Baby Door Jumper: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Graco Doorway Bumper jumper

The best baby door jumper not only entertains your baby, but also gives you some time off to accomplish other things. Besides, studies have shown that active babies who end up tired at the end of the day sleep sound.

When it comes to gears that excite children, a baby jumper comes top of the list. You should hear the sound of a joyous baby when on the jumper, bouncing up and down.

Infant jumpers are one of the best ways to make your baby active and tired, safely though.

At some point while growing, your baby will be curious and want to explore, move around and you have to be extra-careful.

There are two types of baby jumpers;

  • Stationary activity baby jumpers

A stationary activity infant jumper has a seat and an elastic cord with a frame. These types of jumpers come with varying toys that will keep the baby busy when he/she eventually is tired of bouncing.

  • Doorway baby jumper

These ones are commonly known as the baby door jumper because they can only be suspended on the door frames. They consist a seat that is suspended from the frame using an elastic cable.

Doorway jumpers were the first ones to be introduced into the market amid safety concerns. However, since invention, their purpose has remained the same, with only new emerging designs and technology getting better.

If you are in search of the best baby door jumper for your munchkin, we certainly have you in mind. You will need to consider some specifications and features before you settle on the ideal jumper for baby.

However, we have done all the hard work for you, scored pages and pages of the internet, to bring you only the best doorway jumpers from established brands. Check out our top rated baby jumper brands.

Graco Doorway Bumper jumper

Graco doorway baby jumper is the most popular and best-selling doorway jumper. What will make this jumper a darling to your little one is how engaging it is.

Not only that, everything from the design, entertainment, fun, its bouncing, safety and comfort are also reasons why it tops this list. The one thing that will amaze a parent is how easy it is to detach and wash the seat, which is a high back nylon.

The woodwork is protected by an all-round soft bumper such that if the baby bumps against it he won’t be injured. This fun is complemented by some non-twisting straps which are kept from tangling and twisting by a plastic dome.

Of utmost importance in any baby activity jumper is the safety of the baby and Graco jumper comes with a very sturdy spring which has a hidden safety cord.

This is a plus for anyone who is looking for a proven safe activity jumper. The jumper is held onto the frame using a clamp that luckily leaves no mark on your door. Neither will the spring mess up your molding.

What about adjustability? Graco attaches to any doorway with a door frame with much ease. You only have to ensure that your child is stable and strong enough to hold himself upright before you allow him onto this baby activity jumper .

Besides, this baby door jumper comes with an adjustable toy tray that has two soft toys that are not only interactive but also removable. You are recommended to use this door jumper for kids who weigh between 5.5 to 25 lbs. You can rest assured your kiddo will love the jungle theme of this graco doorway jumper.

The Good;

  • This door jumper’s safety is guaranteed by the safety cord in that sturdy spring
  • It carries weights from 5.5 to 25 lbs
  • You can detach the seat, wash it and have it back, cleaner
  • It’s easy to adjust
  • You can easily pop a baby into and out of it.
  • The suction clamp does not slip, and it doesn’t leave marks on your door frame
  • It comes with a toy tray and two toys

The Bad;

  • This door jumper doesn’t fit in all door frames, it needs a minimum width of 16.5 centimetres.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper

This jumper does fit all standard doors that measure between 3 and 6 inches with a trim that measures at least ½” wide.

Its seat is framed all round to protect the baby from falling off when it is bouncing. The spring also is fully enclosed so that the baby’s small fingers do not get pinched.

The soft material enclosing the spring does not just protect the kid’s fingers, but also it prevents dust from passing through into the spring and spoiling it.

You will also notice that this jumper comes in seven different colours available and it is upon you to choose which one you fancy will fit the child.

This infant door jumper is adjustable too! The straps allow you to adjust according to the baby’s height which means as he grows you won’t have to worry about buying a new one.

If you are going for a journey, maybe visiting a friend over the holiday or going for vacation, you can easily pack Evenflo Exersaucer door jumper and go.

You should not worry about its stability either, all you need to do is make sure you have followed the instructions on installing it. Have a dedicated door trim, as well as a sturdy doorframe clump, then everything will be alright.

When cleaning this door jumper, once the baby is done bouncing and jumping, take it out, wipe and let it dry before keeping it.

The Good;

  • It fits in all standard doors
  • The all-round framed seat provides sufficient safety for the baby
  • Evenflo Exersaucer is fast and easy to pack in case you want to travel
  • It comes in seven different colours and materials, giving you a wide array of options
  • It is cheap
  • The jumper has a removable seat that is easy to clean
  • The seat is padded for the baby’s extra comfort
  • Its weight limit is 24lbs
  • Recommended age of the baby using it is four months
  • The spring is innovatively designed to distribute the baby’s weight evenly on the door jumper
  • The straps allow you to adjust it according to your baby’s height
  • The spring is enclosed in a soft material to protect the baby’s fingers from being pinched as well as protect the spring from dust.

The Bad;

  • The seat, being framed, can be a little big for the baby
  • The spring is a bit rigid, not as bouncy as most would prefer

Baby Einstein Sea and Discover Jumper

As a brand, Baby Einstein is popular for their beautifully designed baby products. This brand is known for their colorful equipment that are always eye-catching to kids.

If you have encountered their products, you can bear witness, but if you haven’t, then try out their baby door jumper. This jumper lets your kid have fun with the bouncing experience, while at the same time learning and growing.

The one outstanding feature in this door jumper is the re-positionable toys that it comes with. Those ocean-themed toys are fabulous and they tend to keep babies busy and happy, since they can’t jump all the time they are in the jumper.

What are some of the toys you can expect in this door frame jumper? Here are some toys to expect; a starfish teether, a baby safe mirror, Neptune rattle, and crickle fabric flash card that come in three different languages.

Sea and Discover door jumper is also adjustable as it has straps which allow you to adjust it according to the baby’s weight and height. What’s more, this jumper’s weight is light, which makes it a good choice for a parent who is always on the move.

The jumper’s clamp too features another unique strap for reinforcement and more security. Baby Einstein Sea and discover weighs 4.2 pounds and is recommended to carry a maximum weight of 24.2 pounds.

The Good;

  • The padded seat is comfortable for kids
  • The door frame is sturdy
  • It comes with 4 ocean-themed repositionable toys which will keep the kid engaged even after he is done with jumping
  • The jumper’s strap is adjustable and long
  • The maximum weight is 24.2
  • It has a hidden bungee cord
  • It is light in weight

The Bad;

  • The seat might be a little huge for kids
  • The seat would do with some padding

Sassy Inspire The Senses Doorway Jumper

This is another popular door jumper among parents. It features some special mechanism that boosts your child’s security.

Besides that, this jumper is long enough to be used in tall doors with high frames, easily attaching to them. Preferably the wall thickness should be between 3 and 6.5 inches.

This Sassy Inspire Jumper has five developmental toys that are meant to keep your kid entertained. These toys are removable and can be used for extended play. Its clamping mechanism is so secure that it holds the jumper in place.

Most importantly, this jumper is adjustable, and it is easy to adjust. It is recommended for children between four months to the walking age as it supports a maximum weight of 25 lbs.  It weighs 5.2 pounds.

The Good;

  • It has a secure unique locking system for security purposes
  • It comes with 5 toys that are developmental and can be removed to be used extensively
  • The straps can be adjusted to suit your baby’s height
  • For your baby’s comfort, this jumper comes with a padded seat ring
  • Awesome for highly-raised door frames
  • The seated area inside has a soft pillow

The Bad;

  • Not so great for short or low door frames
  • The jumper seat is a little uncomfortable for smaller babies
  • Getting the baby in and out of the jumper can be a bit tricky

Bright Starts Door Jumper

The double security that is reinforced around Bright Stars infant door jumper ensures that your baby is safe. This includes a sturdy clamp that securely surrounds the frame and an added strap feature to make it more secure.

Just like the Einstein door jumper, Bright Stars also has repositionable toys that include; a mirror for self-discovery, two plush toys, and a leaf tether.

Imagine a pillow and a padded seat ring! isn’t that the perfect environment for your kid? Besides, the pillow is detachable hence you can remove it to clean before you return it.

The strap is long enough and allows adjustment of the jumper to suit the height of your baby. The door frame is sturdy and the clamp fits securely into doorways.

The Good;

  • The door frame clamp is ultra-secure
  • The jumper seat is machine washable
  • The Bright Starts Door Jumper has a cushion/ pillow unlike other kiddie door jumpers
  • The baby can be entertained with the four repositionable toys
  • The seat ring is padded for the baby’s comfort
  • The straps allow you to adjust the jumper according to the baby’s weight or height
  • The recommended weight is between 4 lbs and 24 lbs.

The Bad;

  • The jumper ought to be used in wide and spacious areas
  • The baby might strain as the leg holes are a bit wide apart

Are there risks associated with baby door jumpers?

There are risks associated with doorway jumpers that might discourage a parent from having their babies on one. Some of them include;

Safety problems: Once a baby gets used to the bouncing on the door jumper, he’ll make it more vigorous. He’ll increase his jumping as this is the peak of his joy.

However, most parents have expressed concerns about the quality of the straps suspending the jumper, holding it to the frame. If they break by any chance, your child will definitely fall and it might be disastrous.

Development imbalance: In his book ‘The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby From Birth to Age 2’, Dr. William Sears warns about the baby’s lower part of the body developing faster than the upper one since the lower body is being exercised more than the upper half.

While there is a popular belief that child door jumpers will make your baby learn to walk faster, research has shown that it’s actually the opposite.

Having your kid spend the whole day on a door frame jumper will limit his development in other skills. It’s advisable that you limit your child’s time on the baby jumper to only 20 minutes every day.

Many people will tell you that door frame jumpers are not safe for use by babies. However, the truth of the matter is, they call for your responsibility.

Buying your kid the best baby jumper means you need to be more careful and take safety precautions when they use them. Ensure you do the following;

  •  You buy a brand new and not second-hand door jumper. That way, you won’t buy an exersaucer door jumper whose straps and suspension cables are worn out.
  • Ensure the frame of the doors where you are going to hang the jumper from is strong and the hooks have firmly held.
  • Adhere to the maximum time given. Do not let your baby overstay on the door jumper as that may cause strain to the straps.
  • Always be on the look-out. When the baby is in the jumper, do not take your eyes off them.
  • Observe the weight of your child and the maximum weight recommended by the jumper manufacturers. If your baby attains the maximum weight, stop using that door jumper.
  • Keep the floor clean.  Sharp and pointed objects that might cause harm to the child if the worst happens should be kept away.
  • Do not attach toys with pointed edges or strings on the jumper.
  • Do not place the doorway jumper anywhere close to stairs.
  • Once the baby has started walking, he should not use the door jumper any more.
  • Do not try to move the door jumper while the baby is still on, that’s risky. Get him off, then try move it.

Features to look out for when buying a doorway jumper

Getting an infant baby activity jumper is not a problem. But getting a high quality, safe and affordable jumper isn’t a walk in the park.

You have to consider different things before you finally settle on a specific infant door jumper. Here are the top things to look at when you’re shopping for one;

Weight limit

This is the maximum amount of weight that an infant door jumper is allowed to carry. If you want a jumper that your baby will use for long, then go for the one with a higher weight limit.

As kids grow, they gain weight and if you buy one with minimal weight limit, he will outgrow it fast. There is no right or wrong baby jumper age, the most important thing is to buy a jumper that will serve your toddler at that age.


Check out the type of suspenders that a door jumper has. If the seat is suspended by a single strap, steer clear of it as during the swinging it will be moving sideways, something that will cause injuries to the kid.

Go for the door jumper with straps at both of its sides. You should also consider whether the exersaucer gives you a chance to adjust it to suit your baby, and how much it does.

This can be the seat or even the straps. An adjustable jumper will grow with your kid.


baby jumper folding for ease of storag

When you’re done with the jumper, how can you store it? Do you have a space enough storage room?

You might as well settle for an assembled activity jumper, one that you can easily dissemble after use and keep.

The type of seats

Some doorway jumpers come with detachable seats. Study how easily removable the seats are.

While they can be great to replace if spoilt or for cleaning, they should not be so easily detachable that they come off when the kid is on it.

If you find a baby jumper seat that is padded, go for it. It feels comfier for the little one.


Most exersaucer door jumpers come with toys. Does the infant jumper you are interested in have a wide range of toys? If no, please move to the next option. Toys keep the kids engaged when they’re tired of bouncing.

Our Final Thoughts

Research has never hurt anyone. Do your research about different baby activity jumpers and get to know their pros and cons. This will keep you well informed.

Read reviews by other users so that you can hear from the horses’ mouths before you make a decision. Not each word a seller says is true, but trust a consumer to complain if something is not right.

Well, the cost of a door frame jumper is a fraction of a stationary baby jumper. However, the prices of vary from one to the other.

Have a budget, then begin looking for a door frame activity jumper that fits your budget.  Your baby is the most important person in your life, so as much as you might be on a tight budget, steer clear of any cheap baby jumper out there.

As earlier discussed, the luxury of owning an activity jumper comes with a call for responsibility. Do not turn the doorway jumper into a nanny!

As a matter of fact, that baby also needs some crawling time. That’s why it’s advised that in a day, he is allowed a maximum of 20 minutes on the doorway jumper.

We hope the information above will enlighten you on the good, the bad and the ugly side of baby door jumpers; help you make a choice that you will not regret in future.

Follow the instructions and if you buy one, adhere to all the safety measures. You do not want to be that parent who read this information, but ignored only to learn it the hard way, do you?


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