby.

By providing such a vast amount of options, the device greatly reduces instances of boredom.

In addition, this feature impressively improves the child’s cognitive ability.

Electric Piano

A rather peculiar addition, the piano, is a favorite of a majority of Einstein’s consumers. The melodies included are soothing as well as exciting.

A volume control with three modes for controlling audibility is also inbuilt. Furthermore, musical lights which aid in the development of a baby’s vision are also included.

Rattle ball

The enormous size of the rattle ball makes it conspicuous, yet this is not its most amazing capability. It is eye-catching, mainly due to its stunning bead patterns and creative imagery.

This ball serves a great deal in improving the baby’s hand control as well as eyesight development.

Sun Teether with Clackers

Parents, especially mothers, often undergo nightmares when their infants are in the teething process.

The joy of raising a child is often blemished in this period, which is characterized by endless cries as milk teeth grow.

However, with this jumper, teething discomforts are mitigated as the child is distracted from the pain while playing.

Water-filled Bird Teether

Still, in the aspect of teething, the Einstein jumper comes with a water-filled teether that further alleviates teething pain.

The product is inserted in the toddler’s mouth and manages pain by soothing the child’s gums.

The inclusion of water makes it possible to refrigerate the teether, a practice that significantly improves comfort.

Toy Tray

According to numerous sources, playing is fundamental to a child’s well-being, both from a physical and mental perspective.

With this in mind, the designers of this jumper include a toy tray, within which toys can be placed.

Moreover, the tray has an additional four links to which extra toys are attached. To cap it all, more extension loops are included to accommodate surplus accessories.

Safety features

Due to their delicate nature, babies demand the affording of overboard protective measures. In this regard, the baby Einstein jumper has you covered.

The toys bars are heavily padded while the springs are adequately covered, all in a bid to keep the baby safe.

The foot holder integrates a non-skid feature, which increases friction, thus reducing the chances of the infant skidding or tripping.

Battery Powered

The Einstein Baby Jumper is run by three AAA-sized dry cells, rather than electricity, which is the preferred source of power by many designers.

While the batteries may seem inadequate, the power they provide suffices the needs of this jumper.

Also, the absence of a power cord means that the jumper has an unlimited scope of movement at all times, in addition to reducing the risk of electrocution.

Who should buy the Einstein Baby Jumper?

A majority of baby products often come marked with the age groups for which the device in question is suited.

The case of the Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Einstein jumper is no different.

Usually, jumpers are recommended for babies above three months, as their bodies have sufficiently developed and are in a position to partially support themselves.

To maximize the output of this jumper, the child’s age range should fall between three months to one year.

The recommended specifications state that the child should weigh no less than 15lbs (6.8 kg) and no more than 25lbs (11.4 kg).

The height of the baby must not go over 30 inches (76cm).

For optimum benefits to be realized, parents are advised to place their babies in frequent intervals of fifteen minutes.

Where to buy the product

Here, the prospective purchaser has an array of options, which can be narrowed down to two – online stores and physical retailer outlets.

First, here is the lowdown on online shops. This is convenient for busy individuals, who cannot find time to visit physical shops.

Before purchasing the product, the clients can browse through several forums and website to look for the feedback of experienced customers.

After ordering the product, the hassles and bustles of organizing transportation are negated, since the store delivers the product directly to you.

Thanks to technology, electronic shops such as Amazon are easily accessible throughout the day.

Secondly, one can opt for the old-fashioned way, buying from physical stores. It may seem archaic, but visiting physical shop has its upside.

At the shop, one can have a first-hand experience with the product, rather than reading the opinion of an unknown individual online.

However, this may be inconvenient, especially to busy persons as well as expectant mothers in later stages of pregnancy.

How Does The Baby Einstein Jumper Fair Against Its Competitors?

The baby jumper niche is flooded with a variety of options, but how does the Einstein jumper compare?

Firstly, baby einstein jumper possesses a language learning feature, the only of its kind in the market.

The included dialects are Spanish, French and of course, English. This spec is a stand-out feature, which is unrivaled by any product in this category.

Secondly, though the included swivel seat is not exclusive to this jumper, it is the best in the market. In other cheap baby jumper brands, consumers often complain of uneasiness when rotating the seat.

However, this is not the case with baby einstein jumper, as the seat rotates freely and smoothly in all directions.

With regard to pricing, the Einstein jumper is not exactly the modest, but it isn’t expensive either.

When it comes to mass, this jumper is among the heaviest in the market.

Weighing a massive 20lbs (9 kg), the baby Einstein neighborhood friend’s activity jumper can be a bit cumbersome to move.

Nonetheless, it makes up for its weight by being easily disassembled, making it easier to carry around.


Right from the pregnancy period till the child grows, the well-being of your little one is paramount.

This involves availing any material tools that would aid in the development of the child both physically and mentally.

When an infant reaches four months, its support system can withstand weight on its legs.

At this age, the most appropriate method further enhances the budding motor skills and coordination is the thorough the introduction of a baby Einstein exersaucer.

Luckily for parents, the baby einstein jumper is readily available and incorporates a wide variety of features that are fun and have been proven to be safe.

Equipped with remarkable features such as a three-dialect language tutor, a swivel seat, and music piano with volume controls among other accomplished specifications, this jumper guarantees perpetual satisfaction for you and your beloved munchkin.

With all these impressive features, the Baby Einstein Jumper is here to ensure your child remains ever stimulated while improving his/ her psycho-motor skills at the same time.

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