Genius Christmas Decoration Hacks That Are Super Easy!

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Can you believe that Christmas is already here? It’s my favorite season of the year. It’s the time for beautiful lights, gift sharing, family time– and lots of Christmas décor.


But we all agree that Christmas decoration can be quite tricky and stressful.

Check out these newer and more cost-effective Christmas decoration hacks to save you money and transform your home for Christmas this year.


Make some homemade cinnamon ornaments


Simplicity is at the core of this little hack, as you don’t need many materials to make it. Cinnamon ornaments are great if you don’t have a lot of time and money, but are looking for something thoughtful and adorable.

Coastal Christmas Tree Theme

Maybe you’re just bored of the traditional tree and want to add some pizzazz to it this year.

Or you can’t afford the time it takes to put up all the decorations on the tree – yet you still want to have your tree decorated but in a different way.

The coastal Christmas tree theme hack will save your time and wow you at the same time.  

If you have ribbons that you’d like to put to good use, then this hack is the best for you. 

Sensory glitter jars 

christmas decor hacks glitter jar

Christmas is a wonderful season, but it also an overwhelming time for the family, especially children.

Keep them occupied and entertained by making Christmas decorations together.

With mason jars, a can of glitters and a few other recycled items, make this Christmas glitter jar that is perfect for calming the little ones when they get restless. 

Christmas Felt Garland

Garlands are perfect for Christmas, and they can be tweaked to fit any season all-year-round. Check this tutorial and learn how to make the perfect Christmas felt garland. 

Cranberry Evergreen Jars 


Christmas dinners are incomplete without thematic centrepieces. If you’re searching for a new hack to make unique centrepieces for the dining table, then this cranberry evergreen jars will be a perfect choice. 

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Evergreen Floor Lamp

What else can you use the floor lamp for? Well, if it’s Christmas, you can turn it into a gorgeous evergreen floor lamp with a few twigs and cones. Check out this amazing Christmas decoration hack

Christmas terrarium

Christmas Terrarium

One of the best ways to upcycle your glass jars is to make a terrarium out of them. Check out this simple but amazing tutorial on how you can make a Christmas terrarium and transform your space.  

Hot glue icicle ornaments


Are you searching for an alternative decoration to hang on your Christmas tree this year? Get your glue gun out because these hot glue icicle ornaments will be giving you tree life in every color you can imagine. 

Candy Cane Place Card Holders 


Place cards don’t have to be just for directing your guests, they too can be an important part of the Christmas décor. See these striking candy can place holders and make several for your Christmas dinner. 

Decoupage Red Christmas Truck Mason Jars


It’s not easy to get a unique Christmas décor gift, but if you have a mason jar, you can make one yourself.

Get out all your magazines and paper cut-outs and make this gorgeous decoupage Christmas truck using your mason jars. 

Scandinavian gnomes


Would you like some little gnomes of our own to add to your Christmas décor? Then this Scandinavian gnome tutorial will come in handy. 


DIY projects are all about the fun and joy of making something with your own hands. Get all the hands in the home to help and make it a family bonding session even as you experiment on these amazing Christmas decoration hacks. 


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