How To Fake A Pregnancy Test With Apple Juice

person Holding a positive pregnancy test

Wondering how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice? If you are thinking of faking a pregnancy, you will need some kind of proof to back your claim. 

A positive home pregnancy test kit is one foolproof way to get anyone to believe that you are pregnant.

But how can you show a positive result when you’re not actually pregnant unless you borrow a real pregnant woman’s urine? 

Well, it’s simple. You can use a bit of apple juice, and your pregnancy test will show a positive result. 


Does apple juice actually make a pregnancy test positive?

Whatever your reasons for faking it, apple juice is an effective and cheap way to get that false positive on a pregnancy test without raising suspicion. 

Many women have shared how they have successfully used the trick.

There isn’t much scientific backing for these claims. Some people have suggested that it is the sugar level in apple juice, while others say it is the acidity of apple juice. 

These two can mimic the chemical composition of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

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What’s HCG? 

That’s the hormone you find in the urine of a pregnant woman.

After a fertilized egg implants into the uterus wall, the woman’s body will start producing HCG. 

This process up to the time the body begins to produce HCG can take between 6–12 days after fertilization.

The body excretes HCG together with urine. 

How can you make a false positive pregnancy test with apple juice

How does the pregnancy test kit work?

As already mentioned, there are different types of home test kits on the market, and not all of them will give you a false positive when used with apple juice. 

The home pregnancy test kits will give you a positive result when the HCG content in the urine is more than 25-50 units.

Different tests will detect varying degrees of the HCG content in a pregnant woman’s urine; this is why not all tests will work with apple juice. 

When you urinate on a testing kit or immerse it in urine, two red lines will appear on the stick if you are pregnant. Only one red line will appear if you are not pregnant.

The enzymes on the pregnancy test kit react with the HCG in urine by darkening the color of the second strip on your test kit. The same reaction that takes place with the apple juice pregnancy test. 

However, gynecologists mostly use blood tests that are more accurate in determining pregnancy than the home test kits for urine.

Can you drink lots of apple juice to get a false positive on your pregnancy test? 

The best you can get is hydrated, so, no, drinking apple juice in whatever quantities then testing your urine will not give you a positive result. 

When you drink apple juice, it will not come out as pure apple juice in your urine. It changes as it breaks down during digestion. 

So your urine will not react with the pregnancy test in the same way as the pure apple juice.

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How to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice

You will get a positive pregnancy test if:

  • You use selected brands of test kits. Not all test kits will test positive when dipped in apple juice; only some selected brands work. 
  • You use only pure apple juice. Other brands of processed apple juice will not work because they are processed. When the juice is processed, the sugar changes form.

To avoid disappointment, use juice from organic apples. Check on the label of the container if the juice is organic without preservatives.

To avoid disappointment, squeeze the juice from organic apples yourself. The most common way of doing it is through the following easy steps:

Step 1

Pour your pure apple juice into a glass. 

Step 2

Using a dropper, take at least two drops of apple juice, and drop them onto the test kit. Keep it steady for at least five minutes.

Step 3

After 5 minutes, check the result. The second strip must have changed color, giving you the two dark strips of a positive result. 

Now that you have your desired result, you can go ahead and use it as you will.

How to Fake a Pregnancy Test with Apple Juice

Does dipping a pregnancy test in apple juice make it positive?

Most people who have tried how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice will advise against dipping the pregnancy test kit into apple juice, suggesting that it is more effective to use a few drops. 

Dipping the entire test will expose it to the contents of the juice for too long, so you won’t be able to fool the test into a false positive.

Is a false-positive pregnancy test really possible?

It’s possible but quite rare. It mostly happens when you test too soon after having used fertility medication containing HCG.

It may also occur due to an underlying ovary problem or when you have menopause-related complications. 

It’s more common to get a false-negative result when you are pregnant. It commonly occurs when:

  • You test too soon after missing your period.
  • When you do not wait long enough before checking the results on the test kit. 
  • When your use dilute urine, for instance, when you’ve had lots of water. 
  • When you’re taking meds like antihistamines or diuretics.

Can you use anything else other than apple juice to get a false positive?

There are a few other beverages you can use. Here are some of them. 

Pepsi/ Cola/Soda

That can of soda in your fridge can just as well give you a false positive.

Simply follow the same steps as the apple juice process, and you’ll be staring at two lines on the pregnancy test kit.  

The soda works because it’s alkaline, just like the pregnancy hormone, HCG. 

Orange Juice 

Like soda and apple juice, orange juice is sugary and will confuse the test kit if you put the right amount of drops. 


Surprised? Well, you can use water to fake a pregnancy test too. Most pregnancy tests are single-use.

So to confuse the test, simply use it the first time with your urine. Leave it for a little bit when you’re done. 

Then wash it or dip it in water for a little bit. Afterward, test your urine or add apple juice. 

The test kit can give you a false positive. 

Lemon juice 

Fresh lemon juice has properties similar to apple juice, so it has been known to give false-positive results.

Remember, you have to use freshly squeezed juice to get the result you’re looking for. 

Raw apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a version of apple juice that you can also use to get the same result. You will only get a positive result if you use raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. 

person Holding a positive pregnancy test

Can you use dish soap to fake a pregnancy test? 

No, there have been no claims suggesting that dish soap can mimic the HCG hormone. But you don’t lose anything by trying. 

Final thoughts

Bottom line, it’s possible to fake your pregnancy with the aid of fresh organic apple juice. Just follow the steps outlined above.

We can also conclude that you can use other substances like soda or lemon juice to fool a pregnancy test kit into a false positive. 

Whatever your reasons for faking it, go ahead and give it a go. 


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How to Fake a Pregnancy Test with Apple Juice


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