Ways To Get Pregnant Fast: Do’s And Don’ts When Trying To Conceive

A pregnant woman holding flowers

What are the do’s and don’ts when trying to conceive? For some people, getting pregnant fast is easy.

However, for others, the journey to being parents is exasperatingly long and frustrating.

Some women struggle with getting pregnant for months, others for years.

Even with all the pregnancy trying to conceive (ttc) tips and tricks, nothing seems to work for those struggling.

And in that period of trying all their best to conceive, they will do many different things with the hope of getting pregnant fast.

I know because I watched my sister struggle to get a pregnant in her third year of marriage.

Love making had become something she HAD to do. It was no longer fun and exciting as it was in their first year of marriage.

And every day, I hoped she gets a pregnant soon so that she can enjoy being a mom and a wife. She finally did!

If you have just started reading this and are wondering, “will I ever get pregnant?

Quit that thought and try these tips that I am about to share with you.

And just so you know, it’s absolutely okay not to get pregnant in your first, second, and even third try. This doesn’t mean you will never have babies.

A pregnant woman holding flowers

Getting Pregnant-Doing It The Right Ways 

Start with a check-up

You may need to see your doctor if you have tried getting pregnant before and not had any luck.  

The doctor will review your medical history and address any issues of concern.

Any untreated infections can have a negative effect on your fertility. Therefore, let your doctor know in advance if you have had any previous STDs and whether they were fully treated.

You will be more confident trying to conceive once you know you are in perfect health.

Ditch the contraceptives

I know this may sound pretty obvious, but the moment you decide you want to conceive, then you should stop using any contraceptives. This gives your body time to readjust.

Although some methods do not have long term effects on our bodies, others will need more time to allow the body to conceive. Give yourself ample time before you start trying for a baby.

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Make love regularly

Man and woman in bed

Plan for dates you get intimate with your partner about three times a week. Do not get intimate every day.

I know it may sound weird not to get intimate daily when you are trying to conceive, but this will actually increase your chances of getting pregnant.

For some men, making love everyday may reduce sperm count so it might not be a good idea to get intimate daily. However, you should get some action between the sheets more frequently during your most fertile days and after ovulation.

A lot of people recommend the missionary position when trying to get pregnant.  

And please don’t make getting intimate a chore you have to accomplish. Strive to enjoy those moments of intimacy.

Look out for your fertility window

For majority of women, ovulation usually occurs 12-16 days after the first day of periods. Now, your main focus should be on the days just right before ovulation.

Those are the days you should be making love if you are trying to get pregnant. Choose this period to try get pregnant as you will be most fertile then.

You will notice increased mucus like discharge around this time, which is a good clue that you actually ovulating. Furthermore, you may also want to get an ovulation predictor kit.

An ovulation predictor kit will identify your two most fertile days, so you can maximize your ability to get pregnant fast and naturally.

The ovulation predictor kit will sense an increase in LH which usually happens 24 to 48 hours before ovulation.

When your kit turns positive, then this is the best time to make love for next 3-5 days.

Get yourself the big-o

Now, while there are people that are of a different school of thought, I still believe climaxing while making love will actually help you if you are trying to conceive.

Here’s my theory; when you climax, your uterus contracts. With these contractions, there is some sucking in where sperm is drawn into the uterus increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

Some people say that you should not get the big-o while trying to conceive, but that is further from the truth. And even if I don’t get pregnant, well, its mad fun.

Stay put after getting intimate

Most women will rush to the bathroom to shower immediately after intercourse. When you are trying to get pregnant, rushing to the bathroom right after is not recommend.

Rather, you should lay on your back with your feet a little bit raised.  You can also put a pillow on your lower back instead of raising the feet. This will help you with gravity when you finally get up.

Watch what you do right after getting intimate

There are some things you should avoid immediately after getting intimate such as long runs, hot tubs, and any activity that may increase your body temperature.

Do not also douche after the act of intimacy. It’s never safe douching anyway.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

two people cheering a drink

Smoking can cause fertility issues for both men and women. According to Mayo Clinic, smoking ages a woman’s ovaries and diminishes her egg supply.

Its also important for you to avoid second hand smoke as it may interfere with your chances of getting pregnant especially if you are trying to get pregnant.

It is also important that you avoid taking alcohol if you are trying to conceive.

I know some people will argue that one or two drinks a day may not be bad, however, this may lower your chances of getting pregnant.

Stop using any lube

Some lubricants are known to increase the chances of sperms dying before they get to the egg.

If you have to use a lubricant for comfort during intercourse, get a lubricant that is will not kill the sperms.

I recommend the pre-seed fertility lubricant. Alternatively, you can use canola oil.

Consider taking fertility supplements

Talk to your doctor before you start using any fertility supplements.

There are so many and you can get them over the counter, but your doctor will be better placed to recommend the best one for you.

I used this prenatal supplement while trying to get my second baby and it worked.

Fertility supplements help in regulating hormones as well as stimulating ovulation.

Get healthy

You and your partners diet should be made up of foods that increase the ability to conceive.

Consider foods that are laden with iron, calcium, and a protein rich diet.

Also, increase your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids as they are important because your body needs fats.

You can get omega 3 fatty acids from seafood, flax seed, or this bottled omega softgels supplements.

Unhealthy foods have been directly linked with infertility because they may make your reproductive cycle irregular.

Don’t stress

Trying to get pregnant can be stressful. Relax and do things you enjoy most during this period. It can be yoga, reading, or even dancing.

Whatever makes you tick, do it now. Stress may interfere with your monthly cycle thus mess up with your chances to get pregnant.

Do not over exercise

If a person is physically active every day, that is enough activity to get your body ready for pregnancy and labor. Being fit increases your odds of getting pregnant.

If your schedules allow it, both you and your partner can exercise together.

Avoid getting excessive exercise or strenuous workouts as they can interfere with your fertility window especially for women.

And if you have irregular periods or never get periods at all, reduce your exercise regime to moderate.

Hydrate enough

Water is always important, and it could never be better for you when you are trying to get a baby.

When you don’t consume enough liquids, your cervical fluid will not function at its optimum.

To check whether you are getting enough fluids, your urine should have a light-yellow color

Reduce your caffeine intake

A cup of coffee



Excessive consumption of caffeine may have a negative impact on your ability to conceive. You may have to cut back on tea, coffee, or soft drinks that contain caffeine.

A cup or 2 of coffee or tea is not bad, just don’t overdo it.

Test for pregnancy

Missed your periods last month? Get a pregnancy test kit and test whether you are pregnant. Alternatively, use these DIY pregnancy test kits to confirm if you have conceived.

The best time to carry out a pregnancy test is in the morning using the first urine test of the day. This will give you accurate results.

Fasting and Fertility

There are so many schools of thought on intermittent fasting and fertility.

According to some studies, there is some beneficial aspects linked between fasting and trying to get pregnant.

Studies indicate that by undergoing fasting for fertility, both men and women give their bodies time to heal and regenerate cells.

Fasting allows the body to get rid of all toxins and hormones to be balanced.

Excess toxins in the body and imbalanced hormones may be some of the things interfering with your fertility.

When you fast, you decrease inflammation, your blood sugars are balanced, the immune system is boosted, reproductive system is balanced, and so many other benefits.

Fasting is also great for a couple that have undergone unsuccessful IVF or for women who have been on other forms of fertility treatments because it will remove any excess synthetic hormones, alkalize your blood and reboot the entire body processes.

Furthermore, intermittent fasting may have some fertility benefits for women with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

According to this study, women with PCOS who fasted on a regular basis noticed an increase in the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH), which is helps in ovulation.

It’s possible that fasting for fertility may enhance your fertility and improve your ability to get pregnant. However, I am no medical expert and it’s important to talk to your doctor before you try fasting to get pregnant.

Standing on your head to get pregnant

Will doing a head stand right after making love help you to get pregnant fast? Quick answer; NO.

Once sperms get into your body, they will swim upwards into the uterus.

Some women try to raise their feet or stand on their heads to make this happen faster, but there is no evidence that it actually helps you get pregnant faster.

Gravity does play a major role in helping sperm move, but standing on your head won’t help you either.

A man ejaculates in such high velocity that semen will definitely hit the cervix. There is no point of standing on your head to get the sperms to swim.

The only reasonable recommendation is to lie down after making love for about 15 minutes, with a pillow below your lower back.

This will help get the sperm into the cervix much faster and can boost conception. Once you stand up, it is totally normal for some sperm to come out.

Enjoy the glow after being intimate and avoid getting neck injuries by standing on your head!


I hope the above dos and don’ts when trying to conceive help you get pregnant fast.

I conceived in my first try, and healthy couples will conceive as fast. Often in the period of one year of getting in between the sheets with your significant other.

Should you be concerned about not getting pregnant fast, then I’d recommend talking to your doctor.

Hopefully, you become a new mom soon. Best of luck!

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