What Size Comes After 5t?

Difference Between 5t and 5

Children outgrow their clothes quickly. Many parents have gone through the experience of going on a major shopping spree for their children, only to realize the clothes are bursting at the seams a few months later.

Besides necessity and style, size is an essential factor in buying clothes for the kiddos. Toddlers’ clothing in the US comes in sizes by age, such as., 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T.

According to sizeguide.net, the T stands for ‘toddler,’ and the digit is the age that most children would fit in the clothes. So, what size comes after 5t?

Let’s look at what a size 5t is, first.

What Size is 5t?

There’s a difference between sizing for baby clothes and toddlers’ clothes. Baby clothes are classified according to age in months, for example, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months.

On the other hand, toddlers’ clothing comes in size according to age in years, such as 2t, 3t, 4t, and 5t.

Size 5t comes after size 4t and is generally for 5-year-olds. It has specific height, weight, chest, and waist measurements.

Children grow differently, so a size 5t may not necessarily fit your child. They might need a smaller size or the next size up from 5t depending on their weight and height.

In that case, it’s essential to check their actual body measurements to make sure you have the right size.

If you’re shopping online, it will save you the hassle of returning clothing that doesn’t fit.

If you’re shopping physically, you have the opportunity to check the tags for the measurements.

Your child can also try on the clothes to give you a clear idea of how they fit and whether they are comfortable.

Various sites and stores have differing measurements for their sizes, so be careful about that when purchasing clothes.

For instance, What to Expect suggests that size 5t has the following measurements.


41-43 in.


37-42 lbs

Other sources estimate size 5t as follows:


41-44 in./104-112cm




22-23 in./56-58cm


22-22.5 in./56-57cm

what size comes after 5t

The Difference Between 5t and 5

If you’re new to parenthood, these sizes might confuse you. Even worse, there’s no clear cut answer to what the difference actually is.

Some people claim that they are the same size, while other people say that 5 is the next size after 5t.

The confusion surrounding these two sizes is likely that children with average weight and height can fit in both dimensions.

Also, different stores carry these sizes with varying measurements. So, while clothes from one store would suit your child, the same size from a different store might not. That’s why body measurements are essential.

That said, a typical difference noted between the two sizes is that 5t is more prominent around the bottom and waist (much like other T sizes) to make room for a diaper.

A toddler in a diaper might be able to fit in size 5, but they probably won’t be as comfortable without the extra space.

Furthermore, size 5s are typically longer than 5T to accommodate the growing toddler’s height.

The jury is still out on the clear cut difference between these sizes, but generally, most parents will agree that size 5 is slightly bigger than size 5T.

The primary reasons for different opinions on these two sizes are that children with varying body sizes and clothing stores have inconsistent measurements.

Don’t overlook checking the height and weight to get the perfect fit for your little one.

It will save you the inconvenience. Size 5 is generally longer and looser, so if your child is average-sized and out of diapers, it’s the better choice.

What is the Next Size After 5t?

When you notice your child outgrowing their 5t clothes, you’ll be on the lookout for what size after 5t you should buy.

If you’re purchasing from US brands, your toddler will wear ‘little kids’ sizes that go up to 5T. After 5T, you won’t find any bigger sizes with the letter T for ‘Toddler.’

The size you buy after 5t depends on how fast your child is growing and which brand you’re buying. While most parents will go for a size 5, which is longer than size 5T, other people will go straight for a 6, which is more significant.

Some children will fit comfortably in size 6 while others may need a size 6X, which falls between sizes 6 and 7.

Although a size 5 is the go-to right after a 5t, sometimes it doesn’t matter what size comes after 5t. What matters is whether it fits your child.

Check out the different brands and their height and weight measurements to find what best suits your child.

As you move on to bigger-sized clothes, keep in mind that depending on whether you’re looking for boys’ clothes or girls’ clothes, the outfits cut for older children will differ.

The manufacturer of the clothes you’re buying will play a significant role in determining the actual size that you need.

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Taking Your Toddler’s Measurements

Make sure you take your child’s measurements right before buying clothes so that they are most accurate.

Using a measuring tape, measure their height, chest, and weight as follows:


Your child’s arms should be relaxed each at their side. Slide the measuring tape under their arms around the broadest part of the chest.


Measure your child’s waist near the belly button for ideal waist measurement. Do not measure over pants.


Your child should stand upright with their feet close together. Preferably they should lean against a flat surface like a wall or door.

Measure them from the floor to the top of their head.

Difference Between 5t and 5

European Clothing for Toddlers

Shopping online means that you’re not limited to a specific brand or retailer.

You have several options, including several European brands. Don’t expect to find sizes like 5T.

European sizes are entirely different from American brands’ sizes except for British sizes.

They are not very different from American sizes, which use the toddler’s age as a guideline.

Generally, European sizes are dependent on the child’s height as a guideline.

Buying European-based brands may be a problem because most parents may not tell you their children’s height on the spot.

The good news is that many retailers often provide conversion charts on their websites so you can easily convert them.

It would help if you kept in mind that these conversions are approximated and will leave room for error.

If you’re not sure of the size you’re buying, the best thing to do is buy a bigger size.

This way, they will grow into the clothes instead of receiving small garments. Most European sizing charts use centimeters based on the child’s height.

At What Point Does My Child Need Bigger Size Clothes?

As a parent, you can quickly tell when your toddler needs larger clothes. Sometimes, the colors of the clothes start fading off.

Pants start getting tight around the groin, can’t zip up or are above the ankles. On the other hand, t-shirts and blouses start rolling up.

These are all signals that you need to go clothes shopping for your little one.

Little girls’ dresses should be decent enough to cover them appropriately.

If they are short and still fit, you can buy a pair of leggings or pants in their size and use the short dress as a shirt or blouse.

Children should wear the right size of clothing because, as toddlers, they are active and playful. They are running, walking, playing, climbing, and so on.

They should be comfortable in their clothes. If the clothes are too small or too big, it will make them uncomfortable, restricting their activity and movement.

Buying bigger sizes is okay if you’re going to keep them until they fit well.

What Size Comes After 5t?

Size 6 comes after 5T.  Shopping clothes for children is an exciting experience with all the cute options out there.

However, it can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially when you can’t find the right size.

Cute won’t cut it with the wrong size. If your little one is overgrowing like most toddlers and you’re looking for what size is after 5t, don’t just pick up anything you see online.

Remember that retailers carry different measurements of the same size. A size 5 might fit your child the same way a size 6 will from another retailer. Also, children differ, and their sizes vary at the same age.

It might also be a good idea to select slightly bigger sizes, so you don’t have to go shopping again too soon. After all, buying a bigger size is better than a smaller one.

The next time you go clothes shopping for your children, make sure you get value for money by getting the right size.

Please measure your child by height and weight to get the right size to enjoy their clothes for longer.


What is the next size after 5T?


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