DIY Pregnancy Test Kits: Are Homemade Pregnancy Test Kits Accurate?

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The uncertainty of whether you are pregnant or not can be unnerving. The urge to ‘just know’ and the temptation to be sure can be overwhelming.

A DIY pregnancy test is the best solution for a quick hassle-free check to finally put your mind to rest.

Luckily, there are several options for self-testing at home at your disposal. Some more accurate than others, you’ll still be spoilt for choice.

If a trip to the hospital is not something you’re looking forward to for one reason or another, then try one or two of these homemade pregnancy tests.

Most Accurate Homemade Pregnancy Test

With a myriad of at-home pregnancy tests, I would advise taking the one that’s most convenient for you.

The most common and logical sign for pregnancy is a missed period. Missing your period for a week or more is a tell-tale sign that you may be pregnant.

If you’re experiencing some of the hard-to-miss signs of pregnancy such as fatigue, frequent urination, very tender and sore breasts and moodiness, it’s time to take a DIY pregnancy test. There are very high chances that you are pregnant.

The toothpaste test

toothpaste pregnancy test

If you thought toothpaste was just for brushing your teeth, well, there’s more. The ingredients in toothpaste change color when they come into contact with hCG thus indicating whether one is pregnant or not.

To do this test, put a spoonful of toothpaste on a disinfected bowl. On a different bowl, collect the urine. Add a drop of the urine to the toothpaste.

If the toothpaste bubbles and changes color then the test is positive. Since toothpaste generally foams when it comes into contact with liquids, the change in color is the most reliable result.

A couple on a pregnancy photo shoot

The soap test

Are you about to take your morning shower and you’ve been suspecting you’re pregnant? Well, how about taking a test before you lather up?

I recommend using a white bar of soap as this will show the color change more clearly. Have a new bar of soap that has not been used before and put a few drops of urine on it.

If bubbles appear on the soap, you can go ahead and shower for two – you’re pregnant!

Vinegar pregnancy test

Only clear vinegar should be used for this DIY pregnancy test. I do not recommend the use of apple cider since it has a tanned color almost similar to the color of urine. This would not give precise results.

Pour one spoonful of the vinegar in the already sterilized container. In a separate sterilized container, tap the urine and add a few drops into the vinegar.

When vinegar comes into contact with the urine of a pregnant woman, it changes its color. The color change is attributed to the hCG presence in the urine which reacts to the acid in the vinegar.

If nothing happens in 5 minutes, then the test is considered negative. If you doubt the results, you could repeat the test with the remaining urine. However, the urine has to be discarded after 15 minutes.

Baking soda test

If you suspect that there’s a bun baking in the oven, you can use baking soda to verify which oven is actually doing the baking.

Pour a spoonful of baking soda on a sterilized container. After collecting the urine in a separate container, add three drops of the urine to the baking soda and watch.

If the mixture bubbles, it’s an indication that you’re pregnant. Congratulations momma!

baking soda to test pregnancy

Bleach Pregnancy test  

Both liquid and powder bleach can be used for a DIY pregnancy test. For best results, ensure that the bleach is not past its expiry date. It should also be pure with no additives or scents.

Much more care needs to be taken for the bleach test since it produces fumes that may be hazardous. Protective gear should be used when using chemicals that may be corrosive.

Make sure that the mouth is covered with a scarf or a mask before pouring the urine into the bleaching agent.

The bleach test should also be conducted in a well-ventilated room or near an open window. Avoid enclosed spaces such as the bathroom.

To analyze the results of the test, check for the formation of foam. Foamy urine indicates the manifestation of hCG, translating to being pregnant.

If the urine only bubbles a little bit or doesn’t fizzle at all then it means it doesn’t have hCG, which translates to not being pregnant.

How To Make A Homemade Pregnancy Test

The biggest advantage of taking a homemade pregnancy test is that they are inexpensive and easy to carry out. The tests make use of readily available ingredients that are used in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

The best time to take a pregnancy test is early in the morning using the first morning urine. This is because at this time, urine contains the highest levels of HCG hormone. The accuracy of the test is improved when morning urine is used.

However, the morning urine cannot be saved for testing later, it should be used for testing instantly when it’s still fresh.

To avoid contamination which may spoil the test or increase chances of inaccuracy, sterile equipment should be used. Any traces of bacteria in the containers could lead to false results.

In cases where sterile containers cannot be obtained from the stores, normal household containers can be washed with clean water and soap. They should then be sterilized by soaking them in boiling water.

Plastic containers are recommended for the tests since metal containers may react with the chemicals in the testing agents used.

Once the testing is done and your results have been confirmed, promptly discard the mixture and the utensils used for the test.


A DIY pregnancy test is easy, convenient and private.  Once you have verified whether you are pregnant or not, it’s time to visit a health facility for your other pregnancy tests and medication.

Many have claimed that DIY pregnancy tests are not scientifically proven and as such, they should be backed up with a proper test from the hospital or the local chemist.

Whichever way, the aim is to get an assurance of your pregnancy status regardless of the method used.

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