How to Deal With a Breakup While Pregnant

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Being pregnant is a beautiful experience for most women, especially if the pregnancy was carefully planned and anticipated. The thought of holding a newborn member of the family can bring untold joy to a woman and other family members.


Unfortunately, this is not always the case for every woman. Pregnancy can also be a roller-coaster to a woman when it is unplanned, complicated, or if she has issues with her partner.


The circumstances surrounding the pregnancy can be so intense, and this may lead to a breakup. Below are tips on how to deal with a breakup while pregnant without losing your mind.

sad woman


How to Get Over a Breakup While Pregnant

Accept that it is over

Dealing with a break up is hard enough. Now, add in the fact that your pregnant and its even tougher.

However, once your spouse or partner lets you know that’s over or ghosts you, then accepting the break up is the greatest favor you can do to yourself.

Although it’s difficult, it’s easier than begging him to stay when he has already made up his mind. Furthermore, do not blame yourself for the break up while pregnant. It’s DONE and DUSTED. It was NOT YOUR FAULT.

Nothing you do can fix what’s already broken. Quit thinking about your partner every living second of your life as it will stress you and the baby further.

If you really want to get over the breakup while pregnant, do not dwell on the circumstances that caused it.

Having a sit down with your partner


Most pregnancies are often unplanned. From young girls in their early twenties to married women in their late twenties and early thirties. Unplanned pregnancies occur more often than you would imagine.  


An unexpected pregnancy can either stabilize or destabilize a relationship.  Therefore, a sit down with your spouse or partner is crucial. If objectively approached, you two can agree on the most important issues.


These may include: financial support during the pregnancy, co-parenting, and child support. This way, the woman is reassured that she is not alone in the pregnancy journey.


There is also the peace that comes with knowing that you have someone else to help in taking care of the child. 


Explore the Bigger Picture- The Pregnancy and Child

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Dealing with a pregnancy on its own is a defining moment for a woman. Besides being a joyful moment, it is also a stressful period.


There are hormonal changes that happen in a woman’s body during pregnancy which may be challenging for some women. 


Dealing with stress and heartbreak during pregnancy at the same time is tough.


However, if support is readily available and you are not dealing with other issues such as finances, or abuse, it’s important to look at the bigger picture.


The bigger picture being; the pregnancy and the child. This is considering that a miscarriage can occur if the pregnant woman is experiencing excessive stress, depression, or trauma. The priority, therefore, shifts from the breakup to the child.


This is by engaging in various activities to ensure the pregnancy is healthy. Such activities include; proper nutrition, psychological support, and exorcising adequately . The first and most crucial aspect to look at is the issue at hand.


This can only be achieved by being objective. After the arrival of the baby, other issues can be resolved. Most women fall in love with their babies after birth, regardless of the circumstances prior.


However, in cases where there is postpartum depression, it’s a different scenario altogether. Sometimes, there is also the possibility that the relationship could be salvaged after the baby is born.(Don’t hold on to this too much)


Keep Yourself Busy or Meaningfully Engaged

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Idleness or lack of meaningful engagement can increase stress and depression. Keeping oneself busy is a great way to deal with a breakup while pregnant. It could even be an excellent way to get over the breakup.


Meaningful engagement, whether with work, school, or other activities, is a great distraction from the issue at hand. However, this is not to suggest avoidance of the issue.


Psychological Support


One of the best ways to get over a breakup while pregnant is to look for support. Support could be from different perspectives. It could be financial, moral, psychological, and many other ways.


Psychological support is, however, very crucial at this point since the woman could be mentally unstable. This is made worse if the woman was not legally married or if she is not in a position to support herself financially.


Reaching out to a trained psychotherapist is one of the best ways to deal with a breakup and eventually get over a breakup.


If one cannot afford a therapist, engaging a close friend, or a relative could be a great option. This helps one deal with the issue from an informed position.


Look for Inspiration from Other Women

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Breaking up during pregnancy is a common occurrence, especially if the relationship was not official.


Unlike married couples who are psychologically prepared for pregnancy, though not spared the intricacies, a couple that is not officially married may receive the news differently.


There is the aspect of fear of the unknown, the financial implications of having a child, and the couple’s age, among many other perceived threats to the relationship.


One of the best ways to deal with a breakup while pregnant is to look for inspiration from other people. There are millions of women who have broken up while pregnant and handled the whole issue well.


Some propel their lives using this experience, while others mentor other women going through the same. In some cases, the broken relationship is restored after the child is born, and in others,  co-parenting is explored as a win-win situation.


From such stories, one can bring issues into perspective, noting that pregnancy is not a ticket to marriage as it could be terrible precedence if the only thing holding a relationship is a pregnancy.


Many women move on and get happily married to other people even after breaking up while pregnant in previous relationships.



The issue of how to deal with a breakup while pregnant should be carefully explored. It is important to note that a woman’s state of mind is essential.

A teenage girl and a woman in their twenties would handle the situation differently. A financially stable woman, a woman with a supportive family or a woman with older children may handle the scenario more maturely.

The circumstances under which the conception took place are critical; was it coerced, voluntary, or did a contraception method backfire.

Therefore, it is essential to look at the circumstances the pregnant woman is in to find the right approach to the breakup.


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