How To Choose The Best Baby Jumper For Your Child

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

A baby jumper is one of those baby gears that will help you get some “me-time”. It  allows you to sit back for a minute as you watch your little one jump up and down in their jumper.

Being a new parent brings forth a wonderful feeling…a real, good one!  However, soon, this feeling may get easily overshadowed by the rigours of parenting.

The journey of parenthood is a roller-coaster of emotions, up and downs, that if not well managed, can lead to many issues, sometimes worse things like postpartum depression.

This is why there are hundreds of baby products in the market that help to ease the burden of bringing up your little being.

Choosing the best baby jumper can be a difficult task. It gets confusing when you come across so many brands in the markets. If you fail to do you’re research properly, you will end up buying the first jumper the sales lady convinces you to purchase.

Whether you are looking for the best infant jumper for your little one or you want to gift a friend who just had a baby, this guide will enable you pick one that will serve all your child’s needs perfectly.

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What Is A Baby Jumper?

A baby jumper is an activity seat suspended by either one or double elastic bands. The baby, while seated, pushes forward and backward using their feet.

It is a great way for the child to exercise their muscles. A baby who’s already exhausted sleeps better than a child full of energy.

And what perfect way to lose excess energy than on a jumper? The best baby jumper also acts as a good place to keep the baby busy for a few minutes for that needed break.

Other baby jumper names are:

  • Johnny jumper
  • Baby jumperoo
  • Exersaucer jumper

Reviewing The Baby Jumpers In The Market

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

Baby Einstein is a renowned brand in the baby world and for a good reason. This brand makes fascinating toys that are strong enough to endure consistent use by the child, but still gentle for your young one.

The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper does not disappoint. It comes with lots of activities for your bundle of love once you have secured it safely.

With a 360-degree design, your baby will enjoy stimulating play with different Baby Einstein attached toys. They are usually well placed thus, reducing anxiety over your kid struggling while trying to reach the attached toys.


  • Portable, light, and durable frame.
  • 360-degree padded rotating seat.
  • All exposed parts have extra padding. This improves your baby’s comfort and safety.
  • The adjustable height system grows with your little one.
  • It comes with five adjustable systems and  four activity stations packed with toys.


  • Folds into a small size for ease of storage
  • It’s easy to clean. The seat padding comes out easily, and the toys are made of easy to clean plastic/fabric.


  • If you are not a hands-on person, you find the jumperoo difficult to assemble.
  • It’s a little bulky. This could be an inconvenience if you live in a small house.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo comes in a comfy rotating seat made from water resistant polyester. This jumperoo is filled with excellent features for your little one.

The seat rotates up to 360 degrees. Your baby easily turns on all angles. Toys are lined on the plastic platform. In addition, the jumperoo for baby comes with a  teether attached on the side.

The child can play around with them as they can play music, move around when slightly touched by the child, and light up to keep your baby mesmerized.

With your baby’s growth, you can easily adjust the height to one that feels comfortable for them.


  • The frame of this infant jumper easily folds into a compact shape for ease of storage.
  • The seat has soft spring covers that will ensure you baby’s tiny fingers do not get pinched.


  • Lightweight.
  • Enhances the development of your baby’s motor skills through jumping, moving, and spinning.
  • Helps in developing cause and effect skills, and eye and hand coordination.
  • The many toys that come with this baby jumperoo keep the child entertained.
  • Its affordable and comes in a colourful design.
  • Easy to clean as most pieces are made of plastic. Furthermore, the fabric seats can be removed.


  • Can only hold up to 25 pounds. This means it’s really limited in the number of months your baby will enjoy its use.
  • This jumper doesn’t come with any extras such as play mat. It also doesn’t convert into a toddler play table.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper is well designed and easy to use. Furthermore, it is constructed with baby safe polyester.

The jumperoo for infants is available in four different styles (bee, beach, jungle, and zoo). The exersaucer comes with a jumping pad; a unique feature which you will not likely find in most other jumpers.

The jumping pad allows your young one to use the jumper anywhere in the house, even on hard floors.Even when your baby has had enough of bouncing, they will still have lots of other activities to keep them stimulated.

And what more, some of the toys on the exersaucer jumper can be removed for use when not in the jumper!


  • It comes with 58 stimulating learning activities that will keep your baby entertained.
  • The lights and sounds on toys engage the child.
  • Three position height adjustment.


  • Durable.
  • The bouncing system and frame are well secured.
  • Helps in improving gross motor skills.
  • The baby jumper seat pads are removable and machine washable.


  • It’s difficult for babies to move the seat around without help

Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Center

The Sassy Inspire baby jumper is designed with your little one in mind. It is a place for a child to learn as well as enhance his motor skills development.

The constant movements encourage a baby to use all the parts of their body when reaching for a toy. Since this jumper for baby has a 360-rotating frame, a child is able to play and connect with everyone else in the house.

The kid can turn easily and follow their parent’s movements whether indoors or outdoors. And when you; the parent, need some silence in the house, you can easily mute the baby jumper.

There is the Flutterby Teether which encourages touch and taste. It has cooling effect when a teething baby puts it in their mouth.

Sassy Inspire the Senses Bounce around Activity Center provides a secure and comfortable place for your baby to sit and play for hours without getting bored.

The baby jumper seat is well padded to provide extra comfort. To further offer best comfort, it has a high seat that supports younger babies.


  • Different height adjustments to offer a custom fit.
  • Sturdy feet which provide a safe play environment for the baby.
  • A 360-rotating seat that comes with removable and machine washable seat pad.
  • Parents can swap the toys on the exersaucer.
  • Wonder wheel, four detachable toys, and a ladybug make this a must have baby product.


  • It folds into a compact size for storage and transportation.
  • Easy to remove and wash seat padding.
  • The toys are removable so you can exchange.
  • Lightweight.


  • Requires 2 AA batteries that are not included

Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

If you have an active baby and you know toys will not make a difference to him, the jolly jumper is your best bet.

The jumperoo is easy to install and you do not have to worry about the clamp slipping from the door frame. In addition, your baby’s back is well supported.

When you want your energetic tyke to get exhausted and fall asleep fast, put him on this jolly jumper. With no toys to distract him, he will only concentrate on jumping which will tire him and he can fall asleep fast.

The jumper for baby is meant to help your child strengthen muscles and improve coordination. With this jolly jumper, its important to keep a keen eye on the baby as they jump up and down.


  • Simple design with a light but strong frame
  • The supporting poles are made of plastic with no fabrics making it easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble


  • Portable
  • Improves the alignment of the spine and back
  • Helps to strengthen a child’s weak muscles
  • The baby jumper seat is comfortably fitted with a harness that ensures your baby doesn’t fly out when on the jumper


  • Difficult to adjust according to your child’s height
  • It’s cumbersome to take your baby out of the seat

Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Deluxe Door Jumper

If you have purposed to buy a doorway bumper jumper, look no further. The Bright Starts brand is well known for its high quality, but affordable baby products.

It is easy to get your baby in and out of this jumper. A plastic dome holds the non-twist straps apart making the whole process easy.


  • Comes with built in toy tray, thus, your child can play with their preferred toys as they bounce.
  • Extra toys that can be detached and used elsewhere
  • Concealed safety cord
  • The door clamp will not leave any marks on woodwork


  • A baby can bring their favorite toys while on the jumperoo.
  • The clamp easily secures on.

Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn

Made with the child development in mind, the johnny jumper is an imagination inspiring toy that will help your child meet their early developmental milestones, while offering hours and hours of entertainment.

Firstly, it is designed with a strong base that offers a good support for the play space, ensuring your baby doesn’t get injured while using it.

Secondly, the tray comes with different toys that keep the baby entertained as they jump around. These toys also enhance the development of age specific milestones.

Through using its twist, stone and bounce activities, a baby can have the best exercises that help in the development of legs, neck, and back muscles.

There is so much activities for the baby to do in here. Stretching hands to pick a toy stimulates his motor skills, as he wiggles, his hand-eye coordination is improved as well as muscle growth.

Thirdly, the baby bouncer jumper is portable due to its small and lightweight structure thus making it ideal for transferring from place to place around the house.

Finally, the height can be adjusted into 3 heights, therefore,  your baby will be able to use it for a longer period.


  • Made of safe plastic
  • Provides baby with a well-protected learn and play environment
  • Physical practice that helps to develop different skills in a child


  • The jumper for baby lets children rock, bounce, and spin
  • It is a lightweight jumper making it easy to move
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • It easily assembles


  • Doesn’t have music
  • It doesn’t come with wheels

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo

Do you have a small space but still want your baby to enjoy the perks that come with owning a baby jumper? Your search ends here.

The Fisher-Price Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo is the perfect jumper for you and your little one. It’s well designed to be used in small spaces.

It easily folds flat for ease of storage and transportation. It is specially constructed to match the baby’s bouncy action such as kicking and jumping. With each jump and kick, the baby is rewarded with exciting music, toy movement, sounds, and music.

It is a sturdy infant jumper, that will ensure your kids are safe while they use it. Furthermore, it has a soft baby jumper seat pad making it comfortable for the baby while in use.

This is a jumper that enhances your baby’s sensori-motor development. Its portability and size make it a perfect choice for small homes.


Several toys making learning fun

It comes with lots of learning activities for kids such as spinners, music, soft toys, and roller balls which keep them entertained.

The different shapes and colors of toys that move as the baby jumps make it an awesome jumper for your little one.  These combination of activities helps in improving various skills in a baby.

With the light up keyboard, a child is able to learn about cause and effect while they explore the music. The lighting and spinning of toys keeps a child engaged ensuring they remain occupied and happy.

The best baby jumper for small spaces

This johnny jumper is not only meant for a kid’s entertainment, but also considers the parents as well.

It’s designed to fit in small homes so that your baby enjoys the benefits that come with it.  Apart from the baby jumper being good for small spaces, it is also lightweight and portable. It can be folded into a compact size for ease of storage.

Easy to wash seat

This baby jumperoo ideal for small homes comes with a soft padded seat which is comfortable for your little one.

It is easy to remove and wash quickly. It’s both hand and machine wash safe. Alternatively, the seat can be wiped after use with a wet piece of cloth.


  • Comes in two different colors; woodland friends and floral confetti.
  • The toy bar is padded ensuring absolute comfort for the baby
  • You do not require a doorway to attach it. It is a stand-alone jumper
  • Constructed with strong plastic
  • The height is adjustable
  • Portable and space spacing


  • Once this activity jumper is assembled, it cannot be detached.

Jolly Jumper – The Original Baby Exerciser

This is a type of baby door bouncer that can be installed in any doorway using a mark-free clamp.

It has an inbuilt toy tray and adjustable straps that allow your child to exercise their developing leg muscles fully.

As the best baby jumper, the Jolly jumper also doubles up as the best infant bouncer for colic because it offers upright support.


  • It’s long non-twist straps allow you to put in and remove your baby with ease.
  • The no-mark clamp enables easy transference of the baby jumper from room to room, as well as increased portability from house to house.


  • The straps can be modified to be longer, but cannot be adjusted to fit shorter doorways, or to accommodate the height of taller toddlers.
  • To use this bouncer jumper, your baby must be able to fully support their head on their own.

How To Choose The Ideal Jumperoo For A Toddler

Deciding on the ideal jumperoo or exersaucer is not a ten-minute activity. It involves a lot of considerations and serious thinking.

Choosing between the known and trusted brands is nerve wrecking, so think critically on what your baby needs in a jumper.


Research helps you answer most questions dangling in your mind.

It sets you on the right path and lets you know whether it is worth to continue with your desire of buying that baby jumper or not.

Age of the child

Children grow so fast! Well, you already know this! Buying the right equipment at the right time is the key to maximizing its use. An exersaucer is no exception.

It is best suited for toddlers between four and five months. Once your child lifts and supports their head without help, then he has attained the ideal age for using a baby jumper. Get one!

Weight of the child

Before purchasing any baby jumper, you should be sure that it will support your kid’s weight. Do not assume that all jumpers hold the same weight.

Neither should you imagine that all toddlers weigh the same! Match your baby’s weight against the recommended weight on the johnny jumper.

Only buy if the child weighs less than what is on the jumper. Once the child outweighs the set weight, then it is time to pack it up. Do not force the child to it as it may break or injure him.

Type of  jumpers for baby

There are three types of baby jumpers. As a buyer, make sure you understand them.

Then, choose the one that fully meets the needs of your baby and to some extent, yours too.

  1. Stationary jumper

A stationary jumper comes as a seat, elastic straps, and a frame. Furthermore, it doesn’t have toys.

Commonly white in color, this jolly jumper provides no other service other than bouncing.

If you have extra spaces in your house, fill one gap by putting up a stationary jumper.

With this jumper, fights will be a thing of the past; children do not fight over zero- featured items. Therefore, this jumper is ideal for large families.

       2. Stationary activity jumper

A stationary activity jumper comes with a set of toys. Some even have small music players.

These features capture the baby’s attention as well as entertain at the same time.

Distraction gives the parent time and space to do other things.

It also encourages mind development and motor skills.

  3. Doorway activity jumper

Just as the name suggests, this jumper hangs on the doorway.

It comes with a seat and elastic band. These elastic straps are attached to the door frame.

If your house has many doors, then a doorway jumper is the best for your child.

Large families can consider buying this type of baby jumper as it does not need much space.

You can move about with it as you only need to detach it from one door and attach it to another one.

Safety Tips for Doorway Activity Jumpers

The safety of doorway jumpers is debatable; however, a lot of people love them.

How do you make sure your child remains safe when using them? Here are a few tips to help you.

  • Ensure the doorway you are attaching the jumper meets all the specifications. Some doors do not meet the necessary specifications for supporting a jumper for a baby.
  • The baby jumper height should be well adjusted to match the baby’s size. When the jumper is fitted at the right height, the baby’s toes should touch the floor.
  • Do not put the baby in the jumper before checking whether it’s completely safe. Check for any malfunctions of any kind. This will ensure your child is 100% safe when using it.
  • Do not leave a baby unattended when they are in a doorway jumper.
  • When the baby jumper is not in use, remove it from the door.
  • A doorway jumper is not a baby swing. Do not push a baby as if it was in one.
  • When the child is in the doorway jumper, make sure there are no unattended pets that can knock over the door which can injure the baby.
  • Jumping time should be a maximum of 15 minutes. This will prevent your child from becoming nauseous. Put the baby on the jumper before feeding to prevent spitting up.

Presence of toys

Activity jumpers come with many different toys. If your child is playful, then you may consider buying this type of baby jumper.

These toys should be big enough to prevent choking. The toys should be intact; not easily disassembled.

If you have more than one child, talk to the rest and warn them against ripping these toys off the jumper.


Baby bouncer jumpers vary in their prices. Some cost more than others. It helps from the start to know how much you are willing to spend on that jumperoo for your baby.

Having a budget helps you spend within your limit. It also assists you to match a jumper to what you can afford.

Hence, you don’t end up spending more on a simple jumper; neither do you end up in debts due to overspending.

Comparing the cost of different exersaucer jumpers as quoted by various companies gives you an idea of how you are likely to spend.


A good jumper for a baby is one which has adjustable elastic straps. These straps should be adjustable depending on the height of the child.

A caregiver may want to suspend the kid a bit higher and thus, shorten the strands. The same person may lengthen it if the child needs to put both legs down.

Baby Jumper Seats

Before settling on a particular jumper, be sure to check on the comfort it offers your child. Your baby needs to be comfortable as he/she plays in his jumperoo.

A child should enjoy their play time in the baby jumper chair and have no repercussions as a result. A safe seat has pads with a soft feeling to it. Some baby jumper seats are removable while others aren’t.

The removable ones are a lot easier to clean. For the fixed seats, the only thing you can do is wipe out dirt. However, jumpers for babies that come with a fixed seat are durable.


Baby jumpers aren’t small items; they will require enough storage space. Not only that, your kid will outgrow it. Think of the end before the start.

Like your house planner, you are responsible for all the space created in the rooms, so save space where you can. A baby activity jumper that easily disassembles would be a sure bet.

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If you are about to place the fate of your child in someone or something else, then be sure the recipient can handle it.

The suspenders ultimately support the weight of the child. Therefore, it is vital to certify that the suspenders will hold before buying any jumper for your baby.

The elastic straps on a doorway jumper are robust enough to carry a child; they clamp well on the door frame.

The suspenders on this jumper are specially made to handle the weight of your baby.

Be on the lookout for weak suspenders, single straps, and worn out bands. Keep off jumpers that have these defects.


No one wants their baby injured. That’s why safety is a vital aspect to consider before purchasing anything for your little one.

Before buying the jumper, critically examine its construction. Inspect the quality of materials used, and the pros and cons of these classes.

Look at how sturdy the jumper is by placing the baby on it while its still at the shop.

Buying from a reputable brand halfway solves your fears. Trust previous sales, customer reviews, and the company at large.

There is a likely probability that their jumpers are a good fit. Designs also contribute to safety. A jumper, by design, concentrates the child as the center of gravity. This design prevents accidental falls.

Even as you use a baby doorway jumper, keep it in a way that puts the child at the center of the door.

Health of a child

If your child has developmental problems, do not use jumpers. Such a child does not have the ability to use his feet for support and putting him on a baby jumper will only worsen the situation.

A jumper should be for a kid who is achieving his milestones as expected and their motor skills have set in. Just like all baby items, if jumpers are not used correctly, they may have adverse effects on the baby’s health.

Too much use may alter the sitting posture of the toddler. While in a jumper, the child leans forward, if he sits for a prolonged period, then he may bend.

This front leaning interferes with bones and may change the child’s sitting posture.


With today’s technology, every new company is claiming to have the best product. Established companies, on the other hand, seem to stick to their original ways.

They say that their product is superior and safe. As a customer, join these arguments and come up with the best version. Look at the established brands, identify their cons.

Then, have a look at the new names on the market; have they solved your problem? This way, you are 99% sure of landing an ideal jumper for your child. Choosing from a well-established brand saves you the headache of trial and error.


When it comes to add-ons and all things cute, Graco doorway jumper has it all. From its colors to the corn-like shape, this jumper is sure to capture your attention and baby’s as well.
The best baby jumper for your baby.
When picking a toddler’s jumper, consider your house colors. Since most of the time, it will be in the living room, have one that complements your room decor.

Good jumpers blind the family on how much space they consume. Thus, when looking for a jumper, you will want one that doesn’t annoy you each time you look at it.

Girls love bright colors. If buying a jumper for a girl, go for the appealing jumpers. Boys have no preference; it’s up to you to decide what appeals to you.

How safe is an infant jumper?

Well, it is safer to have your kid in a jumper than on the couch.

A jumper protects him from falls and injuries and entertains him too.

How well the jumper serves you regarding safety all depends on you.

For instance, a child who weighs more than the recommended weight the jumper can hold only compromises it.

How do you ensure your baby is safe while using their jumper?

  • Remove any obstacles on the floor. These will prevent accidents.
  • Place the jumper on a flat leveled area.
  • Avoid putting a jumper near pools, stairs, and other uneven areas.

A walking baby has exceeded the baby exersaucer age; it serves him no use because the muscles are already strong.

Instead, it may pose a threat to have such a baby in the jumper.

Most parents love that they can comfortably do their chores while the baby plays safely.

Safety and responsibility go hand in hand. How safe one is, is as a result of what the person has done to be safe.

Therefore, it’s important to point out that most baby jumpers are safe.

They avoid falls and injuries to the child especially when left alone.

Keeping the jumper in good condition prolongs its durability.

It’s continuously safe for the baby. Parents play a role in securing a jumper.

What are the benefits of using a toddler jumper?

This question is answered almost immediately a parent places the child in the jumper.

A jumper has various benefits that spill over to the parent.

Here are some of them.

To the child;

A jumper improves motor skills by strengthening the leg muscles. Muscle development happens when the child is continuously pushing himself up and down.

The more the child plays, the more his/her tissues grow.Within no time, this child will be in a position to stand on his own.

Stationary activity jumpers come with toys. These toys keep the child focused. Apart from toys, the Fisher Price rainforest jumperoo has musical sounds and lights.These features serve to entertain a toddler as they swing.

A jumper gives the child a chance to stay with the family at large. A 4-month-old baby needs to interact with the family more; a jumper makes this possible.

In the exersaucer, the toddler can see all the family members. He joins in the conversation by observing.When compared to other baby products, a jumper outshines the rest.

To the parent;

A jumper is the best “person” to look after your child when you need to rush to the bathroom for a few minutes. With a baby jumper, as a parent, you can perform other tasks and chores.

It removes any element of fear within you. However, you should not put the child in the jumper for long, neither should you leave the house while the baby is in the jumper.

If you buy a jumper early enough, all other siblings can use it. Its durability makes it possible to be used by more than one child. Three to four kids can use one jumper depending on the age gap and also how well you maintain it.

Any disadvantages?

Have the child stay a maximum of fifteen minutes in a baby jumper each time. Excessive use has been reported to cause poor sitting posture.

By tossing their toes up and down for a long time, they may incur bruises if left unchecked for extended periods.

A parent can never substitute a caregiver with an exersauser. A caregiver is all rounded, from meal preparations to changing diapers.

On the other hand, a jumperoo can only hold the baby while he plays and even with it the child still needs lots of attention and care.

Tips on How to Use a Baby Jumperoo Efficiently

Use everything in moderation. A jumper is no exception.

Have the right child in the jumper. By this, ensure that he is of the right age, height, and weight before introducing a jumper.

He should be tall enough for his feet to touch the ground, though not firmly.

The essence of using a jumper is to strengthen the leg muscles.

If the baby is too short or the jumper has been set too high, then this function is not achievable.

The body tends to lean forward while in the jumper. If the child leans way too much, then his sitting posture may be affected adversely.

Observe hygiene. You can come up with a set of baby jumper clothes for use when the child is playing.

This helps the kid differentiate play time from other activities. There are no rules on what the toddler should wear when using a jumper.

Once the child outgrows it, whether in height, weight or age, then it’s time to pack it up.

Do not assume that the jumper will hold the extra weight.

If the baby can stand on his own and even walk, then a jumper serves him no use.

It’s dangerous to have a child whose motor skills have fully developed in a jumper. He will climb out. A fall from a jumper can be vital.

Be 100% sure that the jumper can, and will support your child. If you notice anything amiss, do away with the jumper.

Observe your child’s behavior while in the jumper. It works if he is happy to be in it. Some kids will cry when put in it. Others don’t like the hanging bit. Keep the baby comfortable. Do not force it on the child.


Q: What is the ideal age and weight for a baby to use a jumperoo?

A: Sometimes, the age or weight of the child doesn’t matter. What is of great importance is the ability of the baby to hold their head upright and be able to at-least balance a little bit on their leg. Once these milestones are achieved, your baby can use an exersaucer.

Q: What is the difference between a jumper and a baby walker?

A: A baby jumper can be moved up and down, and from side to side. It is not mobile, but the child enjoys the different activities. However, with a baby walker, a kid can move around while seated or standing. It is mobile and comes with wheels.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other product, a baby jumperoo has the good and the bad. Understand how much your child needs it, and how you intend on reversing its ills.

Take time to learn all there is on the best baby jumpers, ask experts, check websites. Whatever you do, get all the right information about infant jumpers. There are so many factors to look at before deciding on a jumper.

Ensure that you have gone through all of them. Mark out your expectations and identify how to meet them. Remember, in everything, the child comes first, therefore, he should be safe and comfortable whether in a jumper or on the floor. Make the right choice.

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