Why Do People Put Baby On Board Signs On Their Vehicles?

Why Do People Put Baby On Board Signs On Their Vehicles?

Why do people put baby on board signs on their vehicles?If you are going to be a parent, you probably have thought of buying those “Baby on Board “signs. Every parent in the neighborhood has one, so why not? You might even get some as gifts during your baby shower. Some people love them while others loathe those signs in equal measure. However, they are essential when used correctly. The problem is that 99% of parents misuse them.

Meaning of the ‘baby on board’ sign

The first baby on board sign was founded in 1984 by Michael Lerner. It is believed that this yellow diamond-shaped sign was invented so that in the case of an accident, the rescuers would look for a baby at the accident scene. However, this isn’t precisely why this sign was created. But it is a good idea.

The concept behind the creation of this signboard was to warn other drivers to be careful when driving behind or past a car with such a sign.

There are so many other rumours about why the sign was created, some quite chilling. But Mr Lerner had safety in his mind when he created the baby on board sign. Therefore, if there is a vehicle with a baby on board sign, it means there’s a baby in the car.

Parents need to observe precautionary measures when using the sign. These include;

Remove the sign if the baby is not on board

Time is a critical factor in the case of an emergency. You do not want to waste the police and paramedics time looking for a baby who wasn’t there in the first place. ONLY use the sign when the baby is in the vehicle.

Keep your road rage in check

When driving, whether you have the baby on board sign or not, leave your road rage right on your doorstep before you head out of that house. Drive safely and pack some extra patience in your diaper bag.

Why Do People Put Baby On Board Signs On Their Vehicles?

Why do people put baby on board signs on their vehicles?

Here are some reasons why most parents choose to use these signs on their cars.

To warn other drivers of strange behavior

Actually, one of the primary reasons people use these signs is to warn other drivers of some strange things they may see from their car.

Driving with kids can be hectic. They will start demanding things and throwing tantrums as you drive. This can easily distract you. A child may ask for a toy.

As you reach to hand over the toy, you are distracted from the road. Your baby may start throwing up if they are unwell. You cannot ignore them.

With such kind of distraction, you are likely to get distracted and annoy other drivers on the road. You will likely drive more slowly, or swerve out of your lane a bit.

A baby on board sign on your vehicle lets other drivers know what is going on. They will keep a safe distance and stay safe.

In the case of an accident

Every parent is scared of getting into a car accident with their child in the backseat. Car accidents are horrible, and babies are fragile. Furthermore, it’s easier to find an adult than it is to find a child.

However, with a baby on board sign, emergency workers know they have to look for a child. Without that sign, the rescuers will not even consider looking for a child in the car wreckage. This is a great reason why do people put baby on board signs on their vehicles.

Why the controversy around the baby on board signs?

These signs are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people HATE them. And most often, drivers who don’t have kids feel they are a distraction on the roads.

To some extent, they are a source of distraction if drivers display them when there is no child in the car. There is also the danger of obscuring a driver’s view by cluttering the windows with several signs.

There is also controversy on the amount of information the signs provide to emergency services. When they respond in an emergency and notice the sign on a car, they are likely to focus on looking for the infant.

If the sign was in the car, but there was no child, the time spent looking for a child who wasn’t there in the first place is wasted.

If your infant is not in the car, take down the sign

Emergency responders take these signs as the gospel truth. DO NOT WASTE THEIR TIME.

According to a survey carried out, only 1% of parents with baby on board signs took them down when driving without their children.

The rest 99%, did not remove the sign even when they drove without their babies at the back.

Safety issues

Although these baby on board signs are lifesavers, they can also come with their fair bit of safety concerns. Firstly, they can comprise a driver’s visibility.

For these signs to be legible by other drivers, they need to be big enough. Therefore, the area they are stuck on your car’s window is an entirely blind spot, and this can increase your chances of getting into an accident.

If you decide to put the sign, make sure it’s stuck at the furthest corner of your back windshield. Alternatively, you can get a decal.

Secondly, they can be terrible time wasters in emergency cases where a parent has them on their car, but no child was in the backseat at the time of the accident. Emergency services are obligated to search for a child in the area around the accident scene when a vehicle has the baby on board sign.

Should you have one?

Some questions are personal. And so I will leave you to decide whether you should get a baby on board sign. They may not make a big difference, and some drivers WILL get mad over your sign. But the big question is, what if they do make a DIFFERENCE?

It just takes one accident, one driver slowing down, to save your baby’s life. Just maybe, having the “baby on board” sign can be what will save your child’s life.

Where To Buy Baby On Board Sign

The baby on board is easy to find. You can get different designs at very affordable prices on Amazon. Here are some of my favorites.



For parents who are scared of taking their children out into the public, this little yellow sign at the back of the car window may give you some comfort. If you don’t have any child in the car, please slow down when you see a vehicle with the sign. You never know how much you are helping that parent. we hope we’ve answered your question why do people put baby on board signs on their vehicles

Just remember- no child, no baby on board sticker.


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