What Does It Mean When a Baby Looks Through Their Legs?

what does it mean when a baby looks through their legs

Babies are quite interesting. Sometimes, they will pull really strange stunts that are hard to understand. Like what does it mean when a baby looks through their legs? 

You could go on watching them an entire day and not get tired; they are a source of joy for every parent.

They have that contagious happy life we all desire. But what is fascinating about these little beings is their insatiable curiosity.

They want to touch, see and feel almost everything in their surroundings. And they do some weird stuff while at it.

Well, there are so many reasons why babies bend over. Some of the reasons revolve around old wives’ tales, but there could be more than meets the eye.

Sometimes, old wives’ stories turn out to be true or false.

what does it mean when a baby looks through their legs

Superstitions And Parenting

Superstition is a belief in supernatural powers like fate.

It is the inclination to control things beyond your power and the desire to resolve any uncertainties in life.

Simply put, the beliefs and experiences of a person promote superstitions. This explains why a lot of superstitions cannot be scientifically proven.

Superstition attempts to connect co-occurring, non-related events.

For instance, when a baby bends over and looks through their legs, they are looking for their sibling, or there is another baby on the way.

For parents, bringing up children is not an easy task. It’s a whole new experience.

That is why some new parents will rely on grandma’s wisdom, a.k.a superstition.

Every culture has its share of traditional beliefs and superstitions about babies. Some are still prevalent even in our modern world.

Several of these superstitions are well-meaning – to keep babies safe and healthy.

However, others are more inclined to religious practices or to mark important events in a child’s life.

Various superstitions have been followed for ages that nowadays, we might not realize they are beliefs.

For certain people, participating in superstitious behavior arises out of the desire to protect their children from the uncertainties of life.

baby standing on head pregnant

It provides them with a sense of control over the lives of their babies and reduces worry.

This is one of the reasons why levels of superstition are usually at their peak when someone is going through a difficult phase in life.

The belief in superstition helps promote a positive mental attitude. Ultimately, how real or superstitious a particular belief is entirely depends on an individual.

Why Do Babies Bend Over And Look Through Their Legs?

Babies love to look at things upside down. Next time you take your toddler to the playground, you will notice other babies hanging dangerously upside down.

Here are several other reasons why your baby loves bending over and looking between the legs.

Depth perception

Baby bending over maybe as a result of the toddler trying to broaden his world and not an inclination to enlarge the family.

When a baby is born, they see things upside down. However, after a few days, the brain can process information and turn it into a logical image with the right side up.

As babies become toddlers, they like to try a lot of stuff. They cannot sit still.

They want to see what they can and cannot do. When they look upside through their legs, they can see a different world.

Seeing things upside down helps the toddler think of other ways of discerning things and can use the knowledge to interpret new information.

When the child sees things upside down, there is the reinforcement of constancy even when discerning things from a different angle.

It’s fun

Some babies find it fun to feel a little dizzy. When we bend down and then get right up, there is that moment of feeling light-headed.

If your baby likes bending over and laughing right after, they probably love that unsteady feeling.

These can also be a way of keeping themselves busy and passing the time when bored.

what does it mean when a baby looks through their legs

It’s calming

Some babies will bend over to wind down and rest. Often, this stage of bending over usually starts at 2 to 3 years.

This is when toddlers are incredibly active. After several hours of active play, this could be the one position your baby prefers to wind down.

The act of actually bending down with the bum up the air also minimizes dysregulated movements as the child calms down.

Constant positive reinforcement

When your baby bends over, everyone says, “oh, that’s so cute!” This constant positive reinforcement will make your toddler want to do that every time.

Just like adults, babies seek approval from their primary caregivers.

When they do something and parents reinforce it with praise, they are likely to repeat the action. The baby feels validated and approved.

what does it mean when babies stand on their head

Stimulates the vestibular system

The vestibular system is a part of the body’s sensory system that keeps the human form aware of its immediate environment.

According to experts, the brains and vestibular systems of a toddler when bending down are interacting with their surroundings.

They are creating sensory and motor connections in the toddler’s brain.

The vestibular system is essential for balance, motor development as well as cognition.

When a baby is looking between their legs, they can improve their balance while helping the brain acquire stronger connections that strengthen the muscles to hold the head upright.

Because they can

Why do babies bend over and look through their legs? Because they simply can!

Try bending down and looking through your legs for a few minutes, then tell me how that feels. Not as nice.

Getting upside down needs the upper body and core strength.

However, for a baby, they are totally fine pulling such moves. They are more flexible, and their backs are pain-free.

A baby bending over

Babies love being upside down

We cannot deny that being upside down is a lot of fun. It’s silly seeing things inverted, and there is some adrenaline rush that comes with it.

Babies too enjoy the thrill that comes with bending over with their head between their legs to look at things.

It’s comfortable

Ever walked into your baby’s room and found them sleeping with their bum up in the air?

Sometimes, your baby will bend over merely because that is a comfortable position to assume.

If you try changing the baby to sleep in any other position, they may wake up. If your little ones loves to sleep, bend over, let him be.

Trying to play with you

If your baby stands on their head and looks between their legs, they could merely be inviting you to play peek-a-boo or any other game they love.

This is quite common when you are dressing them up after a shower. My sons always did that.

They could also be hiding from their sibling or someone else.

Why do Babies Bend Over and Look Between Their Legs?

What Does It Mean When A Baby Looks Through Their Legs?

When a toddler bends over and looks between their legs, it means that they are looking for their sibling according to a common old wives’ tale.

It also means that the mother is pregnant and will have another child soon. This is based on superstition, and you can ignore or take it. (it’s all up to you!)

But, in recent years, a few studies have found out that some old tales about pregnancy and babies could have some scientific back up after all.

Babies may be able to tell you are pregnant even before you know it.

So if your baby is frequently looking between their legs while on all fours, this could be your cue to pick up a Clearblue and confirm things.

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If your baby bends over then comes back upright and they seem to be in pain, it is always advisable to talk to your doctor.

However, if the baby is looking between their legs and they are happy, then let them enjoy being babies.

We hope we have answered your question on why do babies bend over and look through their legs.


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4 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When a Baby Looks Through Their Legs?”

  1. Would this also be similar to looking sideways? My daughter discovered that about a month ago and does it when looking at different things. Now as she is a few days from being one she is going further trying to get upside down. It started after she figured out she could find things under the tv stand and couch by looking that way. Now she seems to like experimenting with it.

  2. Okay, I just heard this old wives tale today from a friend when I sent a video of my baby looking through his legs. What she didn’t know is that I just took a test and I am pregnant! He started doing this the week I conceived. What’s more…I went back in my social media as I had posted a photo of my firstborn doing this at 14m….I looked at the date and I conceived my 2nd that same week. Whattt???? Now I am a believer!

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