20 Christmas Countdown Ideas That Are Fun

christmas countdown ideas

Once it’s December, the count down to Christmas begins! Christmas countdown activities make it even more fun for the kids and bring the family together. I secretly enjoy it too!


Here are some fun Christmas countdown ideas you should try. It will make the wait worth it.

Christmas Countdown Ideas For Adults And Kids

  1. If you like to crochet, making this advent stocking calendar will be absolutely relaxing and fun too!
  2. Are you a movie fan? How about watching a Christmas movie every day till Christmas?
  3. Alternatively, you can read different Christmas books every day. Besides, it’s a fun way to teach your kids the real meaning of Christmas.
  4. Want to have random daily Christmas activities and treats? Make yourself this DIY Christmas advent jar.
  5. The holidays are not just a time for fun but also learning. This math countdown also counts as snack time for the little ones.
  6. Get the whole family involved in making a vintage advent calendar.
  7. If you prefer a handier DIY project, making this tree advent will be fun.
  8. Santa needs to have a full beard by Christmas, and this activity helps him with that. Your little ones will love it.
  9. One of the best ways to spend your Christmas holidays is to show your love to others. This service list will help you with that.
  10. Want to keep your kids busy? Get them a Christmas coloring book to color every day till Christmas. It’ll keep them busy for some minutes and we all want that quiet time.
  11. If you are looking for an advent calendar to use over many years, get yourself this wall-hanging calendar. Then, you can stuff some candy and gifts into it.
  12.  Your kids will love an easy Christmas countdown activity. Like this free Grinch printable.
  13. Tap into your creativity with an origami advent calendar.
  14. If you like things simple and quick, try a countdown candle.
  15. Is it even Christmas season if there are no toys involved? This Fisher-Price advent calendar turns on the fun and games.
  16.  Ready to put in the work for a really unique advent calendar? Try making these paint-dipped bottles.
  17. Your family can have their city this Christmas. My kids would be so excited! Find out how here.
  18. Do you love stitching? Making this countdown pillow might be your dream come true. And, it’s a fun way to teach your kids how to count.
  19. Your countdown doesn’t have to be within your walls. Take it outdoors with this marquee sign. Undoubtedly, the process of creating it is as fun as using it.
  20. Treats are part of the Christmas cheer. Make some treat bags that everyone in the house can enjoy. Besides, it serves as a way to ration junk intake.

christmas countdown ideas

What Do You Put In A Christmas Countdown Calendar?

As you have seen, there are many types of Christmas countdown calendars, some of which need to be stuffed. So, what do you fill them up with?

Of course, candy and more candy

This includes chocolates, lollipops, fruit snacks, candy cane, and chocolate Santa. 


Examples of toys include Legos, Mini squishies, action figures such as marvel characters, matchbox cars, and Barbie Play Food. 

Craft Items

Miniature craft items such as stickers, mini-slime containers, beads and findings, snap beads, and mini play-doh.

Beauty Items

Does your little one love to glam up? Then, these countdown fillers will be a hit. Nail polish, bracelet charms, mini body wash, mini perfume, nail art accessories, and lip balm.

Other Tiny Things

You can also have random items such as fridge magnets, key chains, Christmas socks, Christmas ornaments, and coins.

Gifting a gardener? Fill their calendar with seed packets that they can use for their next planting season.

Oh, and don’t forget your pet friend amid the Christmas cheer. Stuff their calendars with treats that they’ll enjoy. 

And it doesn’t have to food treats always. You can put in surprise activities such as movie tickets and spa vouchers.

Christmas Countdown Ideas Tips

  • Sometimes the items you need to put in the countdown boxes won’t fit in. How can you work around that? By hiding the items around the house and leaving clues that everyone can follow to find their treat.
  • Avoid sibling rivalry by making sure that they have similar or related items.
  • To keep the countdown interesting, put different items for each day. That way, every day is a surprise.
  • Set a specific time when everyone can participate in the advent calendar reveal.

Teddy bear Christmas

What Should You Do Every Day Before Christmas?

You might be wondering what fun activities both adults and kids can enjoy before Christmas. Here are some you should try.

  1. Take photos for your Christmas card. Do this early so you have enough time to think it through and get everything in place.  
  2. Donate. While you may be in a position to buy yourself new stuff, others may be struggling.  As such, you could be of help by donating items you no longer use. You can, for example, give away clothes, toys, and gadgets.
  3. For those who have a sweet tooth, baking and decorating Christmas cookies is a must-do activity. Let your kid’s creativity run wild with the decorations.
  4. Get your children to write letters to Santa. It’s the perfect sneaky way to know what they want for Christmas.
  5. Create Santa’s magic key if your home doesn’t have a chimney for him to get through.
  6. Listen to Christmas music to get you in the Christmas spirit.
  7. Go outside sledding or ice skating.
  8. Reflect on the story of the birth of Jesus and explain to your kids the importance of Christmas.
  9. Go to your local tree farm to get yourself a real Christmas tree.
  10. Make Christmas crafts and ornaments that you can hang on the Christmas tree. Let the kids make theirs too!
  11. Go to your local theatre and watch a Christmas play.
  12. Decorate Gingerbread houses to keep Christmas traditions alive.
  13. Go Christmas shopping and let the little ones pick gifts for you.
  14. If you are Christians, attend the Christmas Eve church service together.
  15. Take a walk or drive around your neighborhood and see the various Christmas lights put up. I LOOVE DOING THIS!

Final Thoughts

With our Christmas countdown ideas, there’s something for everyone. Pick various activities and try them out as a family. Also, don’t forget to create Christmas traditions for your family.  It’s the memories of the things I did as a kid that make Christmas my favorite time of the year. Happy holidays!


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Christmas countdown ideas

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